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zennifergeorge How do i add my gmail account to outlook Reward $1

How do i add my gmail account to outlook

asked by zennifergeorge last answered by CustomerUsa
AMITK Why windows store games more smooth and take less cpu+ram work then other? Reward $1

I m playing games windows 10 also have experience 8, 8.1 and old version of win 10// but now in win 10 best experience // when u want to other work just you have minimize the game and wow... amazing it take nothing cpu or ram nothing i m impressed by this feature and also wise games booster help a lote :)

asked by AMITK
Janlord What is the best source for Microsoft PowerPoint templates? answered Reward $1

Need great source available for Microsoft PowerPoint Templates

asked by Janlord last answered by OliverOld
mbeli Found a weird file name anyone know what it is? 5

"feqehtdsmkps" was going to delete it but figured I better ask first. I tried looking it dice

asked by mbeli last answered by deltamind
debbiejohnson1254 How to recover corrupted Exchange server EDB file data Reward $1

Please give suggestion for best exchange server recovery software

asked by debbiejohnson1254 last answered by percywilliamson
ChessKing Webdav access does not open Reward $1

In recent days, there is no access via webdav

asked by ChessKing
Steves_64 How often should you clean Registry Reward $1

How Often should you clean your registry ?

asked by Steves_64 last answered by ha14
AAA1992 I have no access to shared folder in network .. answered Reward $1

this problems

asked by AAA1992 last answered by ChessKing
termezo What's some good games for a young child can you recommend? Reward $1

What's some good games for a young child can you recommend?

asked by termezo last answered by sumaiaakter5568
OBlogspot How to Install CorelDraw Graphics Suite X7 5

CorelDraw Graphics Suite X7 one of the best logo designing tools, I don't know how to install CorelDraw Graphics Suite X7 in Windows 7, they show this image. I download this last month from this link [ ], and this link is working, but I don't install Corel Draw X7, Please help me I need your help.

asked by OBlogspot last answered by MAKEROFMONY2
misstmb I use wisecare 365 free version Reward $1

I am being told I need to fix a number of privacy issues manually; How do I do this without purchasing support? I have already cleared filed history via file explorer as well as unpinned several folders so that there is no history. The only history I see is on the wisecare program is there a way to clear more or is this a gimmick to get me to buy pro version

asked by misstmb last answered by ChessKing
ac5584 System error code answered Reward $1

Reinstall system error code:0x80072F76 - 0x20016How to deal with?

asked by ac5584 last answered by ha14
johanmoe888 Where can i find and install CorelDRAW X8 free trial? No virus Reward $1

Please help I don't get CorelDRAW X8 free trial version, today I download CorelDRAW X8 Portable from this link [ ] this is the secure link for the portable. I install CorelDRAW X8, then don't work please help me for your reward. they show this image I need your help, please help me.

asked by johanmoe888 last answered by ChessKing
Qaeem How to Install SimLab Composer 9 Reward $1

Hi Everyone: I download SimLab Composer 9 latest version today from, and but the problem is that how to install that, my operating system is windows 7 32 bit but the program required 64 bit. is there another way to install the program with 32 bit? if ok please help, guys I'm waiting to your help I cant install.

asked by Qaeem last answered by ChessKing
baladox How to speed up toorent files download Reward $1 5

How to speed up toorent files download or its depanding on INTERNET SPEED ?

asked by baladox last answered by chakramed
maybemaybe I need sms if a new email arrives Reward $1

Is it possible?

asked by maybemaybe last answered by chakramed
Stardust How hard is to build your own app? Reward $1

Share with an experience/tips please. Thanks!

asked by Stardust last answered by bredd
Ezekielumukoro My computer HP laptop answered Reward $1

What will I do to get my HP laptop rebot successfully

asked by Ezekielumukoro last answered by ChessKing
CHN Desktop unwanted cleaning Reward $3

Hi I have a couple of desktop Word shortcuts that get eliminated in cleaning. How would I stop this? Thx! N

asked by CHN last answered by ha14
kalash Hidden folders hidden Reward $1

Actually I have hidden some files through wise and in c drive by mistakely I have hidden wise hide folder Now I cannot access wise folder hider Now what to do

asked by kalash last answered by GreasieB
Moonchulhwan Computer format problem Reward $3

Hello. Nice to meet you. I''m one of the customers whose using Wise Folder Hide program. This program is very useful for hiding folders from strangers. However I have an problem because of this program. My computer had break down without any pre caution. So I have to format whole of my program including Wise Hide Folder. Therefore Now I can't connect my encrypted folders and files with Wise Hide Folder. Can you just let me know how can I solve this program? My Wise Hide Folder version ... [MORE]

asked by Moonchulhwan last answered by rodent
joexy Windows 10 Advanced Options doesn't have Startup settings answered Reward $1

I created a Windows 10 Recovery disk, but when I use it to boot up system, there is not Startup Settings in Advanced Options, only 5 options. why? My OS is Windows 10.0.17134 This is correct when I restart from Settings - Advanced Startup This is the one if I restart from my recovery disk

asked by joexy last answered by princerahul120
open1965_ Non funziona il riavvio Reward $1

Non funziona il riavvio, win 10, il pc si blocca

asked by open1965_ last answered by funnyjokes
Brett578 Maintenance does not work in HP pc windows 8.1 Reward $1

Maintenance will not work in hp pc windows 8.1

asked by Brett578 last answered by ha14
waqasZb Programming Language Reward $1 5

Tell me which is the best programming language to make android application

asked by waqasZb
Pongo2016 ZBook 15 heat up Reward $1

Hello everyone, I have a problem with my ZBook 15. After the last update, it heats up a lot, app like outlook or Edge start in 20, 30 seconds. I cleaned the registry, checked drivers but nothing. Thank you

asked by Pongo2016 last answered by Pongo2016
mbeli Win 7 Ultimate system restore and Google are not working HELP Reward $2

About 4-5 days ago win 7 ultimate updated (automatically), when it booted back up it said windows is not genuine. I've had win 7 ultimate almost 2 yrs with no real issues. I looked online and was informed to go to cmd and type (will have to look it up) a command and should solve problem, it did. Noe Google page will come up but I can't go anywhere (err. page:unexpectedly closed the connection) and System restore wont open either!!. i've run Microsoft essentials, (checked if google is allowed),... [MORE]

asked by mbeli last answered by ha14
darkpsinight .................................. answered Reward $1


asked by darkpsinight last answered by darkpsinight
yvesremort Résolutoon 1680x1050 answered Reward $1

je cherche des fonds d'écran pour windows7 résolution 1680x1050...Merci ceux proposé par microsoft sont connus et pas terribles....Gédéfond je connais mais pas ce que je veux.. Merci

asked by yvesremort last answered by yvesremort
ChessKing Where to find a reliable provider of Steam license keys Reward $1

Where to find a reliable provider of Steam license keys for wholesale purchases

asked by ChessKing last answered by duquratu
jhartz00 Is it possible... Reward $1

Hello. Like an idiot, I had important Word documents saved on a flash drive, but completely forgot to save them to the hard drive of my laptop. The flash drive broke beyond repair. Is there anyway to retrieve the documents from my laptop even though they weren't saved there? I can see the file name in the "quick access" folder, but it won't open when I click on it.

asked by jhartz00 last answered by RobertLindstrom
Aldac Log off is gone. how do i get it back Reward $1

I just got the latest windows 10. i lost log off. how do i logoff my pc??

asked by Aldac last answered by shuja
VeraGarth Did you get your answer? 5

I can see that there are a lot of questions here... Did you get " your" answer that really helped you?

asked by VeraGarth last answered by kellyb
ClintBarton Boxee cannot connect to internet? Reward $1

Hi I have just upgraded to Boxee+ Hacks 1.5.0 from previous older version. When it came on I noticed that the box was going on or offline. It now is offline all of the time, both wired and wireless, although it does day it is connected to the wireless network but Boxee can't connect to the Internet. I have even tried to a factory restore, but I still have the problem. Any ideas? Please help. I didn't find the right solution from the Internet. References:- [MORE]

asked by ClintBarton last answered by ChessKing
Pinetree The best trading simulators out there? Reward $1

Looking for awesome trading simulators with no risk. Any suggestions?

asked by Pinetree last answered by pustoi11
rosar How do you guys speed up a mac? Reward $1

My mac is running slower and slower, any suggestions.

asked by rosar last answered by geezer_willie
johnevans0007 Windows 10 start up now slow Reward $1

My hp laptop that was getting 21 sec start up is now taking 100+ sec in spite of clean up and optimization with 365 . cant find the solution

asked by johnevans0007 last answered by kaito123
vino Free Computer Games And software Reward $1

Shooting Games For Pc

asked by vino last answered by pustoi11
rdunlea Error Message when I close WiseCleaner 365 Reward $1

Every time I click the Red X to close the progrm I get this message Popup Something about an Access Violation Please tell me why I am getting this message Thanks Ralph Dunlea

asked by rdunlea last answered by rdunlea
johanmoe How to install CorelDraw X7 Portable Reward $1

I downloaded coreldraw x7 portable from i don't know How to install CorelDraw X7 Portable. please

asked by johanmoe last answered by hukin_shah123
dewayne46 SystemService vbs Reward $3

No boot

asked by dewayne46 last answered by ha14
CuteFairy Marketplace businesses- what should I know? answered 5

I want to create an online marketplace platform. What are the main pros and cons of this business?

asked by CuteFairy last answered by jasmineblack1107
salkojorma1000 My mobile pc has got a bug, want to get rid of it fast. Reward $1

The program l trust found a bug in my mobile PC, but there was only written "skipped". The program title: Wise Care 360.

asked by salkojorma1000 last answered by WiseCleaner_admin
Cezario Hotel booking through internet Reward $1

What websites can you recommend?

asked by Cezario
Cezario How to launch an interactive TV service? 5

How to launch an interactive TV service? What do I need for this purpose?

asked by Cezario
pleaseAnswerMe How to use Ampps answered Reward $1 10

So I'm veeery new to the concept of the localhost and I don't know how to use it, so can you please help?

asked by pleaseAnswerMe last answered by ChessKing
lybwrsh What is the best Database for java programming? Reward $1

I have someprojects that need Database. Which is simple and easy to learn for Java? MySQL? Access? SQL Server? or...

asked by lybwrsh last answered by abderahman_hamed
Stardust How to choose an ethernet company? Reward $1

Can you recommend me a good one please? I need the one for improving my small business.

asked by Stardust last answered by Revan
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