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termezo Which is the Best Parental control software? Reward $3

Which is the Best Parental control software?

asked by termezo last answered by Vicaolaos
Derril Choosing the best VPN Reward $1

Could you recommend me the best VPN service for Google Chrome? Thanks.

asked by Derril last answered by Blas
andrewmanson How do i perform SQL database Recovery Process Reward $1

Somehow my MDF database files got corrupted. I tried to repair the database by using the DBCC CHECKDB console commands, but unable to perform the recovery process. Please suggest the safe and reliable method to perform this task.

asked by andrewmanson last answered by Sofia_watson
CoCaiGiven Screen flickering problem. answered Reward $1

My computer flicker. I open task manager,and Task Manager still showing normally. How to troubleshoot flicker screen ?

asked by CoCaiGiven last answered by JackPonting
tegexixi The Device Is Not Ready Reward $1

How to fix "the device is not ready" error which occurs both in hardware and software.

asked by tegexixi last answered by AlexJuvion
Teacher_x Increase ping for game Reward $1

Hello What is the best ways for increase ping? I need good ping because I use the VPN

asked by Teacher_x last answered by MayRich
programmer Charging a powerbank for first time answered Reward $1

What is the Best way to charg a power bank for first time? its ceyoon 50000mAh USB Type-C Power Bank

asked by programmer last answered by Romantic12
maren EU ASK rewards - status unshipped ? Reward $1

Why EU ASK rewards are not sent? On transaction details status are unshipped EU support, are you just thief or what? And where is option to choose amount of reward for answer? There is no option, I didn make this rewards, it's automatic

asked by maren last answered by chakramed
ChessKing Reprogramming the laptop battery. Reward $3

Why do they do this reprogramming? How to do? When repairing the battery, can I replace the laptop battery without reprogramming it?

asked by ChessKing last answered by MayRich
pleaseAnswerMe Best source of courses Reward $1

Best source of courses

asked by pleaseAnswerMe last answered by Jones11
programmer Recovery Deleted photo on Android device Reward $1

Some of my old photo just deleted and I really want them back,now I don't know the best way to get them back without root device or something like that I need a good app

asked by programmer last answered by Cheayol
IndianoO Online store for men Reward $1

Where are you buy clothes for men?(underwear,short,panties)

asked by IndianoO last answered by AlexBMW
kb9612 Extend laptop SSD memory answered Reward $1

I just want to extend my laptop SSD memory it's 128GB now and i wanna a 500-750 GB memory my laptop is Asus n551vw what is the best one to extend ssd? Adata?Samsung?,,,

asked by kb9612 last answered by jacoboram550
AdwitaRai123 I am searching cheap business hosting service in USA Reward $1

Hello all, I am looking for cheap business hosting services for location USA

asked by AdwitaRai123 last answered by Cezario
ab1936 Reduce internet ping for online games answered Reward $1

How I can reduce ping for games like PUBG and GTA V and ...? Is there an app for it?

asked by ab1936 last answered by Coxxyr
qrisna When I installed it like this, I installed the pubg pc lite game Reward $1

when I installed it like this, I installed the pubg pc lite game

asked by qrisna last answered by Derril
brothersupport0509 What Should i do my printer is showing error to print? Reward $1

I am trying to print but my printer is not printing can anyone suggest me how to resolve this problem

asked by brothersupport0509 last answered by mikewelfm
Maxbrady Reinstalled windows 10, black screen + cursor Reward $1

Alright so I reinstalled windows 10, I downloaded windows tool, created a bootable USB with it, but also tried downloading the iso, and use Rufus myself. I install it on my M2 SSD which is 120 GB. It installs and I get to setup some settings not many. Almost right after login to Microsoft, which I skipped. Black screen appears, and only white cursor is visible. I've tried a lot, but it's limited because I only have CMD to fix it with. I can't login to the computer, ... [MORE]

asked by Maxbrady last answered by ha14
ChessKing The laptop screen flickers up and down with a small backlight. Reward $1

The screen on the technology of CCFL (technology on cold cathodes). On a small backlight when you turn on the laptop screen flickers for 15-20 minutes up and down,flicker while gradually slowing down (the effect of warming up the screen) and stops. On medium and large screen backlight this is not observed.

asked by ChessKing last answered by Tyler21
Nonesuter How to solve this issue. answered Reward $1

How to solve this issue.,if i click one time then this msg show but press power button upto 10 sec windows normally on is hapen after os install on ssd in iball laptop, kindly help me.

asked by Nonesuter last answered by JackPonting
sheetal1 Should I buy a ps3 or ps4? answered Reward $1

I love games with good graphics and a storyline such as Beyond two souls or Life is strange. ps3 is definitely cheaper than PS4 but I'm afraid it would be discontinued soon. However a lot of games I want to play is on PS3 though ??

asked by sheetal1 last answered by smarty_pants2
Cezario What will a typical personal finance mobile app development cost for Android? Reward $3

What will a typical personal finance mobile app development cost for Android?

asked by Cezario last answered by dianaadamsss1
LeeJerwin "is damaged and can't be opened" answered Reward $1 10

asked by LeeJerwin last answered by VikasSharma
IndianoO Application for video conferencing Reward $1

Hi guys, I need good app for video conferencing, only not skype guys) Advice please

asked by IndianoO last answered by ChessKing
mrmilad How to solve it????????? Reward $1

asked by mrmilad last answered by aladanh
androidly Best online drew chart answered Reward $1

Best website for draw charts?

asked by androidly last answered by androidly
jah98moz Being a good web developer answered Reward $1

I really like web development and want to be a good developer but I don't know how to get into it. what is the difference between back end and front end and full stack developer??¿

asked by jah98moz last answered by Faridoshka
pleaseAnswerMe Good phones 5

Which phone should I buy

asked by pleaseAnswerMe last answered by astanford322
pleaseAnswerMe How To Use Wi-Fi If I don't Have A Landline answered Reward $1 5

So in our building there are too many people and all the landline spaces are taken and I wanted to ask what can I do? I heard of something called Mi-Fi (I'm not sure if thats how it's called) So I wanted to ask should I use this mifi thing or is there any other thing I could do? and if Mi-Fi is good tell me what's good and what's bad about it?

asked by pleaseAnswerMe last answered by emmyrub
tegexixi How to Restore Deleted Files Cleaned by CCleaner? Reward $1

If I were cleaning my system by CCleaner, can the data be recovered? How to Restore Deleted Files Cleaned by CCleaner?

asked by tegexixi last answered by tegexixi

I wanna information about security vpns. where can i find this?

asked by Ogsadoo last answered by bangndri20
RamLal My Pc become slow why? answered Reward $1

MY PC slow down after one or one and half month, what may be the reason

asked by RamLal last answered by bangndri20
Ammar_Howeka What are the best processors of intel ? Reward $1

What are the best processors of intel for Games?

asked by Ammar_Howeka last answered by pleaseAnswerMe
Aguru What are the best dating sites worldwide? Reward $1

What are the best dating sites for a serious relationship? Your experience please, do not copy information from the Net.

asked by Aguru last answered by Max06742499
BrianCa Cannot get Windows 10 on new SSD Reward $1

I have an Asus ROG GL702VM laptop, it's old hdd died a while back and I am just now getting around to installing a new one but it has been driving me crazy. I replaced the hdd with the new ssd, and inserted a windows installation usb into the laptop. Problem 1: the installation will loop forever, returning back to the windows setup screen after finishing the install Problem 2 (sort of solved): my ssd would not show up as a bootable device, I had to turn off secure boot and enable CSM support i... [MORE]

asked by BrianCa last answered by ha14
a454545 What is the best trading platform for new answered Reward $1

I want to get into trading and be a trader how I can start? which way? what kind of platform?

asked by a454545 last answered by AlexBMW
Cezario What is an ICO? Is it a scam or a genuine investment opportunity? Reward $1

What is an ICO? Is it a scam or a genuine investment opportunity?

asked by Cezario last answered by maxilic
RS2412 Meine Maus laggt und mein PC ist langsam Reward $1

Hallo, ich habe schon viel versucht, aber mein PC läuft einfach nicht gut. Ich habe booster Programme, ich habe Wisecleaner etc.. Deshalb hier meine Frage, wie schaffe ich es, dass mein PC ( ohne weitere Kosten ) wieder gut und schnell läuft ?

asked by RS2412 last answered by minion89
Cadd Service windows security center Reward $1

One message of solving PC problems ask to activate the security service center, when I do so, it gives this message "unable to start service windows security center".

asked by Cadd last answered by chakramed
Maxbrady Windows 10 1903 Task manager show wrong ram speed Reward $1

Hi i just wanna ask is this just for mine system but after i updated windows task manager is no longer showing corect ram speed ! Before this update Task manager was showing 3200 ram speed and now its show 1600 ! This is ddr4 ram ofc ! mp3 ringtones:

asked by Maxbrady last answered by armstrong255
Boraki Create PAYPAL account Reward $1

Hello. i need information about PayPal. i wanna create account. thanks

asked by Boraki last answered by Oz_Maxwell
programmer VPN service for free answered Reward $1

I want to know what is the top VPN service that allow the free data usage. Answer me as soon as possible thank you

asked by programmer last answered by berryjohnson
tech4uonline Is google now focusing to get users to their platform such as Youtube? Reward $1

As we search online on google, now we see many types of search results such as Link results, videos, and apps and news all the results going to google platform such as youtube, Google play, Google news.

asked by tech4uonline last answered by MayRich
mrmilad What is .Net Framework?????????? Reward $1

What is .net frame work????

asked by mrmilad
konjokradica How to get rid of Miners? Reward $1

My fans working like crazy, because someone uses my comp too, to mine for crypto coins. Anybody know what extension to delete from my System32, to stop them to use my komp?

asked by konjokradica last answered by Pravy
Cezario What is the best websites to stream live basketball? Reward $1

What is the best websites to stream live basketball?

asked by Cezario last answered by abrahaam
BrianCa Windows 10 shows Critical Process Died Reward $1

Recently, I decided to clean my 4 years old Alienware 15 r2 laptop so I dissembled it, after putting it back together, windows keeps showing blue screen with code Critical Process Died. I tried to boot the SSD Drive from another computer and it works fine and now I really can’t identify any problems and I don’t know what to do. Please help me! Thanks!

asked by BrianCa last answered by chakramed
kaioo5191 Free games online answered Reward $1

Hi Give me the list of the best free online games for pc.

asked by kaioo5191 last answered by AdamsPatryk
DanielAr Gmail not working at all on iphone Reward $1

Hello! I have been having this problem for a few weeks now where my phone will constantly give me the error that the gmail imap server won't connect. I have tried so many different things to fix this, I removed and re added it, I tried doing it manually and automatically or doing it automatically and then changing it manually after but nothing works. I've turned my phone on and off and even updated to the most current software after the problem started but I still get the error every time. I kno... [MORE]

asked by DanielAr last answered by technicalsquad1
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