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H124391177 玩電玩遊戲英雄聯盟LAG的原因是什麼 Reward $1


asked by H124391177 last answered by H124391177
darkpsinight Best sites for repack pc games [Not torrent sites] Reward $1

Does any one know a good site to download repack pc games ?

asked by darkpsinight
Jameson Games for Mac Websites answered Reward $1

Tel me some good website to download games for MacBooks. My list: Any new website is welcome.

asked by Jameson last answered by chakramed
JamieD No mans sky still crashing Reward $2

Started playing NMS recently giving it a bit of a second chance after being so bored with it last year. I wanted to check out the lastest update which adds a "survivor" mode. And i'm impressed. It's brutal, tense, frustrating and actually brings some fun into the game. You will die a lot...and possibly lose your save data due to crashing. How is this game still experiencing crashes? I literally cannot get off my starter planet due to crashing. I have the latest update, I'm playing on PS4. Hell I... [MORE]

asked by JamieD last answered by chakramed
zekman CSGO gifts, Skins - earn pages answered Reward $3 5

Anyone here knows ways, pages where you can earn CSGO SKINS? ***Please dont just google and drop couple first results, i can do that by myself. I want checked and working, good ways from people who already and still using it***

asked by zekman last answered by csgoskins
MrOwnage Gaming as a potential job? Reward $2 15

Hello everyone. While this "question" may likely not belong in this section I did find this section to be the most "fitting" to put it in. Anyways... I am now in the tenth class in high school this year (in Hungary this means two more years to go). As time goes on and I get closer and closer to the final year and of course, graduation, I've been thinking a lot about how I could succeed later on in life... However, along with this I also know that I am not really willing at all to learn. I do i... [MORE]

asked by MrOwnage last answered by MrOwnage
MartinL What systems are you playing games on? Reward $2

Just wanting to know what everyone is gaming on right now, not so much what do you own because some of us own several of consoles rather what are you playing video games on currently? For me it is my ps4, computer and my Nintendo 2ds which I own mainly because I love all the pokemon games and also for the occasional dragonballz game or other anime game. So what are you guys all using?

asked by MartinL last answered by FixitJorge
JamieD MMo World still alive? Reward $2

Hello, Few weeks ago, had an discussion with a friend of mine, about few mmorpgs. We speaked about few of them to choose one and give it a go like in a old days in computer rooms ( ehhh good old days). But then we realised, that half of them P2W ( only p2w you even cant try to compete with others), other got huge laaaaags like Bless online, which we wanted to paly but after realising that we got like 30-40 fps in first basic location, we jsut deleted the game. BDO is a good one but also mechani... [MORE]

asked by JamieD last answered by FixitJorge
ChessKing Секрет игр для приставки SEGA answered Reward $2

Такие игры идут на эмуляторе сеги.Весят всего до 300кб но по качеству не уступают многим современным играм 20 и больше мб.В чем здесь секрет?

asked by ChessKing last answered by Aravi
zekman DIRT Showdown - STEAM GAME Reward $2

Anyone got extra key for DIRT Showdown?

asked by zekman last answered by zekman
zekman Tell me some good story games answered Reward $2

Tell me some good story games

asked by zekman last answered by BattlePants
selcinor Who built pyramid human or Alien i answered Reward $2

Who built pyramid human, Alien or God

asked by selcinor last answered by Lujzika001
Eliz Invalid licence key Reward $2

I have paid for Pro received info re licence key and it will not accept. Copy and pasted, digit by digit still not accepted. How do I contact the Actual company for them to correct this matter

asked by Eliz last answered by uhe
marko1 Xbox or Playstation Reward $2

Which is better?

asked by marko1 last answered by Jhony18
selcinor What are the craziest thing you love to do, or you did answered Reward $2

What are the funiest or craziest thing you love to do or you did

asked by selcinor last answered by ricardo2
arckatakor Language francophone answered Reward $2

Y a t'il des francophones svp?

asked by arckatakor last answered by ha14
selcinor What if I have answer to my question can I earn answered Reward $2

I mean what if I have satisfied answer to my question can I earn point.

asked by selcinor last answered by selcinor
jcs0891 What is the best Movie place for a computer download? answered Reward $3

I would like to start watching movies on my laptop Windows 7.

asked by jcs0891 last answered by borichamehul5
Danyil Where I can buy GTA for PS Vita? Reward $3

Please help.

asked by Danyil last answered by hyperfly
ChessKing Какая шахматная программа сильнейшая answered 5

Какая шахматная программа сильнейшая на сегодня.

asked by ChessKing last answered by 3y3y
zekman How to earn Steam gift cards or game giveaway? answered 5

Where I can find steam games giveaway or ways to get Steam gift cards?

asked by zekman last answered by B4SSH34D
Wise_EPL Playstation 4 Wii Reward $2 5

Can yens find a Fully Working Playstation Emulator for the Nintendo Wii please? I've tried a few of them which went back to the main Wii menu. If yens can help, it would be great.

asked by Wise_EPL last answered by Wise_EPL
tonidemis What game is trending horror right now? Reward $2

What game is trending horror with zombies and puzzles right now?

asked by tonidemis last answered by Danyil
zekman Amazing story, great gamplay game? answered Reward $2

Tell me the name of the game which will impress me with amazing story, great gameplay, not too long

asked by zekman
pwellard1974 March of empires crashing at 100% Reward $2

I have been playing march of empires but as of lately it loads to 100% and crashes I think its my pc, can you help

asked by pwellard1974 last answered by pwellard1974
selcinor What if Clinton win? answered Reward $2

New World Order system. John sees the Harlot riding it of all things. He is amazed. He is flabbergasted at what he sees. But the prophet Daniel had told us that many of the very people God has been calling to Himself will confirm a strong covenant with a pretender. (Dan.9:27) Jesus Himself told us the very same thing. (John 5:43) Daniel said that "many" would be in on that 7 year treaty. (Dan.9:27 ) These will be times to try men's souls. "Many" who would say that they are God's covenant people ... [MORE]

asked by selcinor last answered by Aravi
raza49712 Need for Speed Rivals Reward $2

How to take a screen shot in nfs rivals in ofline mod.

asked by raza49712 last answered by nihal29
D_I_M_A_N58 And what do you prefer? answered Reward $2

What game are you playing?

asked by D_I_M_A_N58 last answered by Maycondeltigre
Aravi Any good non omg game that can be played within a day? answered Reward $2

Kindly suggest before sunday ends.

asked by Aravi last answered by zekman
Callmesuck How to rank up my MMR with easy method? Reward $2

I need easy method for rank up my MMR, always win, loose, win, loose -_-

asked by Callmesuck last answered by Aravi
paul422 How many time i must learn some programming language like c# Reward $2

To get skills to create video games

asked by paul422 last answered by zrodfects
gaby2003 Tanki Online play is slick or not? Reward $2

Of the game Tanki Online is leery ?

asked by gaby2003 last answered by BattlePants
aldem53 мужчина и женщина Reward $1

Вечер. Будний день. Мужчина жене: Раздевайся и пойдем в театр или оденься и ложимся спать. В чем была одета жена?

asked by aldem53 last answered by ivvan
yanka457 What do you like to do when you're bored? answered Reward $2 5

I get bored often and i was wondering is there anything fun you like to do when bored name some activities or games or cool sites you like to use when bored for example is a cool game site and is a real cool site too or you can say something like a hobby

asked by yanka457 last answered by Andressa
MaxRubin How to create a rpg game on your smartphones? 5

I would like to know how to make a rpg game on smartphones but i don't know how?

asked by MaxRubin last answered by MrOwnage
gala89 Ваша любимая игра? Reward $2

В какие игры вы играете?

asked by gala89 last answered by Buritto
thuan Why do you like to play pokemon Reward $2

Why do you like to play pokemon

asked by thuan last answered by Michke
tuthuan Why pokemon is the most favorite game recently? Reward $2

Why pokemon is the most favorite game recently?

asked by tuthuan last answered by Andreo
valen Why do you like to play pokemon Reward $2 5

Why do you like to play pokemon

asked by valen last answered by 123_434
Chienyp Your favorite games answered Reward $2 20

Your favorite games

asked by Chienyp last answered by diyaryilmaz07
tfanch33 Amusement and entertainment answered Reward $2 5

Who is buried in Grants tomb? Any guesses out there it is a real stumper.

asked by tfanch33 last answered by Aravi
Pamela0525 Sweepstakes Winners answered Reward $2 5

Just for curiosity sake. Has anyone ever won a big prize from publishers clearing house or know someone who did, or know someone who knows someone who did?

asked by Pamela0525 last answered by rldau
milonsultan Why Pokemon is most favorite game right now? Reward $3

Why pokemon is the most favorite game recently?

asked by milonsultan last answered by Michke
KOFF How to kill wall of meet in terraria? answered Reward $2

Please tell me how to do it.

asked by KOFF last answered by Hoshikawa_Momoko
linburger What is your favorite card game? Reward $2

What is your favorite card game?

asked by linburger last answered by Juga
Aravi What is the best way to make your Early Morning 30mins exerciser fun-full? answered Reward $2

What is the best way to make your Early Morning 30mins exerciser fun-full?

asked by Aravi last answered by ghosthiTs88
benchichya Wonderful video games answered Reward $2

What is the best video game can be installed on a computer ?

asked by benchichya last answered by deefdelic
Aravi Any one know a best short game that can be finished within 3 hours, specially for Sunday? answered Reward $2

Hi all, I am looking for a list of short game that is good to play and won't drain the brain. A game which can be finished within 3 hours. Thanks in advance.

asked by Aravi last answered by Abhinav00789
Ashrizel What is Your Dota 2 Favourite Hero? answered Reward $2

asked by Ashrizel last answered by Ashrizel
MrJoker Counter-Strike 1.6 answered Reward $2

Что мне делать когда, я играю в CS 1.6 меня называют читером? Хотя я играю без читов.

asked by MrJoker last answered by kazak
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