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ChessKing The problem with the speed of the Internet on Yandex browser Reward $1

After playing a 15-minute YouTube video through Yandex browser, the speed of the Internet connection is significantly reduced.

asked by ChessKing last answered by Taj
krunal I cannot open wise folder hider Reward $1

I cannot open wise folder hider please help me

asked by krunal last answered by gopinath
danielebonaa Wise registry cleaner error Reward $1

I really don't know what the problem is, i even uninstalled and deleted the previous folder but every time i update it i have this error, and then my program works normally.... does anyone know something? thank you very much

asked by danielebonaa last answered by WiseCleaner_admin
lisameister Installing INTel wireless LAN Driver Reward $1

I signed up for wise driver care pro and I updated drivers except one...the installation failed for my Intel wireless LAN driver, network Intel box pops up and gives me an "error code: 80000000...this version can not upgrade from the current older product. Please uninstall the older product manually." I do not know how to do this... Please help. Thanks, Lisa

asked by lisameister last answered by lisameister
omarwa How can i open a website answered Reward $1

How can i open a website for free or not free .

asked by omarwa last answered by Lilinda
a454545 Far Cry 3 has stopped working problem answered Reward $1

I can't play it more than 3 min. I Crack it successfully . How I can fix it???

asked by a454545 last answered by nikituz
boromeus Magnifique fait bien le travaille de nettoyage Reward $1


asked by boromeus last answered by Taj
oyster PC Taken over By gremlins Reward $1

I went onto the netflix site to see how much they charged,when I went to my USB to watch a film it was taken over now I need to take ownership before I can watch any film but now it has corrupted all my PC. Any help would be good I run 64 bit win 7, tried restoring, tried re-installing none works

asked by oyster last answered by Taj
R74 How can i recovery my data if i lost laptop? Reward $1

MY laptop was stollen few days ago.but i installed wise folder hider in that laptop and hide my personal data. how can i get back my all data ???? if there is any way please tell me because this data is very important for me.

asked by R74 last answered by Taj
AAA1992 Share Printer between Windows XP and windows 7 5

I try more for access printer from windows Xp to windows 7 , but ,Failed. but ,I can access to printer from windows 7 to Windows Xp.

asked by AAA1992 last answered by Taj
AAA1992 A good and with low resource usage anti virus for windows 10.. answered Reward $1

.introduce me ..

asked by AAA1992 last answered by Taj
OliverOld Would you like to have your site of excellent quality? Reward $2

Quick help in creating a website for a reasonable price. I definitely recommend it SEO Perth

asked by OliverOld
Stardust How effective are mobile apps for developing of your business? Reward $1

Anyone can share with an experience? How helpful were they in general?

asked by Stardust
termezo Wordpress templates question Reward $1

Is it good way for website creation? I want to create little blog on Wordpress. Can I do this by myself?

asked by termezo last answered by Mattmyname
IOP4IK friezes fortnite Reward $1 5

How to clean friezes in the game fortnite

asked by IOP4IK last answered by vikunuzu
brendon_smith Best way to convert EDB to PST Reward $1

What is the best way to convert exchange EDB to PST

asked by brendon_smith
omarwa How can i downgrade Reward $1

How can i downgrade my windows 10 to windows 7

asked by omarwa last answered by ha14
marketsgolabl Virtualization and cloud computing software Reward $1 10

What is virtualization and cloud computing software

asked by marketsgolabl last answered by chakramed
Parsonlord Initialize a disk that is not ready answered Reward $1 1

I have an external USB Hard Drive SEAGATE 1TB Expansion, I have 4 partitions, 2 Primary and 2 Logics, lately I used the program, WintoUsb and I created a Win 10 OS on the first Primary partition, to use it on Packard Bell Easynote mx65 which has a now broken hard disk, at first all right, I connected it, I logged in, did the configuration of the system, I downloaded the drivers and updates, after I turned off, when I moved this disk to another computer the Master bot got corrupted, my problem is... [MORE]

asked by Parsonlord last answered by ha14
Wuveth Tiny house examples Reward $1

Do you know some blogs or websites where I can find examples and prices for tiny house?

asked by Wuveth last answered by maybemaybe
ChessKing The problem with playing files on TV answered Reward $1

TV Samsung LE32D450.In recent months, the playback of files from the flash drive unstable - every 5-10 minutes of interruption, reset the menu, arbitrary mute, volume change.Changed files and flash drives, the problem remained.Is this a hardware or software error?

asked by ChessKing last answered by Mattmyname
Surfer Microsoft Wireles Adapter answered Reward $1 5

Has anyone experience with this gadget?

asked by Surfer last answered by Ruberoid78
TheFreak mi navegador web Google Chrome tarda casi una hora en cargarse answered Reward $1

Después de instalar Windows 10, mi navegador web Google Chrome tarda casi una hora en cargarse. Cualquier cuerpo sabe alguna solución? yo luv el cromo? He intentado reinstalar Google Chrome, mi laptop es una laptop para juegos, así que definitivamente tiene la potencia, Firefox e Internet Explorer abiertos a la perfección. mi computadora portátil es un lenovo y-510p corriendo win10 si eso ayuda

asked by TheFreak last answered by TheFreak
eutopian Wise PC 1rst Aid Question answered Reward $1

Hi, I was interested in using this app because my PC is running dreadfully slow, however, when I read what it does it states that it resets the system and drivers to their default setting from when the OS was installed, my question is, how dangerous is this realistically? I have a lot of apps on the laptop as well as some special installs for my NAS (Synology NAS) and I am just concerned what might actually break. It states that some apps my need to be reinstalled, and I have a lot of programs s... [MORE]

asked by eutopian last answered by Fclef
a454545 Best Recovery Application answered Reward $1

I have deleted some of my data :( I Wanna best Application for restore all of them Which one???

asked by a454545 last answered by tegexixi
josic Uninsalled Reg keys Reward $1

Can WRC seek and remove drivers and software associated with non-existent hardware/software?

asked by josic last answered by Fclef

HI does anyone know how to recover from java ransomware? we found a company called has anyone used them? apparently they recover from a lot of ransomware and seems to know what they are talking about! please let me know

asked by joetumor last answered by joetumor
0908192 Taskeng.exe taskeng.exe taskeng.exe Reward $1

Why does the dos window keep on coming out?

asked by 0908192 last answered by maybemaybe
jday Ptrofessional upgrade Reward $1

The 3 computers for professional upgrade - computers at difft locations OK? Thanks. John 518-439-5264

asked by jday last answered by RobertLindstrom
termezo Search auto part by code Reward $1

Where I can perform such search?

asked by termezo last answered by Cezario
baladox Mswsock.dll on windows answered Reward $3 5

"Application Execution" C:\Windows\system32\mswsock.dll " Anyone please?

asked by baladox last answered by ha14
xuno Access denied for user ''@'localhost' (using password: NO) answered Reward $1

Since registry cleaning with Wise registry cleaner I receive this error message when trying to access a website where I watch TV shows and movies. Access denied for user ''@'localhost' (using password: NO) What can I do? I did set a restore point before the cleaning. Do I need to restore?

asked by xuno last answered by chakramed
Montri Order id 3FGFMSM-AFSAXU Reward $1

Please check my order as ID 3FGFMSM-AFSAXU, it is completed or not.

asked by Montri last answered by WiseCleaner_admin
Doc1961 Slow loading and freezing. answered Reward $1

Hello i have a Toshiba Satellite c650d Laptop, running Windows 7 Home Premium. And my browser is Google Chrome..The problem is that now it takes for ever to open up the Browser,,and when it does load it runs really really slow and sometimes freezes. And when it freezes it says that the internet connection is lost..I have uninstalled and reinstalled Chrome a couple of times followed by restarting the laptop. Ending with the same results. If anyone could be of any assistance and help me out would... [MORE]

asked by Doc1961 last answered by Fclef
DPS Software problem Reward $1

Part of DELL SupportAssit i.e. Optimise My System is not functioning. All other parts are functioning properly. At time it works. On updating it shows NO update available

asked by DPS last answered by ejas147
ChessKing How to distinguish a phishing site from a real one? Reward $1

Is it possible that online stores have the same list of categories and products?Is this a phishing site possible?

asked by ChessKing last answered by Fclef
CrackSoftPCIDM Windows 8.1 is not running well on my laptop. Hp i3 4th gen. i am facing video problem. answered Reward $1 5

Windows 8.1 is not running well on my laptop. Hp i3 4th gen. i am facing video problem. every time i run a game far cry 3 on my laptop. it runs slowly. Is there anyone here to help me?

asked by CrackSoftPCIDM last answered by Fclef
textherider Problem with Corrupt Sofeware WINDOWS 10 ! Reward $1

I nave never has so many Problems before except for Windows 10, I have the Screen suddenly ZOOMS!!! There are 48 Problems with the Software Paths an also with the MRU!! Toshiba Repair, has reset it to Factory Settings and it still has the same Problems! Then I find out that Microsoft do not Guarantee their Software, What a Carry On!!!

asked by textherider last answered by Taj
DivyaJ1 How to download Opera Web Browser on your Laptop Reward $1

I need to download the opera in my laptop? Need to know the steps

asked by DivyaJ1 last answered by brijeshjoshi
Ana94 Memoire du disque dur C Reward $1

S'il vous plaît je voudrais vides de la mémoire sur le disque dur C mais il ne figure pas dans les disques à à nettoyer

asked by Ana94 last answered by ha14
buch Компьютер и операционные системы answered Reward $1

Стоит ли с 7-ой винды переходить на 10-ю. Отзывы читал много хают 10-ку, но я думаю у кого хорошо всё работает редко писать будет что либо, а у кого что то пошло не так, напишет.

asked by buch last answered by ChessKing
Wuveth Car seat reviews Reward $1

Can you recommend some reviews or blogs about car seats? I want to choose good and cheap variant to buy. Thanks!

asked by Wuveth last answered by GoGlass
Xenta How to get more followers in instagram? Reward $1

How to get more followers in instagram?

asked by Xenta last answered by ealpheaus
Stoodeek НЕ БАЧИТЬ ФЛЕШКУ!!! Reward $1

Я форматував флешку і випадково її завчасно вийняв(підчас форматування). Тепер комп її не бачить. Що мені робити?

asked by Stoodeek last answered by ChessKing
pustoi11 How to delete a folder with TrustedInstaller rights Reward $1

I can not delete the old version of Windows.

asked by pustoi11 last answered by Taj
Wuveth Where can I find European car parts for a 2018 Mustang? Reward $1

Where can I find European car parts for a 2018 Mustang?

asked by Wuveth last answered by MeGusto
marketsgolabl Internet issue !! answered Reward $1 5

Hello everyone, Here I wanted to open a telephone line in my student room to be able to install internet, so I went to ISP and told them that I did not have a phone call in my room and they assured me the opposite. so I searched thoroughly my room and the only thing there is an RJ45 terminal, so I would have liked to know if this terminal could act as a phone jack

asked by marketsgolabl last answered by chakramed
lybwrsh Problen with Wifi connection answered Reward $1

I wanna connect to my modem and I entered password but it didn't connect...Just say "Cann't connect to this Network " why????

asked by lybwrsh last answered by Fclef
Crollercoaster Window 10 Mail Send to Recipient Reward $1

Send to Mail Recipient in Window 10 do not work. When I click on send to mail recipient, nothing happen.

asked by Crollercoaster last answered by mpweb
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