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maxbeckham How to Convert NSF to PST Reward $1

I have 5 Gb NSF data and I want to switch this data to PST, How can I convert this data without loss because it's very important.

asked by maxbeckham last answered by pcgameshere
Talking_Melody Virus scan failed Reward $1

When i download it doesnt matter which search engin i use it always says " virus scan failed".

asked by Talking_Melody last answered by MAKEROFMONY2
andrewmanson What is the Best way to backup OST File of Outlook Application Reward $1

Hi, I need to backup my Outlook data file OST. What is the best way to perform this task easily

asked by andrewmanson last answered by mariajons
termezo What is payday loan? Reward $1

What is payday loan? Did you use it?

asked by termezo last answered by Cezario
Coxxyr What are good QR Barcode Scanner app? Reward $1

What are good QR Barcode Scanner app? Can I use it online?

asked by Coxxyr last answered by termezo
ChessKing Browser add - on for automatic page refresh Reward $1

What Supplement is most suitable for this purpose? The Yandex browser.

asked by ChessKing last answered by MAKEROFMONY2
lorein0688 How to make a computer fast Reward $1

My PC is hanging and freezing and anyone suggest me how to make the computer fast

asked by lorein0688 last answered by maximilianmaximilian
Max06742499 Good websites with stock music? Reward $1

Are there any really good audiojungle alternatives out there?

asked by Max06742499 last answered by maximilianmaximilian
Maxbrady Windows cannot finish installing after reset Reward $1

Hello everyone, I recently went and reset windows 10 on my laptop; however, after doing so I am met with two errors: something about unattended parcel and when I click ok it leads to this second error windows could not finish install restart to finish My laptop was plugged in the whole time and was in no way interrupted during the reset. I've seen solutions that tell me to press shift + f10 but it doesn't work for me. I try and turn off and it leads me to the log in screen with an administrato... [MORE]

asked by Maxbrady last answered by ha14
deenamin Downloading problem from Youtube Reward $1

When I try to video download from youtube attached pop up window is shown.

asked by deenamin last answered by ha14
Sofia_watson How to Split large PDF files into multiple files? answered Reward $1

Hi everyone, I have a large-sized PDF file (132 pages). I want to make a separate PDF file for the only page no. 65 to 89. But I don't know how to split PDF files according to pages. Can anyone tell me the solution how can I divide PDF documents into another one?

asked by Sofia_watson last answered by MAKEROFMONY2
ankitrawat1234 How many people use internet in a day? Reward $1

I don't no how many people use internet in a day this reason i am asking this question

asked by ankitrawat1234 last answered by zikors
relina15256044 Is it possible to combine 2D and 3D graphics in the development of a mobile application? Reward $1

Is it possible to combine 2D and 3D graphics in the development of a mobile application? What do you think?

asked by relina15256044 last answered by tonnyken1
colas_mais What do you know about modafinil? answered Reward $1

Hi! I'm curious to know your opinion about modafinil. I heard that it is a miracle tool that helps me be a productive person. Is this true?

asked by colas_mais last answered by CarolineWebb
BrianCa Computer bluescreens randomly with the same error each time. Reward $2

About every 2 months my PC will bluescreen in the middle of something important with the error code CMUSBDAC.sys I've gone through the fixes that other people have recommended, however it continues to happen regardless. I don't know if I'm doing something wrong because it only happens one every 1-2 months. Is there any fix for this?

asked by BrianCa last answered by NishaBatel01
Cezario How do I increase traffic on a new website? Reward $1

How do I increase traffic on a new website? What are the tips?

asked by Cezario last answered by redlake15
576239865 启用或关闭winodws功能空白 Reward $1


asked by 576239865 last answered by sunnybone
IndianoO How I can download video from twitter? Reward $1

How I can download video from twitter?

asked by IndianoO last answered by Demixl
Demixl Which musical instrument is easier for a child to learn? Reward $1

My daughter is 9 years old

asked by Demixl last answered by brainstorm21
brajeshmitra Windows update is not working Reward $2

On my P.C. Windows 7 Service Pack 1 is not getting updated. Tried many a times but not got updated. Also Java update version also is not getting updated.

asked by brajeshmitra last answered by ha14
TheFreak Ordering stuff directly from China? Reward $1 5

I want to buy electrical things from China.

asked by TheFreak last answered by MAKEROFMONY2
Maxbrady Adding a device window immediately disappears upon clicking Reward $1

I bought a new bluetooth adapter that has P&P with Windows 10 so installing it wasn't an issue, the issue comes after installing it and trying to register any new device either hangs the window or crashes settings all together (Printer & Scanner makes settings crash). I've been struggling with this since 3PM of yesterday, I'm not very skilled with computers so unless I get advice here to mess with advanced settings I won't but I'm at wits end and any advice is more than welcome. More i... [MORE]

asked by Maxbrady last answered by AlyssaPatterson
maren Rewards not payed Reward $1 5

It's very interesting situation. First, I did'n get rewards from my euask points into USD After getting rewards into USD and transfer it to paypal acc it dissaperaed. On pp acc this never come, and on site it's look like completed. It looks like someone here is thief, but it's not me.

asked by maren last answered by TheFreak
MayRich How do I find a reliable handbag seller on the web? Reward $1

There are tons of stores online selling designer handbags but how can I make sure that those handbags that they are selling aren't low-quality chinese crap? Reading reviews seemed to be a solution but I realised that such stores just pay for positive reviews. Looks like buying such things on the web isn't even an option.

asked by MayRich last answered by AlexJuvion
CharlesJS Wifi not working on win 10 but working fine on Ubuntu Reward $1

Hi all My laptops connects to mobile hotspots and wifi on win 10 but signal strength will show 1-2 bars. Although mobile hotspot works fine, but wifi is painfully slow getting disconnected or showing limited frequently. I have another laptop same wifi works fine there and also in the all the mobile devices. After trying numerous driver updates, uninstalling, installing again and every other solutions i got from various forums, I thought wifi card is bad. But recently I thought of trying Ubuntu.... [MORE]

asked by CharlesJS last answered by WilliamRiley
ChessKing The display controller laptop answered Reward $1

Need information where the laptop display controller, how it works.

asked by ChessKing last answered by CarolineWebb
Neww772 Are there good essay writing companies, that can help with official papers? Reward $1

Are there good essay writing companies, that can help with official papers? I do have money to order an essay, and don't have time to make it by myself. Any advises?

asked by Neww772 last answered by Tyler21
gocoreover How To work Google Pay QR Code? Google Pay Customer Support Reward $1

A highly qualified team of professionals is present under this number, which claims to solve all kinds of Google Wallet problems single-handedly.

asked by gocoreover last answered by Pravy
James70982156 What popular blogs about gardening do you know? Reward $1

What popular blogs about gardening do you know? Maybe youtube channels?

asked by James70982156 last answered by tonnyken1
DanielAr Windows 10 auto switch back from Dolby Atmos for Home Theater to 7.1 Reward $1

Hi, I connect my desktop PC to a Samsung Q90R soundbar. I set device properties, surround sound from 7.1 to "Dolby Atmos for Home Theater". The soundbar outputs sounds without problem. However, recently, for unknown reason, it switches back to 7.1 by itself often. I have to manually change it back to Dolby Atmos for Home Theater. Otherwise, I don't get sound from youtube and games. Interestingly, playing demo atmos files have sound. Know what is going on? How to prevent Windows 10 from switching... [MORE]

asked by DanielAr last answered by ha14
termezo Which is the Best Parental control software? Reward $3

Which is the Best Parental control software?

asked by termezo last answered by Vicaolaos
Derril Choosing the best VPN Reward $1

Could you recommend me the best VPN service for Google Chrome? Thanks.

asked by Derril last answered by AlexBMW
andrewmanson How do i perform SQL database Recovery Process Reward $1

Somehow my MDF database files got corrupted. I tried to repair the database by using the DBCC CHECKDB console commands, but unable to perform the recovery process. Please suggest the safe and reliable method to perform this task.

asked by andrewmanson last answered by Sofia_watson
CoCaiGiven Screen flickering problem. answered Reward $1

My computer flicker. I open task manager,and Task Manager still showing normally. How to troubleshoot flicker screen ?

asked by CoCaiGiven last answered by JackPonting
tegexixi The Device Is Not Ready Reward $1

How to fix "the device is not ready" error which occurs both in hardware and software.

asked by tegexixi last answered by AlexJuvion
Teacher_x Increase ping for game Reward $1

Hello What is the best ways for increase ping? I need good ping because I use the VPN

asked by Teacher_x last answered by CarolineWebb
programmer Charging a powerbank for first time answered Reward $1

What is the Best way to charg a power bank for first time? its ceyoon 50000mAh USB Type-C Power Bank

asked by programmer last answered by Pele233
maren EU ASK rewards - status unshipped ? Reward $1

Why EU ASK rewards are not sent? On transaction details status are unshipped EU support, are you just thief or what? And where is option to choose amount of reward for answer? There is no option, I didn make this rewards, it's automatic

asked by maren
ChessKing Reprogramming the laptop battery. Reward $3

Why do they do this reprogramming? How to do? When repairing the battery, can I replace the laptop battery without reprogramming it?

asked by ChessKing last answered by MayRich
pleaseAnswerMe Best source of courses Reward $1

Best source of courses

asked by pleaseAnswerMe last answered by Jones11
programmer Recovery Deleted photo on Android device Reward $1

Some of my old photo just deleted and I really want them back,now I don't know the best way to get them back without root device or something like that I need a good app

asked by programmer last answered by ChessKing
IndianoO Online store for men Reward $1

Where are you buy clothes for men?(underwear,short,panties)

asked by IndianoO last answered by colas_mais
kb9612 Extend laptop SSD memory answered Reward $1

I just want to extend my laptop SSD memory it's 128GB now and i wanna a 500-750 GB memory my laptop is Asus n551vw what is the best one to extend ssd? Adata?Samsung?,,,

asked by kb9612 last answered by jacoboram550
AdwitaRai123 I am searching cheap business hosting service in USA Reward $1

Hello all, I am looking for cheap business hosting services for location USA

asked by AdwitaRai123 last answered by Pravy
ab1936 Reduce internet ping for online games answered Reward $1

How I can reduce ping for games like PUBG and GTA V and ...? Is there an app for it?

asked by ab1936 last answered by androidly
qrisna When I installed it like this, I installed the pubg pc lite game Reward $1

when I installed it like this, I installed the pubg pc lite game

asked by qrisna last answered by Derril
brothersupport0509 What Should i do my printer is showing error to print? Reward $1

I am trying to print but my printer is not printing can anyone suggest me how to resolve this problem

asked by brothersupport0509 last answered by Milcah12
Maxbrady Reinstalled windows 10, black screen + cursor Reward $1

Alright so I reinstalled windows 10, I downloaded windows tool, created a bootable USB with it, but also tried downloading the iso, and use Rufus myself. I install it on my M2 SSD which is 120 GB. It installs and I get to setup some settings not many. Almost right after login to Microsoft, which I skipped. Black screen appears, and only white cursor is visible. I've tried a lot, but it's limited because I only have CMD to fix it with. I can't login to the computer, it's not finished with the set... [MORE]

asked by Maxbrady last answered by ha14
ChessKing The laptop screen flickers up and down with a small backlight. Reward $1

The screen on the technology of CCFL (technology on cold cathodes). On a small backlight when you turn on the laptop screen flickers for 15-20 minutes up and down,flicker while gradually slowing down (the effect of warming up the screen) and stops. On medium and large screen backlight this is not observed.

asked by ChessKing last answered by Tyler21
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