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GoGlass Buying online, who does that? Reward $1

Do you buy things online or prefer going to local stores?

asked by GoGlass last answered by MeGusto
shahab Technical task to complete Reward $1

What has been your hardest technical task to complete. As far as troubleshooting a computer and getting it back up?

asked by shahab last answered by MeGusto
shahab Give up the internet for a year? Reward $1

Would you rather make your internet browsing history for the last 12 months accessible to anyone for a year, or give up the internet for a year?

asked by shahab last answered by MeGusto
shahab To what extent, social in origin? Reward $1

Various impairments of the mind are commonly associated with old age. To what extent are these biological in origin? To what extent, social in origin?

asked by shahab
bestadvisor how to restore office-365-data Reward $1

If you are looking for an absolute solution to backup Office 365 mailbox without any hassle, then you can use a very effective and secure software called emailsoftware Office 365 Backup & Restore. The software can easily backup single or multiple Office 365 mailboxes at a time and save them as PST formats. The software also allows to add multiple Office 365 mailboxes using CSV files. It is suitable for both Office 365 end users and administrators. For more information about the software, Do... [MORE]

asked by bestadvisor
GoGlass Watching sports events online Reward $1

Do you prefer to watch sorts events online or you think that TV translations are better in such case? I prefer to watch em online but sometimes it's quite hard to find a translation which is definitely not convenient at all.

asked by GoGlass last answered by MeGusto
shahab Internet help you learn English? 5

How can the internet help you learn English? Do you take advantage of this and How can the Internet be improved?

asked by shahab last answered by MeGusto
Siar My regedit is not open Reward $1

Please describe your problem as clearly as possible

asked by Siar
meesigrt Windows screens open very slowly Reward $1

Windows screens open very slowly

asked by meesigrt last answered by ChessKing
shahab what shouldn’t be connected? 5

How will the IoT change our daily lives, what impact will it have on sustainability and what shouldn’t be connected?

asked by shahab
ChessKing Incorrect site display Reward $1

I use Yandex browser.Describe as on other browsers.

asked by ChessKing
shawnjasper7 How to get best dissertation writing service Reward $1

Dissertation or thesis writing can be the most difficult assignments you ever deal with. If you applied for either PhD or MA programs, the previous four or five years of your life were leading up to thesis writing, dissertation writing, and defense.

asked by shawnjasper7
shahab Hamlet's character does Gielgud's belief reflect Reward $2

The actor John Gielgud believed that of all Shakespeare's characters Hamlet is probably the one most like Shakespeare himself–since, of all Shakespeare's characters, only Hamlet can be imagined to have written all the Shakespearean plays. How good an understanding of Hamlet's character does Gielgud's belief reflect?

asked by shahab
Lostmine Where do you read football results and statistics? Reward $1

Where do you read football results and statistics? Can you share some websites?

asked by Lostmine last answered by termezo
robertniro Feel the joy of offline and online shopping at Facebook marketplace 1-855-479-1999 Reward $1

Facebook marketplace is the perfect blend of online and offline world of shopping. It gives you a chance to explore your local market and those amazing items for sale near you that you won’t find at any shop. For any further information regarding marketplace, feel free to call us at our toll free number 1-855-479-1999.

asked by robertniro
bestadvisor Import Outlook PST Data to Office 365 . Reward $1

Use to the simple method if you are suffering the .pst to office 365 format. Users can try to Outlook PST to MS Office 365 Conversion Tool with the help of this utility you can migrate/switch to your PST file into office 365 formats. Previous to occasionally, I am also suffering the same problem to exchange data from PST to MS office 365 file format then I used to this software who I got on Google and help to convert my Outlook file into MS office 365. Download From here :- http://www.em... [MORE]

asked by bestadvisor
james458 How to Reset Acer Chromebook Back to Factory Settings Reward $1

Chromebook is a range of laptops by Acer that work on Chrome OS as the operating system. This device is mainly used to perform functions and tasks using the Chrome browser and cloud service. When your Chromebook is not working properly then there could be some unknown reasons. To fix the problem you can factory reset your Chromebook. You can follow the steps to reset the Chromebook. Before resetting the Acer Chromebook try the following steps Turn off all the chrome extensions one at a time ch... [MORE]

asked by james458
sultansha What are the papular websites for ISO windows? Reward $1

Hi guys: I want to download windows 7 pro updated 2018 iso, so if anyone knows about that please submit the link

asked by sultansha last answered by sapwa
Fairymines Https:// 5

Mascara is not good for the eyelashes. Your eyelashes will be longer and thicker naturally if you don't wear it too often. Save it for special occasions. When you do wear it, don't use too much. Nothing looks worse than a woman with clumps of mascara between her eyelashes. The brand that you buy makes a difference, as does the color. If you are a brunette, choose a brown shade. If you are a blond, choose the lightest brown you can find. The only women that should use black mascara are those th... [MORE]

asked by Fairymines
bestadvisor apple mail to pst Reward $1

Read this Blog about Apple Mail to Outlook Conversion Process and get the free and effective Utility to convert your MBOX #Link :-

asked by bestadvisor last answered by Stan_Marsh
termezo What popular websites about hunting do you know? Reward $1

What popular websites about hunting do you know? I want to choose new rifle and scope.

asked by termezo last answered by Lostmine
zoolo I want free internet app 5

If anyone know about free internet app or method plzz tell me.

asked by zoolo last answered by lersas
doorhunt What is the rent for 1 or 2 bhk flat in Hyderabad in/near HiTec city? Reward $1

Doorhunt is the Best Place to find the properties in hyderabad. here, you can search rent/buy properties. Learn more @

asked by doorhunt
shahab Preparing for pts test Reward $1

I apply for a job in electrical field and i need to preparing for pts test. Suggest me best site on internet for preparing.

asked by shahab
SchoolsChekrs MPBSE 10th Time Table Reward $1

Madhya Pradesh state 10th board examination time table/date sheet will be declared and announced soon by Board of Secondary Education Madhya Pradesh.

asked by SchoolsChekrs
Stardust Would you like to start your own gaming business someday? Reward $1

How hard is that in your opinion?

asked by Stardust last answered by Horald22
shahab Homework problem and just need help on how to do it Reward $1

My Today Question is follow give me easy answer and explanation if you have any idea Computer programs are classified by the length of the source code and by the execution time. Programs with more than 150 lines of source code are big (B). Programs with less than or equal to 150 lines of code are considered (L). Fast programs (F) run in less than 0.1 seconds. Slow programs (W) require at least 0.1 seconds. Monitor this program executed by a computer. Observe the length of the source code and the... [MORE]

asked by shahab
tanksi Windows 10 & HP home network printer Reward $1

HP 8720 all in one printer stopped working on my desktop PC which is connected via USB port. It does work for wireless laptops but not my connected PC. Getting error 0X000003e3. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling with no luck

asked by tanksi
shahab Computer Course Best Site Reward $1


asked by shahab last answered by CoolCat
shahab Protecting children from harmful material and people Reward $1

Today Internet uses is reached on every person and anybody reached easily any type of material due to this mostly children's effected. How i Protecting children from harmful material and people on the Internet.

asked by shahab
liurouwan Voip phone system Reward $1

International Phone Call Communication, International SMS And Voice Service, Voip Phone System, voip phone, ip phone. Ant Tone,Inc.

asked by liurouwan
bestadvisor Repair Outlook Data Files pst Reward $1

To Recover corrupt, damaged and deleted files from Outlook on daily basis people are becoming clueless to choose which software for the supported issue. It can scan corrupt PST for errors and fix them. But before you can run the you must locate its executable file on your system. To know more its location and how to use it, refer to this article If you want to know about the good software which is highly supported and protected then definitely give look here:- http://www.recoverydeletedf... [MORE]

asked by bestadvisor
redbullbaac777 /home/euask/public_html/class/mysql.class.php on line 23 Reward $1

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asked by redbullbaac777 last answered by Aguru
mondy Recovery of losts files 5

I want recover my all files from destroyed hard disk. how i recover?

asked by mondy last answered by shahab
a454545 Learning English with pc 5

Hey I'm Persian; I really interested in learning language . Now I wanna learn ENG with my pc. I need a good program or ... what is the best? :)

asked by a454545 last answered by shahab
johntillett Invalid File Extensions Reward $10

Hello, I have used the Wise Registry Cleaner for quite a while and, after deep scans, always receive notifications of Invalid File Extensions. Continually receiving these notifications gives me the idea that there is something wrong. So, (1) What can I do to remedy these invalid file extensions? and (2) What happens if I just delete all of the items in the warning window? Thanks!

asked by johntillett last answered by shahab
shahab Free Website Domain Reward $2

Any idea for free website domain for life time?

asked by shahab
Lostmine Blogs about hunting Reward $1

Can you recommend some popular blogs about hunting, with rifle, scopes reviews, hunting gear, etc? Thanks!

asked by Lostmine last answered by termezo
gabber My laptop connection problem Reward $1

Dear Friends i have hp folio 9470m elitebook laptop. When i attached my mobile whit this it not connected with mobile i also install drivers in this but not solve my problem if anyone have soloution plz tell me.

asked by gabber last answered by shahab
totan1 Income Source of euask 5

What is tha income source of euask comunity?

asked by totan1 last answered by AceCed
shahab Internet virous Safety Reward $1

Which antivirus is best for safety from internet virus?

asked by shahab last answered by AceCed
totan1 Which country make Phone 5

Can you tell me which country make iphons?

asked by totan1 last answered by AceCed
Cuongbosse Can you tell me! Reward $1

MGQwY.exe is a virus or not?

asked by Cuongbosse last answered by ha14
elizayates Quickbooks Data Recovery and File Repair Service Reward $1

Jack, there are third party database consulting firms (like mine, ha!) that can repair and turn around a damaged QuickBooks file faster than that, and with guaranteed success. Nobody really has to wait three days or more to get a resolution to something as mission-critical as their accounting data. Download link :-

asked by elizayates
maybemaybe The laptop does not turn on. answered Reward $1

When the notebook is turned on, the cooler starts, after 10 seconds it turns off

asked by maybemaybe last answered by hpsupport
elizayates Fix email converter Error Reward $1

Use advance Email converter which can safely and efficient convert multiple email files into DBX, EML, PST, RTF, MSG and HTML.This converter is easy to use and doesn’t damage the original file. This converter also fixes minor errors and is compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, 2003, XP and 2000. Download Link :-

asked by elizayates last answered by dunkle
termezo How much does it cost do develop mobile app? Reward $1

How much does it cost do develop mobile app? Can you share some examples?

asked by termezo last answered by Lostmine
ChessKing Hard drive noise Reward $1

How can this noise be reduced?Does it depend on the lifetime of the hard drive?

asked by ChessKing last answered by ha14
Cezario What celebrity blogs do you know? Reward $1

What celebrity blogs do you know? I want to find something interesting!

asked by Cezario last answered by Mattmyname
Lxtain Windows theme problems Reward $1

I can not select my windows themes but i can use basic and high contrast themes why this happens?????

asked by Lxtain last answered by princerahul120
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