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ikinovo Microphone problem Reward $3

Nefunguje mi mikrofon. vyskoušel jsem i vyměnit ho za jiný, ale pořád jen hučí a mě není slyšet. vyskoušel jsem i přední i zadní vstup. prosím o radu, případně pomoc. děkuji Jirka

asked by ikinovo last answered by ha14
ab1936 Having trouble with using external storage on USB port 5

When i put an external hard drive or... in the usb port my system can't read it . i tried to install drivers but it didn't worked actually . what do you recommend me to do?

asked by ab1936 last answered by cavinstraut
cristianao22 Bitcoin Futuro ou incerteza! Reward $1 5

Oque você acha em investir em bitcoin para longo prazo em meio a Alta!

asked by cristianao22 last answered by chakramed
sammiejo21 Cannot open any kind of programs or files on windows 7 answered Reward $1

Cannot open any of my files or programs or anything. Constantly getting an error message. and it says my copy of windows is not genuine. What do I do? I don't have a windows installation disk.

asked by sammiejo21 last answered by buch
ChessKing Rechargeable battery for laptop 5

Battery for laptop LG.Check in the laptop is not possible. I check the voltage on it with all possible options on 7 contacts-the voltmeter does not show anything. How to test this battery without a laptop?

asked by ChessKing last answered by chakramed
galaxor App for formating phone Reward $1

Hi, I´m having a big headache with my old phone. I have an Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3 with pattern lock. I can´t remember the pattern I had and there is no option to enter with Google account. But the big deal is that the Volume Up key is broken, so I can´t enter recovery mode. I do not care about photos and all, because I uploaded everything to my google account. Is there any app for formating the phone if I plug it to a PC? Thank you

asked by galaxor last answered by 99701
marketsgolabl Bluray cannot play answered Reward $1 10

I do ge one bluray cant be read and its new one .any one can help or have the same issue befor

asked by marketsgolabl last answered by chakramed
lybwrsh How I can Exchange paypal to btc or Eth? answered Reward $1

What is the best exchanger to exchange paypal to BTC or ETH? Preferably without verification...

asked by lybwrsh last answered by muntasir4718
AAA1992 What do you think about invest Crypto currency? answered Reward $1


asked by AAA1992 last answered by termezo
bunnynv Autoplay stopped working Reward $3

Autoplay stopped working after installing and running Wise Registry Cleaner on both Win 7 and Win 8.1 laptops.

asked by bunnynv last answered by wayneenterprise
a454545 Problem with Formating The SD card Reward $1

I cant format my sd card...why? It said that ” The disk is write-protected ”

asked by a454545 last answered by axel4770
Teresita Where can i find a free text-editor? Reward $1

I am looking for a free text-editor as part of my software tools to construct a simple web page. Any site where i can download a free one?

asked by Teresita last answered by sophiagrace
TrevorKith What are the best corporate gifts ideas? 5

Some small and cheap things

asked by TrevorKith last answered by bredd
grems How can I make some lapel pins using my own designs? 5

Maybe there is some service for it?

asked by grems last answered by Casetes
TrevorKith Can you name some software for tracking and managing sales? Reward $1

I would appreciate some help with it!

asked by TrevorKith last answered by MAKEROFMONY2
aj Memory error in WIN10 5

Shortly after opening MSN email I get this error: "Out of Memory at Line 1" It`s impossible to get thru the emails without the error popping up. I`ve done a few things such as un-clicking script debugging etc. Nothing is helping. I also id a "reset". I have WIN10 thank you for any usable help.

asked by aj last answered by MAKEROFMONY2
Teresita How does RSS work? Reward $1

I read that RSS feeds is a good tool to drive traffic to your blog. How does it work?

asked by Teresita last answered by muthu
grems I need a set of blue dinnerware. Where to find one? 5

Please, recommend me some websites

asked by grems
BuddyStud Blue Screen of Death Reward $1

So i used wise game booster to disable most of my processes for windows that it allowed me to stop,then restarted my PC and now i got the blue screen of death. It can't recover from images or anything and the only hope is a CMD prompt which I could use. maybe the right set of commands that could enable my processes again would fix it followed up with a reboot? but i know not the right commands.

asked by BuddyStud last answered by RevG
paulwestlake1944 Byte Fence Software Reward $1

How can I remove all byte fence software entirely when it is not listed in installed ptograms?

asked by paulwestlake1944 last answered by AAA1992
caturpoker99 How to creat a bot and play? Reward $1

I wanna ask about how to play a judi poker uang asli di bandar kartu catur poker ? when some one know please answer me i will say thank you so much

asked by caturpoker99 last answered by caturpoker99
richlandvaughans_4992 Scrolling issue on my laptop Reward $1

How do I fix my laptop's scrolling issue? Sometimes it will not scroll down at all, other times it scrolls all over the place and jumps all around?

asked by richlandvaughans_4992 last answered by MAKEROFMONY2
Teresita Do i have to place a logo on every page of my site? answered 5

Should I place a company logo on every page of my created site?

asked by Teresita last answered by sarahemi
Wisnick Wisefolders gone missing Reward $1

My wisefolders program has disappeared and I now can't access my hidden data. Why would it disappear?

asked by Wisnick last answered by Aguru
Teresita New usb flash drive already infected with virus answered Reward $1

I was surprised to know that my newly purchased USB has been infected with the virus before I even use it? I wonder if it is intentionally done to generate sales for anti-virus?

asked by Teresita last answered by IsabelGeorge
Teresita Is investing in bitcoin safe? answered Reward $1

Is investing in cryptocurrency like bitcoins safe?

asked by Teresita last answered by Mattmyname
pleaseAnswerMe Is there any way to run MySQL on phpdesktop-chrome? Reward $1 5

So, I was facing some problems in xampp and decided to use php-desktop chrome instead it was very good. But I wanted to use MySQL on it too. Does anybody know how to do that? Hope I get a good answer.

asked by pleaseAnswerMe last answered by chakramed
makin How to fix icm2.dll error in windows 7 Reward $1

I am getting the below pop up error when I am trying to get access to my app in window 7 64 bit.. Is it possible to fix this using Wiscleaner products or any other method? I tried sfc /scannow or even delete and re-install the dll file but with no success. C:\windows\system32\icm32.dll is either not designed to run on windows or it contains an error. Try installing the program again using the original installation media or contact your system administrator or the software vendor for support. ... [MORE]

asked by makin last answered by chakramed
lesterb123 Automatic repair Reward $1

How do i bypass automatic repair on windows10...every time i restart or turn on the goes 2 automatic repair and wont go 2 windows stuck in a loop...i HAVE FIXED THE PROBLEM,,AFTER INSTALL ING WINDOWS AGAIN I HAD TO RUN A COMAND PROMPT.........bcdedit /set recovery enabled no,,,,,that turns off automatic repair,,,THANKS 4 ALL THE HELP

asked by lesterb123 last answered by muntasir4718
pajce Start up problem Reward $1

How i can solve problem?

asked by pajce last answered by wrzzz
ahmed58 Problem in my account !!! Reward $1 20

How to delete my euask account..!

asked by ahmed58 last answered by chakramed
Tigerlilly Kostenlose Treiber Updates Reward $1

Gibt es eine kostenlose Vollversion für Treiber Updates? wenn ja wo?

asked by Tigerlilly last answered by chakramed
mares Flickering screen Reward $1

My screen has been flickering for months. I have tried all suggestions found in chats and nothing works. Mary

asked by mares last answered by paulstrade
lybwrsh Big problem with labtop battry answered 5

My note book is Asus N552VW touch ... My battery is running out very soon... When I playing game the battery will be empty within 20 minutes!!! And on web browsing it will be empty within 85 minutes!!! is this normal??? How I can fix this?

asked by lybwrsh last answered by trek930
Big_padre RAM timings for DDRII answered Reward $1 10

How can timings be setup at windows 10 (not bios) for the 4Gb DDRII PC6400?

asked by Big_padre last answered by Surfer
Surfer Where's the cheapest place for domain prolongation? answered 5

Can you tell the web-site with cheapest price for domain's prolongation?

asked by Surfer last answered by bhimeshmehta
Teresita Can I open more than one account on Facebook? Reward $1

Can I open another Facebook account and not violate their Terms of Service?

asked by Teresita last answered by Fclef
pdw1975 Cannot uninstall wise care 365 on windows 10 Reward $1

I want to uninstall wise care 365 from my windows machine. It does not show as an application in the start menu or settings area so I have no way of initiating the uninstall program. Had a good google about but can't seem to find a similar issue. Any ideas gratefully received.

asked by pdw1975 last answered by Ravindra_2
ericthaddeus Looking for recommendation on how to calm your dog before entering into a dog park? Reward $1

Super Hyper and causes a commotion with other dogs

asked by ericthaddeus last answered by Teresita
ChessKing Electronic citizenship Reward $1

The citizen of which country through the Internet you would advise to become for the purpose of doing business and the opportunity to open a bank account on an equal footing with other citizens of this country.

asked by ChessKing last answered by Ruberoid78
Teresita How and where to check if my site ranks in the search engine when using a particular keyword? Reward $1

I have submitted my site to the various search engines. Where will I check if my site comes up in the first few hits returned by the search engines?

asked by Teresita last answered by Ruberoid78
yunona What is War Robots Game ? Reward $3

What is War Robots Game ?

asked by yunona last answered by CoolCat
Teresita What to do if If I want readers of my website to be able to download a free pdf report from my site? 5

How do you upload a pdf or a free publication so people could download them from my site?

asked by Teresita last answered by ahmed58
1ric2flx User name change Reward $1

How can i change my user name

asked by 1ric2flx last answered by Aguru
JE I got Wise folder Hider installed and I hide some folders and pen. Reward $1

If I need to reinstall windows and Chrome if necessary, what happen with my folders and pen Hided? It's possible open folders and pen again when I reinstall programs? Or is better reinstall Wise F. H. in drive D: because if I'll got problems in C: the program stay in D: ?

asked by JE last answered by WiseCleaner_admin
Teresita Do I need to register every page of my website for my site to rank in search engines? Reward $1

I want to register my website for search engines so people searching for my niche can find my site. Do I have to register all the pages or just the index.html page so search engines could spider my site?

asked by Teresita last answered by CoolCat
hausidbaugak Gta vice city free download Reward $1

I heard that rockstar is giving away GTA vice city so i downloaded from links below its working perfectly fine but sometimes it lag, can anyone give me solution please ?

asked by hausidbaugak last answered by asd1y2u1298
dvit4u DO I NEED A LIC. CODE Reward $1

Regarding Wise Duplicate Finder. is it not offered free. i enjoy wise disk cleaner and Wise 365. Do i need a LIC.# for this product.

asked by dvit4u last answered by AAA1992
ElizaJabeen I want to installed window 10 Reward $1

Can any one tell me how to install window 10 in my computer.

asked by ElizaJabeen last answered by neoOpus
AAA1992 BEST free App for international Calls ? answered Reward $1

I test a few apps for call but ,they need buy credit ..

asked by AAA1992 last answered by AAA1992
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