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LiViOlRi If I want an App just to edit videos what is the best computer to do it? a PC, a Laptop or a Tab. Let me know all about it. Thanks! answered Reward $1

My son needs a computer because he is studying to be a filmmaker what kind of computer does he need? Let me know all about it. Thanks!

asked by LiViOlRi last answered by FixitJorge
AAA1992 I exchange 150 point to 5 dollar cash, but they Did not apply its ?? Reward $1

what is Problem? WiseCleaner_admin answer...

asked by AAA1992 last answered by the_livewire
mtn30 Just a question about registry defrag answered Reward $1 1

What % redunancy should I wait until I defrag the registry?

asked by mtn30 last answered by mtn30
AAA1992 Best topic for create a blog? answered Reward $1

Which is better ...

asked by AAA1992 last answered by anhot
robsongrant Wise Cleaner Setup Reward $1

Is it possible to prevent Wise Cleaner from deleting my settings from my Chrome Extension LastPass?

asked by robsongrant last answered by robsongrant
Teresita Where can I find a free Autoresponder? Reward $1

Aside from paid autoresponder such as Aweber, where can I find a free one where I can practice before I subscribe to a paid one?

asked by Teresita last answered by ilyamossss
Ben_k_96 A palmiped's feet are more commonly called what? Reward $1

Palmiped feets

asked by Ben_k_96 last answered by nuklin
saifbaraka Can the gt 1030 fit in the hp 8200 elite sff pc? Reward $1

I have a 240W power supply and a peripheral component interconnect - pci 3.3 volt and 2x2gb ddr3 ram and an amd radeon hd 6450 (idk what info to put so i put all). i did the power supply test with a gt 1030 and the result was 230W and i am not sure if the 1030 can fit... soo HELP!

asked by saifbaraka last answered by ha14
rehan05 Screen shot on laptop.... Reward $1

How to make screen shot on laptop?

asked by rehan05 last answered by rembanad
ChessKing Is it possible to sharpen the photo? answered Reward $1

With what online service or program can you sharpen the photo made on your mobile phone?

asked by ChessKing last answered by Aravi
AAA1992 Android Programing with Java script and CSS and html . answered Reward $1

I am in learn html and CSS and java script for android Programing what do you think .??/ is Good method?????

asked by AAA1992 last answered by emilyrose
VikasSharma Fix error eject usb. answered 5

asked by VikasSharma last answered by kipr
Teresita Can I share my wifi password to my neighbor without me paying extra charges? answered Reward $1

I use my laptop at home when I access the internet through WIFI which I pay monthly for internet use. My question is if I share my password with someone living near our house, will I be liable to pay additional pay aside from my regular monthly payment?

asked by Teresita last answered by coimay5
Teresita How do you add your own affiliate link to a product or other pdf document answered Reward $1

I am promoting someone else product and I want to add my own affiliate link to a free e-book given to me. How do i add the link to the pdf or any other document?

asked by Teresita last answered by rembanad
listaccount102 What are the pros and cons of making friends online? answered Reward $1


asked by listaccount102 last answered by MAKEROFMONY2
Teresita Can a laptop not be damaged if it is use daily without its battery? answered Reward $1

I have been using my laptop directly plugged to an AC outlet because the battery was damaged shortly after I bought it. Will this practice cause damage to my computer?

asked by Teresita last answered by ldmff
rohinraha How do I update my htc one me? Reward $2

How do I update my htc one me?

asked by rohinraha last answered by nuklin
Teresita What are all the possible causes why a battery in a laptop is damaged Reward $1

My laptop is still in good shape but the battery in it has long been damaged and not functional. What might be the causes that damaged a laptop battery?

asked by Teresita last answered by nuklin
Aravi Unable to change graphic driver answered Reward $2

System Ubuntu 16.04.3 with Windows x configured NVidia 940mx Intel i5 Problem: not able to change driver for Nvidia. Only showing waiting for media. I have also tried in tty1. I have also installed NVidia GeForce driver 384. I have to change or update the driver because I have problem of video lag and system crash. I cant use hardware acceleration.

asked by Aravi last answered by bikipdanong
thefirtid This is the programming language ? answered Reward $1

asked by thefirtid last answered by anhot
HFAvery C drive space is not reducing Reward $1

I am running windows 7... Have deleted restore points, deleted programs etc.... I still recovered only a small amount of space... I defrag daily also....PLZ HELP!!!! I have also deleted unused factory programs from windows also.......

asked by HFAvery last answered by Big_padre
crazyping12 How to make a list in html ? answered Reward $1 2

How to make a list in html ?

asked by crazyping12 last answered by fng3r
7pharman Why WiseCare365's notification eliminates the older browser version's remains/ also removes the installed update version from the desktop? answered Reward $1

Why does, when WiseCare 365, immediately after an Opera browser updates, pops up a notification of asking to remove remains of the older browser version (alright) , then REMOVES the newer, just updated version from my desktop an placed it in the trash bin? That's strange, since I always double & triple check to make sure I want the older version's remains removed from my computer!

asked by 7pharman last answered by 7pharman
pubg Free Playerunknown's Battleground skins? Reward $2

Where I can get free Playerunknown's Battleground skins, items, clothes etc.? I found one website but not checked it yet: I'm looking for more pages like these giving away H1Z1 skins.

asked by pubg last answered by ha14
Parag Monitors are getting damaged by its power supply. Reward $1

I tried 2-3 monitors for my pc but found all monitors gets in stand by mode an gets uner repair.

asked by Parag last answered by The_Great_Prophet
JackStavrakas How to free update driver for Laptop ? answered Reward $1

I only installed for Laptop driver version 2014 of ASUS.

asked by JackStavrakas last answered by linhchih90
edouard_siu How to fix HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT ISSUES? Reward $1

How to fix HKEY_classes_root\.p10 & HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.w11

asked by edouard_siu last answered by ciscocustomerservice
torisfall Is there a version of Wisecare for Android Tablets? Reward $1

Is there a version of Wisecare for Android Tablets?

asked by torisfall last answered by youba2015
Gib Wise Auto Shutdown doesn't run on startup Reward $1

When I first installed Wise Auto Shutdown, it turned off my computer every day. Now I have to manually start Wise Auto Shutdown after each time the computer is shut down. How can I get it to run on startup?

asked by Gib last answered by chakramed
Ott ck-up 58 items need to be fix manually_How? Reward $1

Wise care 365-4,1,8 PC ck-up 58 items need to be fix manually_How?

asked by Ott last answered by chakramed
AAA1992 Which language ,C# .net VS Java VS C++??and , Why? answered Reward $1


asked by AAA1992 last answered by AAA1992
a454545 Enter the BIOS or CMOS setup answered Reward $1

How to enter the BIOS or CMOS setup?

asked by a454545 last answered by robsbarone
myaccount88 Connection to euask is not secure. Reward $1

Is this really dangerous?

asked by myaccount88 last answered by pleaseAnswerMe
TaylorCary How To Fix FULL DISK Windows 8.1 pro 100% usage? answered 5

My PC has been update to windows 8.1. That:

asked by TaylorCary last answered by Roysims
galaxor White horizontal lines while playing 5

Hi everyone, I´m having a bad time while playing because with any game that is running, my computer starts doing white horzontal lines likes flashes, I mean they appear randomly and a very short time.(I uploaded a few images for you to see) The problem only occurs while playing, when the computer gets hot, and also, only when its charging. If while I play I unplug the notebook, it just stop doing the lines, but my battery lasts like 30 mins while playing or 5 hours doing everything else. First ... [MORE]

asked by galaxor last answered by janesmith76
ultiecc Optional fiber optic network in Belgium. Reward $1

Which is network distributors in Belgium ? What is the best? why

asked by ultiecc last answered by chakramed
Icuska Szerbusztok! Szép péntek délutánt,kellemes hétvégét kívánok! Reward $1

Please describe your problem as clearly as possibleSzerbusztok! Szép péntek délutánt,kellemes hétvégét kívánok mindenkinek!!! Pihenjetek sokat! Üdvözlettel : Icuska

asked by Icuska last answered by AAA1992
sunrise How many points do you have on Euask? Reward $1

Wondering if anyone could exchange for a iPad?

asked by sunrise last answered by Ruberoid78
MarioMartez This device cannot be used for ReadyBoost answered Reward $1


asked by MarioMartez last answered by AAA1992
mikedsel Wise Folder Hide Reward $1

I hadn't used this program for awhile and when I did, I was told to upgrade. So I downloaded the latest free version. Now it won't open, and I get the message that the driver failed to install. When I tried again, I was told to uninstall existing version, but when I tried that, I was told to unhide the hidden files. Well, I can't do that because the program doen't work. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

asked by mikedsel last answered by ha14
Aravi An unclear Gstreaming addon type ubuntu 16.04. answered Reward $1

GStreaming addon have ugly set and bad set. How they affect multimedia configuration? Should I keep ugly set addon or remove it. Will removing help improve my system configuration. Can I have good set. How to install it?

asked by Aravi last answered by Alexferguson
lindabest Free Big File manger .. answered Reward $1

I use wise care 365 . big file manger need buy . I want free big file manger ...

asked by lindabest last answered by AAA1992
Fatemeh upgrade Windows 7 answered 5

How to upgrade Windows 7

asked by Fatemeh last answered by rohinraha
Cwalker77 Micosoft Edge/Internet Explored answered Reward $1

Good evening, Why does my internet explored/edge close unexpected

asked by Cwalker77 last answered by alicenow
abedexter Help. Microsoft office 2010 activation answered Reward $1

Who has Microsoft toolkit?

asked by abedexter last answered by linhai
Nur_iffah Is Yandere Male Real? Reward $1

Well...first of all I always love to read a yandere story...especially watching anime(obviously yandere) but I just thinking is it true that the character in the anime(yandere) exist in real life? Kill the people to get their love one.. haha...creepy..

asked by Nur_iffah last answered by muthu
lindabest Why visual stdio is very slow in first loading .. answered Reward $1


asked by lindabest last answered by chakramed
Sujit3451 How can I update google chrome Reward $1

How can i update google chrome.i didn't know to update google chrome

asked by Sujit3451 last answered by aprilrussell
brobushek The computer shuts down spontaneously Reward $1

Sound is lost on the computer, a slight suspension of the system, spontaneous shutdown. what could be the problem?

asked by brobushek last answered by aprilrussell
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