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omarwa How can u use photoshop Reward $1

How to Use Photoshop: The Bookmarkable Photoshop Tutorial for Beginners?

asked by omarwa last answered by GoGlass
dsandy Can you share the best companies in USA that are providing huge data entry services? Reward $1

Can you share the best companies in USA that are providing huge data entry services?

asked by dsandy last answered by MAKEROFMONY2
edwinjelly My hp printer not printing color correctly Reward $1

I have a issue like my HP printer not printing color , what should i do?

asked by edwinjelly last answered by ha14
Felicia97 Website advice marketing Reward $2

How can you qualitatively carry out the development and promotion of your site at minimum cost

asked by Felicia97 last answered by TimTor
ultiecc How to recover content entered on the website? Reward $1

I'm typing content on the web or editing online, the computer goes down, so all the content is gone. So how to get back the content being entered on the website?

asked by ultiecc last answered by ha14
kathreenhopper How to get rid of someone else's apple id on iphone Reward $1

How to get rid of someone else's apple id on iphone?

asked by kathreenhopper last answered by deltamind
DenisLesage Removing Ubuntu's left «option» in Windows10 loader. Reward $1

After removing Ubuntu 18.04.1 (in a dual-boot with W10 built 1803), the W10 loader still remains with a dead «Ubuntu option» I cannot remove even with «bootrec /fixmbr», «bootrec /fixboot», «bootrec /rebuildboot», AOMEI Partition assistant and «Dual Boot Repair». Is there any smart cookie able to help me ? Thank you. Denis Lesage 2018-08-20

asked by DenisLesage last answered by ChessKing
selvaraj My pc is not restart bios and boot proplum wat can i do? Reward $2

Start up boot and bioss proplum

asked by selvaraj last answered by ha14
chubuf4 What was that ? Just I login. Reward $1

What is the problem ?

asked by chubuf4 last answered by allthekong
tiw301101 When i run window it open first Reward $1

asked by tiw301101 last answered by AAA1992
DenisLesage VirtualBox / VirtualDisk / Root Partition Missing Reward $1

I installed VirtualBox (5.2.18) on Windows 10 (built 1803) to run Ubuntu (18.04.1). While copying Ubuntu on the already created virtual disk, a message stated that a «root partition» was missing on the virtual disk. How do I create a root partition on a virtual disk without deleting all other partitions ?

asked by DenisLesage last answered by ChessKing
JackStavrakas How to create hover effect ? answered Reward $1


asked by JackStavrakas last answered by WaqarAqueel
lybwrsh Best APK player on windows 5

What is the best app for running android's applications on windows? I used BlueStacks,it;s not so good.I cann't run some app on it also it's so slow. I want a faster and better app.

asked by lybwrsh last answered by Mattmyname
christopherkates What are the best SEO methods Reward $1

How can I boost my site in SERP page. There are various methods to gain traffic for a particular page, which is more effective one I'm working as a writer at , so I ned to gain more traffic for my site.Please let me now the best methods top boost ,my site.

asked by christopherkates
DenisLesage Windows10+Ubuntu18.04.1 Reward $3

My Acer notebook has 2 spaces for HDD. The main one is occupied by a SSD loaded with W10 and the second is free. Is it possible to use this free space for a HDD loaded with Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS and to use those two operating systems alternatively and separately ?

asked by DenisLesage last answered by AAA1992
maybemaybe Advise the program to recognize scanned images. answered Reward $3

Advise the program to recognize scanned images. You need to convert them to pdf

asked by maybemaybe last answered by thapanee
deenamin Blue Screen problem Reward $1

Problem Event Name-Blue Screen & PC suddenly restart. Problem signature: Problem Event Name-Blue Screen OS Version: 6.1.7601. Locale ID: 1033 Additional information about the problem: BCCode: c2 BCP1: 00000007 BCP2: 00001097 BCP3: 08080003 BCP4: 84B94B70 OS Version: 6_1_7601 Service Pack: 1_0 Product: 256_1

asked by deenamin last answered by ha14
AAA1992 What is this problem?? answered Reward $1


asked by AAA1992 last answered by lybwrsh
hauken Netio sys blue screen error Reward $1

Keep getting error message

asked by hauken last answered by VikasSharma
dutadorel1976 Restarting why ? Reward $1

asked by dutadorel1976 last answered by Milcah


asked by HOSSAM1975 last answered by ha14
termezo Online trading advice Reward $1

Can you recommend how and where can I start Forex trading?

asked by termezo last answered by Horald22
hernandezmaria How to Update the Administrator Password of My Belkin Router? 5

Hello, I'm facing the trouble to update the administrator password of my belkin router. Can you please suggest me the way to update it? Thanks

asked by hernandezmaria last answered by ChessKing
lilymitchell Why are you not able to mute music through Roku remote? Reward $1

Hi, I just want to know that Why i'm not able to mute music through Roku enhance remote. Please help me to solve this problem. Thank You

asked by lilymitchell
Wuveth Font advice please? 5

What fonts do you use in web design?

asked by Wuveth last answered by termezo
bettercallebi There is something wrong with my bluetooth driver answered Reward $2

My Bluetooth driver is already installed but I can connect to any Bluetooth device. My windows version is 8.1 and my laptop is Asus v401 uq. I've already installed the driver from Asus website . is there anything I can do?

asked by bettercallebi last answered by kenkoiii
omarwa How To Install Ubuntu Linux On Windows 10 Reward $1

How To Install Ubuntu or kalu Linux On Windows 10

asked by omarwa last answered by DfOwensby
Wuveth What online games do you prefer? Reward $1

What online games do you prefer?

asked by Wuveth last answered by DfOwensby
termezo How to create website(guide)? Reward $1

Can you recommend some good guide about how to create website on Wordpress? Thanks!

asked by termezo last answered by Nores1995
termezo Domain and host advice? Reward $1

Hi! Can anybody advise me good place to buy domain and host for simple site? I'm really interested in foreign experience to compare.

asked by termezo last answered by Pravy
jempetts Window's 10 PowerShell answered Reward $1

What is the difference between Windows regular powershell and windows powershell ISE?

asked by jempetts last answered by jempetts
cadendadd Defrag files and separation Reward $1

Why will all the files not go together? They all stay separated all over the disk

asked by cadendadd last answered by Wyate
Aguru I didn't receive reward from Euask Reward $1 5

I have exchanged my points to a $5 gift month and a half ago and I haven't received it yet. I wrote to the support but they didn't answer.

asked by Aguru last answered by maybemaybe
Stardust What is a sealy hybrid mattress? answered Reward $1

Anyone used them, how good are they?

asked by Stardust last answered by Stardust
Lostmine Website monitoring service? 5

Can you share some such services?

asked by Lostmine last answered by mcshock
johndouglas Protect my passwords from wise Reward $1

I have wise cleaner, wise registery and wise care = each if the free version two of these destroy the file that contains my passwords BAD how do i set those tools so they don't empty the folder with magic names in it ? why would i spend $$ if i can't select what is supposed to be trashed and not ? i don't run those three "cleaners" for that reason. i only used wise care once yesterday because i wanted to try privacy-file shredder. in the process wise care removed all my passwords impressive ... [MORE]

asked by johndouglas last answered by WiseCleaner_admin
james458 How to reset Internet Explorer in Windows 10? Reward $1

Internet Explorer is one of the best browsers provide an amazing experience when access to Windows 10. Billions of users are presently using the Internet Explorer due to its highly reliable and secured features. Internet Explorer provides an easy user-interface that makes it more preferable to use. But sometimes users confront several of technical issues while using the Internet Explorer. In such conditions, reset Internet Explorer is the best way to get rid of all kinds of problems. Follow the... [MORE]

asked by james458 last answered by anna55
josekinta My protection i got is not Reward $1

My protection i got wise is not working

asked by josekinta last answered by WiseCleaner_admin
layls1071 Toshiba laptop sound issue Reward $1 5

Hi i have this toshiba laptop i bought many mounths ago but recently i have this issue . sound keep playing and it cut i have to plug in my headset and uplug it so sound will play again . any one have passed this issue befor ??

asked by layls1071 last answered by nedstark
Mwarua Why my windows 10 most of the time shows me the blue screen ? answered Reward $1

Windows 10 laptop

asked by Mwarua last answered by Mwarua
ChessKing Need an fb2 editor Reward $1

Online or program.You need to change the text.

asked by ChessKing last answered by DylanGenders
njrich Wise Care Anti Malware Exclusion List Not Working Reward $1

I have this product installed and even though items are in the "Trust" list, the software still detects them as malware and attempts to delete. It doest always allow me to restore them so it has caused problems in my programs. Is there anything to do to fix this ? I am adding trust entries using the GUI and they do appear there correctly.

asked by njrich last answered by WiseCleaner_admin
vistaboy Open and install Reward $1

What program will help to open and install cabinet files into the computer or windows 10?

asked by vistaboy last answered by ChessKing
jrock1947 Blue screen reset Reward $1

How do I reinstall the Pro that I just extended ?

asked by jrock1947 last answered by abdelrahman1
Lostmine How to create a blog? Reward $2

Can you recommend some tutorial materials, or another advice?

asked by Lostmine last answered by abdelrahman1
ariegm Is there a Hosting Provider here? Reward $1

Hi, are there any hosting providers that join here? I just want to know ..

asked by ariegm last answered by vivaladiva22
Wuveth COM port testing software Reward $1

Can you recommend something?

asked by Wuveth last answered by Lostmine
a454545 Problem with battery icon answered Reward $1

There is no battery icon in taskbar on my laptop. It's gone :( how I can fix this. :(

asked by a454545 last answered by lybwrsh
learningmore Software Paths Not Cleaned with Wise Registry answered Reward $1

I have been using Wise Registry for some time now. It never cleans the "Software Paths" which has 183 problems. Why is this? Thanks..

asked by learningmore last answered by learningmore
omarwa How can I use IOTransfer 3 Reward $1

How can I use IOTransfer 3 application

asked by omarwa last answered by ha14
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