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johncarter How to recover corrupted OST file? Reward $1

I need solution to recover corrupted OST file.I lost all the data please help me.... Thanks in advance.

asked by johncarter last answered by robinthapa
davislml84 Delay corrupted file in Program Files (x86) answered Reward $1

I cannot delete a file that is in the Program Files (x86) directory even though I have admin permissions. I have run registry cleaner repeatedly but still no dice.

asked by davislml84 last answered by funnyjokes
blair2008 Cookies from my browser Reward $1

How can I stop wise from deleting cookies from my browser.

asked by blair2008 last answered by AAA1992
a454545 Cortana Problem :((( 5

I Have Big Problem With Cortana In WIN10... She Did NOT Work Properly ... I Think That Cortana Is Not Responding When I Click On Cortana Icon... :(

asked by a454545 last answered by cutyniharika
kriket Scan results are always same in each of the 3 why Reward $1

I ran each of the 3 scans separately ,wait 20 minutes then run the next and the next.I copied all the hits in each before cleaning,I then waited 30 minutes ,(not using computer at all) and then did the same thing once again.The ? I like to ask you is why did the the 3 scans have exactly the same hits in each again,and mind you not using P/C at all and alwayson.I have the WRC9 PRO. TY kriket

asked by kriket last answered by kriket
Cgw419 How do i completely merge users in windows 10? Reward $1

How do i completely merge users in windows 10?

asked by Cgw419 last answered by ha14
tiffanyd Win32/tiggre plock is killing me Reward $1

My windows defender says I have win32/tiggre plock and it is a dangerous trojan. I must, considering I found the file mentioned and today questions about it are all over the internet. I have tried several of my old repairs and several I found posted on trusted sites. How do I make it stop? Windows defender keeps showing it cleared and then comes back with more instances of it.

asked by tiffanyd last answered by scarlett
kevinmaida How do I undo defragmentation of my C drive? answered Reward $1

I recently performed the "defragment" process for my C and D drives but now my C drive went from 45 GB of free space to 6 GB. How can I undo this?

asked by kevinmaida last answered by Fclef
Gary2463 Toshiba Satellite L750 Sound cuts off after a few minutes Reward $1

Tired rebooting, restoring system. Seems to come back on for a short while after restarting.

asked by Gary2463 last answered by Fclef
AAA1992 Rundll32.exe Permission Error.. answered Reward $1

How to solve this Problems

asked by AAA1992 last answered by ha14
bbooker Win 10 boot problem Reward $1

Win 10 always locks up at the blue window screen. A forced power off then power on will always work. Using an install media & choosing to fix the boot process finds no problem. Is there any solution other than a total new install? Clarification: Blue window screen does NOT mean the BSOD. It is the screen where the 4 panel window appears in the middle of the screen & the small rotating dots appear beneath it. Usually, about the 4th or 5th rotation the dots freeze & that's it. Clari... [MORE]

asked by bbooker last answered by funnyjokes
Manora Did anyone try educational computer games for kids? Reward $1

How good are they? Is it really a nice method of teaching?

asked by Manora last answered by ChessKing
layls1071 Windows 7 problem !!!!!! answered Reward $2

asked by layls1071 last answered by Fclef
ab1936 Android device Rooting answered Reward $3

How I can remove root from my LG G3 ? It rooted by King root app...

asked by ab1936 last answered by ab1936
Logirnger File windows.old after update win 10 answered Reward $1 5

Hi every one. I have just updated win 10. Butj in C disk, i see a file name windows.old. Whay iss it. Can i delete this file? Help me. Thanks

asked by Logirnger last answered by goranblz
Logirnger win 7 problem, can not turn on to start answered Reward $1 5

win 7 problem, can not turn on to start. Enyone help me. Many thanks

asked by Logirnger
Ragnuts Remove MS Edge on windows 10 answered Reward $1

Does anyone know if it is safe and possible to completely remove, uninstall MS Edge from my PC using windows 10 without messing up any programs or my PC? I seen on YouTube that people state they down it but some of those YouTube videos its hard to understand some of the videos. Some of the people talk so fast or its hard to understand them.

asked by Ragnuts last answered by Ragnuts
Hackter How do you feel about wwin 10. answered 5

Hi all. How do you feel about wwin 10. i am going to buy a new quin 10 to instaal to my laptop

asked by Hackter
Mileuy Website builder and hosting 5

Recommend me a nice website builder with hosting, please! I would like to try making my first website soon

asked by Mileuy last answered by adamlong
dannie The app game hot for win 10 home single language 5

Can you help me some apps of game hot for win 10

asked by dannie
cmickler Virtualization issue Windows 10 Insider build. Reward $1

I am using a Dell Inspirion 15-3552 with Windows 10 Skip Ahead builds and since the previous update to the one I have now (build 17618) when I have Virtualization enabled in UEFI settings my mouse cursor fails to appear after the Lock Screen and the wireless mouse I have connected is completely disabled. Everything works as it should if Virtualization is disabled but then my computer runs noticeably slower than with Virtualization enabled

asked by cmickler last answered by princerahul120
omarwa Euask will keep one category way? Reward $1

Way Euask will keep one category Computer & Internet, and close other categories?

asked by omarwa
tritran Kính gửi Người dùng Reward $1

Euask sẽ giữ một loại Máy tính và Internet và đóng các danh mục khác từ bây giờ

asked by tritran last answered by dannie
ChessKing Does the display of the site on the browser depends on the version of the Android? 5

Some sites on Android 4 does not display correctly on all browsers.Is this a problem with the site or Android version?

asked by ChessKing last answered by ChessKing
omarwa Euask will keep one category way? Reward $1

The message is :Dear User, Euask will keep one category Computer & Internet, and close other categories from now. way?

asked by omarwa last answered by emmaferris
Mileuy Recommend me a good way to build a websites for business, please Reward $1

I am not goot at coding and all this stuff, but maybe you know some ways

asked by Mileuy
dilesh1982 What is blogging Reward $1 5

Plz define what is blogging

asked by dilesh1982 last answered by Jakab
dewayne46 SystemsService.vbs Reward $1

Code: 80070002 Source null

asked by dewayne46 last answered by scarlett
Doc1961 How to delete dead apps from a Laptop??? answered 5

HELP..My android cell phone was linked to my Toshiba laptop,and they both used Google play apps. Now the problem is, since i have UNLINKED them both, i cant get rid of the Google play apps off my Laptop that's running windows 7. And i have tried just about everything..Is there anyone out there that might have the answer.. Thanks ...

asked by Doc1961 last answered by Doc1961
referi777 мобильные устройства Reward $1 /apps/details?id=com.opera.browser где безопасней

asked by referi777 last answered by referi777
AAA1992 What is best Browser for android answered Reward $1


asked by AAA1992 last answered by referi777
DenisLesage Loosing Programs Icons on W10 Reward $1

Since 3 days, softwares icons on w10 desktop disappeared. Once more this morning, Wise Uninstaller Icon has been replaced by a blank one. Softwares are still in computer but not easy to retrieve. Why (and how to repair)? The problem seems to be limited to icons of softwares not part of w10.

asked by DenisLesage last answered by Taj
lisasmalls School supplies, which ones and where? Reward $1

Where do you guys usually buy supplies for office and school/college? Do you follow a certain list or you're usually told what to buy? Thanks in advance.

asked by lisasmalls last answered by MiriGrace
MarkusTwaine Cеверный Мост материнской платы Reward $1 5

Сильно греется северный мост материнской платы в чем причины?

asked by MarkusTwaine last answered by Acustik77
jfdke Unsafe to clean Unsafe to clean Reward $1

One category showed 25 items of which 24 were unsafe to clean. How does one identify which is safe?

asked by jfdke last answered by Acustik77
pelinpaul PDS OST to PST converter software Reward $2

All OST users can use PDS OST to PST converter software that instantly recovers your deleted and lost emails . OST to PST software finds OST location and repair OST file to recover single and multiple OST emails in well manner. This tool gives message filtering option (“starts date” to “last date”) to recover Emails by dates and split large PST file from 1GB to 5GB. It gives an option of naming convention to restore OST emails. Read More Information about This Software :- https://galler... [MORE]

asked by pelinpaul last answered by brocklesnor
Mileuy Do you know some nice online service for making quality lapel pins? Reward $1

Do you know some nice online service for making quality lapel pins?

asked by Mileuy
leo7703 License Activation does not work Reward $3

Just purchased new 3 PC license and tried to activate it. Did not work, your site says that I exceed number of activations. This is license I just receved. Your license name is: Leonid Madorsky Your license codes are: A085-DC7D-D351C1-B7D1-2C25

asked by leo7703 last answered by WiseCleaner_admin
anhot WordPress for eCommerce Reward $2

I am looking to build an ecommerce website. My friend recommended me Shopify but they are sooo expensive. On some forums I was recommended to use WordPress, in particular ready-made wordpress themes from . Can be WordPress used for eCommerce. For me it is associated with blogging

asked by anhot last answered by javeds51005014
ChessKing Which social network is better? Reward $1

What social network is better for promotion of your project with your site?

asked by ChessKing last answered by Macman178
Richlandvaughans4992 Error on wise malware beta Reward $2

I keep getting "engine failed to start error". Anybody know how to fix this?

asked by Richlandvaughans4992 last answered by richlandvaughans_4992
Robsters2 Visual C++ multiple copies answered Reward $1

Can I remove these programs safely? I will just leave the most recent

asked by Robsters2 last answered by cmickler
Yuri Почему мне не переводят деньги? Reward $1

Опять не вижу у себя на счету перевода 5$

asked by Yuri last answered by CoolCat
ChessKing Easy and free antivirus answered Reward $1

What is a simple antivirus for a weak computer can cope with blocking transitions to third-party sites for advertising purposes?

asked by ChessKing last answered by oyster
AAA1992 I can not access to WindowsApp folder ? answered Reward $1

How to solve it ..

asked by AAA1992 last answered by AAA1992
omarwa The best aplication of video mantage answered Reward $3

What is the best application of video mantange

asked by omarwa last answered by 4rturoe
ingham Cleaner not working Reward $1

Cleaner doesnt remove 200 problems completely.Keeps coming up on next scan//how to fix??

asked by ingham last answered by billi
Mileuy Do you know some software for language teaching classed which may help teach my students more effectively? 5

Do you know some software for language teaching classed which may help teach my students more effectively? I would appreciate some input on it here

asked by Mileuy last answered by Drupal
a454545 Release Port 80 For XAMPP answered Reward $1

How I can Release Port 80 For XAMPP? Which app use this port?

asked by a454545 last answered by jedymark
Thompson Not able to establish a stable wireless connection between m Reward $1

Hello, I will try to explain my problem as best as I can. I'm connected to internet via USB adapter on my PC. A few days ago I received a new router from Telecom Speedport Smart (and a new contract for - 100 Mbps) and before that I upgraded my 10 years old Belkin USB adapter f6d4050 v1 to a new Edimax AC 1750 adapter so I can handle the new speeds. At first my connection was normal and then after an hour or two of using the internet my connection would just become so slow I couldn't open a sing... [MORE]

asked by Thompson last answered by ha14
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