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pleaseAnswerMe My (.pptx) file was damaged Reward $1 10

Hello, I wanted to print something in the printer that prints without a computer (I don't actually remember its name) I tried printing a (.pptx) file but it said that it can't read the file I retried and retried and retried until the file was damaged is there any solution to fix it/scan it with wise care 365 or any other antivirus? If so then please give me the download link but if I can scan it with wise care 365 then please tell me the way if there is no antivirus than can do that then please... [MORE]

asked by pleaseAnswerMe last answered by ha14
vistaboy Lenovo e570 thinkpad laptop Reward $2

Brand new laptop and its has been set up with a user name and I cannot get into the windows 10 Lenovo. Called tech support an they wanted me to call sales Monday 11/13/17. Is there and easy way besides usb or dvd to get a reset on this new machine?

asked by vistaboy last answered by ha14
jolijojo Change of mail of my wisecare 365 pro Reward $1

Hi, i want change of mail please why can i do. Regards, Jean-Pierre

asked by jolijojo last answered by ha14
Teresita What is the best online keyword suggestion tool aside from Google? 5

I'm using Google's Keyword Suggestion Tool to search and suggest profitable keywords, any other tool that will suggest keywords to consider for my SEO?

asked by Teresita last answered by chromesupport
DenisLesage Traces of Removed Programs answered Reward $1

After installing and removing softwares, my registry became crowded with traces of these removed programs. Since I do not want to remove these traces one by one, is there a quicker way to remove what Wise Registry Cleaner left ?

asked by DenisLesage last answered by Acustik
DavidBenjamin License key will not work. Reward $3

I reformatted my desk top and now my license will not work. any help will be appreciated. thanks.

asked by DavidBenjamin last answered by WiseCleaner_admin
DavidBenjamin License key for wise care 365 will not work. Reward $1

After re installing windows 10 on my desk top the license key for wise care 365 will not work Any help would be appreciated. David B

asked by DavidBenjamin last answered by Answers
Teresita How do you create a poll online? Reward $1

I came across a multiple choice kind of poll online in which I was asked to answer. How can I create a poll online?

asked by Teresita last answered by nuklin
Teresita How do you upload a video to a you tube channel? answered Reward $1

I want to upload a 3-minute video that I shoot from my cell phone. Can anyone help me the step by step procedure to upload it to YouTube?

asked by Teresita last answered by rembanad
lybwrsh Make my laptop charge faster Reward $1

How to Make my asus laptop charge faster?

asked by lybwrsh last answered by Big_padre
Jamez How can you easily monitor CPU temperature on Windows 10. answered Reward $1

I need a way to be able to monitor my CPU's temperature without going into the bios because I want to see how it preforms during a stress test.

asked by Jamez
Teresita What is your favorite site for making money online? answered Reward $1

Can you share your best site for making money online?

asked by Teresita last answered by Ksenona
99701 How many times per day is it safe to Clean my Registry? answered Reward $1

How often is it safe to Clean my Registry using Windows 10 intel Home HP Desktop 20-c010 with 2 GB of Ram and 900 GB Hard Drive? I use a Safe Scan Occasionally, but usually use a Custom Scan about 10 times per Day. Is that too much, and will it harm my Computer to do so? These Pictures are my Custom Scan Settings that I also have a Desktop Icon to Click and Run. I hope someone knows. Thanks.

asked by 99701
Teresita Is it worth using Google Adwords for my first Ad campaign? Reward $1

Have you any experience using Google Adwords? Is it still profitable now that I think CPC (cost per click) is getting expensive than before?

asked by Teresita
hudson Popup at startup with boot time Reward $3

Does not show up any more

asked by hudson last answered by CoolCat
jonesbruce Trace trace trace Reward $1

What is a trace?

asked by jonesbruce last answered by CoolCat
Teresita Best site for online researcher? Reward $1

Anyone who have come across a get paid site for internet researcher?

asked by Teresita last answered by CoolCat
99701 Re: One Click Desktop Icon for a Custom Area Scan. Reward $1

How do I create a One Click Desktop Icon for a Custom Area Scan?

asked by 99701 last answered by 99701
JohnAdam6619 Hard drive use at 100% Reward $1

Hard drive constantly at 99-100%

asked by JohnAdam6619 last answered by Ravindra_2
jimsimonjolly How to Block Someone on Gmail Reward $2

How to Block Someone on Gmail ?

asked by jimsimonjolly last answered by Ravindra_2
JDM1 Internet band Reward $1

How can i increase the band for the internet signal 2.4 g to 2.5 in my computer windows 10

asked by JDM1 last answered by CoolCat
Oumixa Upabta windaws 10 Reward $1

How to udapta windaws 10

asked by Oumixa last answered by Jamez
ilyamossss installation kies Reward $1

How to install kies for flash samsung

asked by ilyamossss last answered by ha14
Frsciuto1948 Errore JAVA 74 ad ogni accensione Reward $1

asked by Frsciuto1948 last answered by AAA1992
geraldjones WOW WHAT A MISTAKE Reward $1

I just asked about a simple problem with a file and my prepayment amount was 2.00, but it showed 200.00. I am fliping out how can I know it did not go thru. I never did OK the transaction. Let me know ASAP, Gerald

asked by geraldjones last answered by AAA1992
blackcats Holy cow game industry (Best releases since 2007) 5

Fall of 2007 set up a decades worth of sequels. It was the period which largely shaped current gaming. I just noticed the number of releases in the past month or so has been ENORMOUS (in terms of big games). I'm going to grant this caveat; I'm 95 percent or more pc player. more: Divinity 2, Forza 7 (4k/hdr/yay), AC Origins, South Park, Shadow of War, Evil 2, Destiny 2, and of course Mortal Empires (Total Warhammer 2). Jesus...I'm going to be playing these releases... [MORE]

asked by blackcats
adamjohnson Heroes Revive - maybe someone still have filles? Reward $1

Today EA close the Revive Networks projects: Battlefield 2, 2142 and Heroes. It's very sad decision, but servers are still allive, I made an Revive Account and now is't just one problem - files. more: The download on the official site is disabled. Where can I download files for this game? I found only official launcher, but it didn't work. Someone can send all files on MediaFire of something, of course if... [MORE]

asked by adamjohnson
bcross1966 Using WISE to edit Registry Reward $1

I had a failed install of Garmin Express. How can I use WISE to delete all instances of this program in the registry?

asked by bcross1966 last answered by Raulino09872108
JAD Browser ignored xxxxxxxxxxxx Reward $1

Why don't you clean the browser engine "Avast SafeZone"? You ve an exclusive contract with MCS, Mozilla, Opera, Palemoon and all that other garbage?

asked by JAD last answered by moosecoll
AAA1992 Create Virtual Phone number any country?? answered Reward $1


asked by AAA1992 last answered by muthu
Fatemeh How to minimize Windows 7? 5

How to minimize Windows 7?

asked by Fatemeh last answered by muthu
greglord Wisecare 365. 4.27 Reward $1

I purchased wise care to get the full programme and have paid my money via Paypak but not received any confirmation from you via email,even after Your order has been processed, the confirmation email with your license key(s) and instructions for unlocking should be arriving soon. If for some reasons you do not receive the confirmation email, please contact our support staff. Notice:Please add to your email allow list.Please check your Inbox... [MORE]

asked by greglord last answered by WiseCleaner_admin
ab1936 Wifi problem in win10 answered Reward $1

Why Wifi icon is not in Action Center?...I cant find it. How i can fix this?

asked by ab1936 last answered by ab1936
ilyamossss Update my windows 10 answered Reward $1 5

How can I update my windows 10 ?

asked by ilyamossss last answered by Bobby_jONEs
wtd No answer to my question Reward $3

You took my money but didn't answer my question. Why??

asked by wtd last answered by rembanad
AAA1992 Wise Driver Care .Installation failed Reward $1

What is Problem?

asked by AAA1992 last answered by ha14
baladox My driver is totally full . how to clean and gain some space Reward $1 5

My driver is totally full . how to clean and gain some space

asked by baladox last answered by viper1962
yousifalnaier2 My balance account 5

Is my balance deducted when I ask a question on the site How do I transfer my balance to PayPal?

asked by yousifalnaier2
sonich2401 Wise Reg Cleaner Desktop Glitch answered Reward $1

I ran wise regitry cleaner and whenever i click and hold on my desktop and know the blue box just has a white outline now

asked by sonich2401 last answered by taza
Igotthis Can't log ig garena, error 2471 Reward $1

I have got this problem for 3 days, I haven't changed anything or installed anything new. Can anyone help me please!

asked by Igotthis last answered by mohamad1122
ronnadeau How can i earned good money on line Reward $1

I need a job to earn real good money please give me one

asked by ronnadeau last answered by anhot
Razor1 How do I get my money back for the 60 day refund that is advertized Reward $1

I want a refund

asked by Razor1 last answered by Phani
the_livewire Is CCLeaner really infected with Malwares and Computer Viruses? answered Reward $1

CCleaner was reportedly infected with malwares and viruses, after being compromised by hackers. How true is this?

asked by the_livewire last answered by trifn
Teresita How do you earn online by using apps on cell phone? Reward $1

I read on the internet that we can earn money testing apps on our cell phones. Can any smartphones participate or does it requires a particular brand or operating system for one to participate?

asked by Teresita last answered by Phani
rvdude Wise Auto Shutdown Reward $1

I'm experiencing a problem now with Wise Auto Shutdown. This is very nice software but now it will only start up and then totally locks up. I'm sure it may have something to do after my last Windows upgrade. I've uninstalled the software, rebooted and re-installed it and still have the same problem. Does anyone out here have a solution to get Wise Auto Shutdown up and running again on Windows 10 Pro???? Thanks...

asked by rvdude last answered by WiseCleaner_admin
ChessKing Email Collectors answered Reward $1

Which email collectors will advise for several boxes?

asked by ChessKing last answered by Aravi
pleaseAnswerMe I can't find the file that will make me install code::blocks Reward $1 10

I recently downloaded code::blocks, I tried finding the file that will make me install code::blocks But I didn't find it! I searched everywhere for a few minutes but didn't find

asked by pleaseAnswerMe last answered by thsigit
yousifalnaier2 Change the IP address problem Reward $1

I want Change the IP address without a program

asked by yousifalnaier2 last answered by thsigit
CarloCorbacelli Title of the problemWise Driver Care Reward $1

Doesnt work never(many installation and bought version pro). It crush when I try to use it.My care 365 pro work well but why cruver care not?

asked by CarloCorbacelli last answered by WiseCleaner_admin
rohinraha Windows 10 update Reward $1

How to update Windows 10

asked by rohinraha last answered by Ravindra_2
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