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Jurisek Recover my files Reward $2

Hi how are you?; im writing to you because i have a system crash and i lost my hiden files, ¿do you can give me a hand to can recover them?... they are file from my gob and i need to recover them fast, pleas i hope you can write me soon, and thank to your software is the best, congratulations. One last question when the system crashes the files where hiden... if i reinstall the system i can see my files?... dont gonna be hiden?... thanks for all friends and i very worried and i need to ... [MORE]

asked by Jurisek last answered by ha14
omarwa Windows10 32 bit or 64 bit Reward $1

Wich one is betr windows10 32 bit or 64 bit

asked by omarwa last answered by Dolores124
Dakilla Do you know some good casino affiliate programs? Reward $1

I would like to try some for me soon

asked by Dakilla last answered by Mileuy
JeremyQE Which online money methods you use these days? 5

I would like to try something new for me. What do you recommend?

asked by JeremyQE last answered by Mileuy
anhot Why do people still use Blogger as a blogging platform Reward $1

Personally, I refused from using Blogger platform once I tried easily customizable wordpress blog website templates from TemplateMonster website . I launched my second travel blog in minutes and it looks much more attractive than my first blog based on Blogger.

asked by anhot last answered by sktthemes
Mileuy Website builder and hosting 5

Recommend me a nice website builder with hosting, please! I would like to try making my first website soon

asked by Mileuy last answered by Dakilla
fillmeout Hd movies download sites Reward $1

Free Movies Download Online: Movie is the biggest entertaining part in our life. The entertainment is quite impossible without movies. Movie is the real partner and unlimited package that can reduce our stress, give some spirit and makes weekend much more special. I say anything more about movie which is not enough to measure your excitement level. So simply to get movie you need to download movie or watch movie online without downloading. You can find huge numbers of free movie download sites f... [MORE]

asked by fillmeout last answered by FreeMovies
Casetes I want to save a song from youtube. How do I do it? Reward $1

Is there some way to do it easily? I would appreciate your input here

asked by Casetes last answered by ittech
anhot Website advice marketing Reward $1

I want to set up a ecommerce store for pet food and I've just downloaded a website template . What marketing automation tools for ecommerce should I use to promote my website? I have found some useful tips on , but I still need your recommendations.

asked by anhot
Jiinyy Where to order tyvek wristbands? 5

Does someone know any good company, that produce them? I'm looking for organizing some festival in summer and want to find some company who will produce them for me.

asked by Jiinyy last answered by ellascott
dilesh1982 Service pack installation fail on windows 7 answered Reward $1 5

Service pack 1 installation fail on windows 7

asked by dilesh1982 last answered by muthu
principal Software Instalation Reward $1

Could not install adobe page maker it says uninstall dill was corropted

asked by principal last answered by ha14
CarloCorbacelli 1 f... pc 2 lic driver c 5 wise care Reward $1

15 times formatted pc invalid all licenses. Support say (I hope automatic answer : I'm out for 5 month .goodbye. ARE YOU SERIOUS?

asked by CarloCorbacelli last answered by WiseCleaner_admin
FrankTitan Salut pas beaucoup de Français ici ! ? Reward $1

Salut il n'y a pas beaucoup de Français ici ?

asked by FrankTitan
grems Which dating apps are your favorite? Reward $3

Share some thoughts and tips on it, please

asked by grems last answered by Mehkar
Volikes What is your favorite Internet speed test? Reward $1

I don't like as it often works not correctly in my region. What are the other options?

asked by Volikes last answered by daveblackson
raoulex Pour nettoyer mon ordinateur Reward $1

bonjour, je voudrais savoir quel logiciel pour nettoyer mon ordi, registre etc merci

asked by raoulex last answered by papaz
zagrebe Что с этим творить? Reward $1

И куда девать подарочные $ ?

asked by zagrebe last answered by ChessKing
Misterheri What is the best free apk to make my own Crosswords Puzzle? Reward $3

I need a free apk for my android to make crosswords puzzle. After finishing the puzzle. Let's say for 10 Questions Cross, and 10 Questions Down, I can share the puzzle to be used as an English Vocabularies Test. The crossword should be suited to any android devices screen.

asked by Misterheri
startuparena Alexa Ranking Problem Reward $1

My Site Alexa Ranking Continuously down but my traffic is increase so i'm not understand what happen on my site. My Site Is:

asked by startuparena
ChessKing The clipboard in windows 7 Reward $1

Why do I get the contents of the buffer is stored only 1 minute,As do to not have this limitation?

asked by ChessKing last answered by Aguru
adamjohnson Issue with Keyboard/mouse not working after reinstalling windows 7 Reward $1

I have a issue now after reinstalling my windows 7 again to clean the files so the computer get faster. but i have gotten into the same issue i had last time and i don't remember what my friend did, all i remember what that he changed something in the bios so i was able to use the keyboard/mouse. more: I'm stuck to where i have to input my computer name, but i cant continue because i cant input any name. i reinstalled w... [MORE]

asked by adamjohnson last answered by Aguru
Willith What is the best bluetooth transmitter? Reward $1

Hi hope you are doing well i am looking for bluetooth transmitters this site was of little help but i need some more solutions. Please share some ideas. thanks

asked by Willith last answered by Aguru
AAA1992 Download from Torrent ? how > answered Reward $1

I install bitcomet software but .I do not know download from Torrent

asked by AAA1992 last answered by muntasir4718
bmadore Is Defragging even needed? Reward $1

How often do you recommend?

asked by bmadore last answered by Ruberoid78
TrevorKith What are your hobbies? 5

I like music and drawing. What about you, guys?

asked by TrevorKith last answered by WantExtra
irfanhakim Hdd error solve it get it Reward $1

How do i save my hdd with badsectors

asked by irfanhakim last answered by Ruberoid78
AAA1992 Fifa 15 cpu usage .. Reward $1

I play Fifa 15 on my laptop but cpu will be 100 % usage .. What is Problem.... Graphic:Amd Radeon R5 m330 CPU: Amd A6-6310 (1.80 Ghz up to 2.30 Ghz)

asked by AAA1992 last answered by Zero03
mipock 1 problem failed to fix or repair Reward $1

Every time I run the wise registry cleaner it always fails to fix 1 problem---what could be causing this?

asked by mipock last answered by Dolores124
Themplealke Has anyone used this writing service? Reward $1

I haven't used this kind of services for about a year and now everything seems to have changed. Whenever I type in a variation of "writing service" I get these 5 paper writing services as top best - . Comments are not quite convincing to me though. Anyone?

asked by Themplealke last answered by Dolores124
blackcats Why is my screen changing? 5

I have an old emachines ET1331G-03w computer, using Windows 10. Upon occasion, when I wake it up and the main page appears, the screen aspect has changed from full screen to a smaller aspect. Also, I have my taskbar on the right side, but yesterday when the my main page appeared, the taskbar was at the bottom. more: I suspected malware, but Windows Defender (resident), has not indicated such nor has Malwarebytes (I run t... [MORE]

asked by blackcats
jordianz Walk me through how you might derive the black-scholes formula by using a real options approach Reward $3 5

Walk me through how you might derive the black-scholes formula by using a real options approach

asked by jordianz last answered by firstsayno
TrevorKith What are your thoughts on different sugar baby websites? 5

I would like to try out some of them but not sure

asked by TrevorKith last answered by Casetes
paulstrade Does anyone know of a proven site to make real money online fast? 5

I have heard of a lot of sites where you can make penny's for clicking this clicking this or watching videos I want to know of a real site that pays a little more then a few penny's and doesn't take for ever to make some money

asked by paulstrade last answered by DanielLee5
snickers Problems with my WMP 12 player Reward $1

Every time I try to play any song in my WMP 12 in windows 7 I get this message, Windows Media Player cannot play the file. The Player might not support the file type or a required codec might not be installed on your computer. Any help would be greatly appreciate as this has been going on for quite a long time. I even installed VLC media player and I get a similar notice.

asked by snickers last answered by Mendonsa07
chamine How to wipe/erase hard drive from CMD prompt? Reward $1

How to wipe/erase hard drive from CMD prompt?

asked by chamine last answered by neiljakson
grems Cheap gift ideas? Reward $1

For Valentine's Day. What do you usually get?

asked by grems last answered by Habinar
chamine What are some of the coolest computer tricks with which you can amaze your friends? 5

What are some of the coolest computer tricks with which you can amaze your friends?

asked by chamine last answered by Mehkar
pmahamulkar How to Check CBSE Result 2018? Reward $1

How to check CBSE Class 10 and Class 12 Result 2018 ?

asked by pmahamulkar last answered by pmahamulkar
ab1936 Being a professional blogger Reward $1

I want to be a professional web developer. How can i be? which way? or php?

asked by ab1936 last answered by Sparkle
HarryJS How to set a custom ringtone? Reward $1

Hi everybody, I've been trying to change the ringtone of my OnePlus 3T, but I can't. I downloaded a mp3 song and I moved it to the Ringtones folder of the phone, but when I go to the settings to choose a ringtone, the song is not between the other ringtones. I just can select the standard ringtones. I've also tried it with an .aac file, but it doesn't work too. Does anyone have an idea how I can change the ringtone? Thanks

asked by HarryJS last answered by FixitJorge
bmadore Assistance notifications? Reward $1

How do I stop seeing the Assistance notifications?

asked by bmadore last answered by WiseCleaner_admin
Bendavidasdff Kernel Panic whilst booting MacOS Sierra in VMware workstation 12 Reward $1

Not sure what’s happening. I have been trying to install OS X in VMware for about a month now. I have finally done it by buying an old PC and upgrading the ram and the CPU. I currently have: Intel core 2 duo CPU E6750 @2.66GHz 3.00 GB RAM 64 Bit OS x64 based processor When I try to boot it up it gives me a kernel panic type page. I have uploaded an image to show you exactly what happens, and when it does the virtual machine restarts and it does the same thing. It just goes into a loop. I ha... [MORE]

asked by Bendavidasdff last answered by chakramed
manizunis How To Add More Memory to My Hard Disk? Reward $1

My Laptop hard disk is full and i need more storage.. Can i add more memory to my hard disk? Mani

asked by manizunis last answered by Ravindra_2
yanka457 Where can I find the best Pintrest for business guide online? answered Reward $1

Hello I would like to know if you can find me a free guide to making money with Pintrest I don't even know how to use Pintrest the normal way I joined in 2012 but was confused cos it was so much different than Twitter so I didn't bother try now several years later its more advanced and I would like to learn it and implement it for business I want to promote affiliate offers with it. If you can find me a nice guide please show me.

asked by yanka457 last answered by FixitJorge
OneParaProfessional WiseCare: Price difference on POP Up Form Reward $2

Hello, The latest update from WiseCare Free launches a Form before install. This screenshot shows the form advertising a different price for the Pro version then what is listed on your website. You may want to correct that. P.P. ( I'm on reddit too! Giving advice to noobs about relationship values LOL )

asked by OneParaProfessional last answered by FixitJorge
pleaseAnswerMe Best free course to learn MySQL Reward $1 5

I really need to learn MySQL so can anybody please give me the best free course out there for MySQL? I need the course to be from beginner to expert. [Edit]: Oh and by the way I need the course to have quizzes and exercises as well.

asked by pleaseAnswerMe last answered by andiupn
TrevorKith Traveling to paris Reward $1

Hi here! I am going to travel to Paris later this year and would like to get some tips regarding attractions and accommodation. Thank you!

asked by TrevorKith last answered by voineaadi
grems What are some good templates for architects you can recommend me? Reward $1

What are some good templates for architects you can recommend me?

asked by grems last answered by voineaadi
Casetes Do you use some corporate gifts? 5

Which are some good ones and where do you get them?

asked by Casetes last answered by voineaadi
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