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RoyFXHackers How to control cpu activity 5

Hello My Freind I got the problem that my pc just use intel celeron but if i run some software , my pc got hang . Do you guy's can help me how to control cpu activity?

asked by RoyFXHackers
ab1936 Exchange Paypal to PM answered Reward $1

I have 950$ Paypal ... How I can Exchange it to Perfecy Money???

asked by ab1936 last answered by RoyFXHackers
Icuska Pinterest nem fogad! Reward $1

A gépen szeretnék csatlakozni pinterest oldalamra.Sajnos nem enged mert azonnal a googl-ra dob vissza. Ezt hogyan tudom gépemen rendezni. Köszönöm előre is válaszotoklat és segitségeteket. További szép napot kívánok! üdvözlettel: Icuska

asked by Icuska
luochao What'S wrong with it? Reward $1

Use cydia eraser,then Always likes this,what should I do?

asked by luochao last answered by RoyFXHackers
jerrytheman62 Have used your product and cleaned registry,why is it i keep getting options for re-image repair ? Reward $1

Why is it i keep getting options for re-image repair

asked by jerrytheman62 last answered by RoyFXHackers
koroleva Recovering gmail password 5

Hello, I've been using the same password for my email for about 2 years. Then, one day Google suggested that I change my password which I did on my smartphone. Several days later, I wanted to check my emails from my laptop but I couldn't connect with my previous password obviously and I don't remember the new one. I'm connected in my phone so I can check my emails from there but I don't know the password. So I was wondering if there is any way I can get my password back or at least change it aga... [MORE]

asked by koroleva last answered by RoyFXHackers
isaiah05 How to install windows 10? Reward $1

Give me on step by step with youtube. tia

asked by isaiah05 last answered by isaiah05
cyntax77 Hi guys... does anyone have been paid by Euask?? Reward $1

About being paid

asked by cyntax77 last answered by yanka457
pustoi11 What is the meaning of your life? Reward $1

What is the meaning of your life?

asked by pustoi11 last answered by FritzFreitag
HannaM What to do after the WannaCry attack? Reward $1

How can we recover data if affected by the WannaCry virus?

asked by HannaM last answered by Brew3242
digamber Windows 7 not boot up problem Reward $1

My laptop stuck up two or three time when i power on it

asked by digamber last answered by isaiah05
Orlff Images not showing in files answered Reward $1

Images are not showing in file folders. Shows icon of jpg instead of image. How do I change this?

asked by Orlff last answered by Orlff
Misterheri What is the best free php to make Online quiz? Reward $1

As, a teacher, I want to build a site for online quiz. In this case, I may help also may students practicing their knowledge by encouraging them doing some quizzes. But, the problem is.. Most of the application need payment. There are also some of them are free with lacking of features.

asked by Misterheri last answered by AAA1992
MrOwnage Question about Patreon and Youtube answered Reward $1 5

Hello everyone! I've recently been making videos regarding games, mostly BlazBlue and Touhou so far. I've been now thinking about ways to turn video making into a living. However, as we all know, Youtube doesn't allow monetization of videos with copyrighted content. As I need to use good songs to make the videos (can't go and add sound library or Kevin Macleod songs), I get Content ID matches, thus disabling this option. Then I discovered Patreon, and thought that it would be a good way to do... [MORE]

asked by MrOwnage last answered by Aravi
Misterheri What is the easiest email client for multiple email account? answered Reward $1

I have some email with different names, I've tried to find some email client like Outlook, but for me, Outlook seems difficult since I'm not so familiar with it. So, what is the easiest email client to be used for multiple email account? Thanks for the answer

asked by Misterheri last answered by Misterheri
galaxor Program doesnt recognize SD card answered Reward $1

Wise Data Recovery doesnt recognize SD card to recover files, but it does on mi computer.

asked by galaxor last answered by CrackSoftPc
AAA1992 How to protect computer of flash drive than contain virus answered Reward $1

I have 360 antivirus,but ,my computer be Viral ,have virus what should I do?

asked by AAA1992 last answered by CrackSoftPc
DancingAccountant Where restore points Reward $1

Where are the restore points

asked by DancingAccountant last answered by Mathilda
kacor11 Windws 10 lassú, mi a megoldás?? answered Reward $1 5

Windows 10 lelessult. hogyan lehet felgyerítani eredeti sebességére

asked by kacor11 last answered by Pamela
yalekanter Will not accept key. Reward $1

I had my computer over hauled. A different version of windows 10 was installed and I lost all my programs. Am having trouble getting my 360 program key accepted . What must I do? Yale Kanter

asked by yalekanter last answered by WiseCleaner_admin
AAA1992 Wise system monitor error ,what is problem? Reward $1


asked by AAA1992 last answered by ha14
DancingAccountant Activate windows request Reward $1

After doing a windows 8.1 recovery, every time I log off, the system asks me to activate windows through PC settings. This copy of windows is the original that came with the laptop, so there is NO COA label anywhere, only in the registry. Any help would certainly be appreciated.

asked by DancingAccountant last answered by brendaniel
Tattman37 Help !Cant reset or restore new computer after viruse Reward $1

I have a Acer aspire R-11 two In one laptop. I got a message on screen saying my winfows 10 product key needed to be keyed registere computer. Before I gave any information I checked with Micosoft and was told it was not from Microsoft ,I then had to cntr, alt,dlt to regain control. After unsuccessfully trying factory restore i tried factory reset in safe mode, but it says iinsufficient memory, the R-11 has no disc drive. So how can I reset or restore? Can it be remotely restored?

asked by Tattman37 last answered by Tattman37
eclipst005 Win7 proxy settings Reward $1

So i have a problem about proxy settings. I cant use my internet because of this. I tried to remove the tick but it keep ticking. So i do research about it and it says i need to open regedit and take my pc control. But regedit also not openning. I dont know what to do. Please help.

asked by eclipst005 last answered by saidelme
ChessKing Game crashes after Intro video Reward $1

After an introductory video and a few seconds of the game, the game constantly crashes.

asked by ChessKing last answered by isaiah05
moam_1234 stop deleted data from recovery Reward $1

How can I prevent recovery the deleted files ?

asked by moam_1234 last answered by AAA1992
ikbal Bad quality of video programs on the computer Reward $1

I am currently suffering from the poor quality of these programs and do not know the good programs for video work and thanks

asked by ikbal last answered by sohail75286
Fedup_63 Online buffering of video/audio streaming. Reward $1

What specific equipment, steps, procedures, hardware, software, free down loads like VPN, or other software apps do I need to get rid of buffering while online streaming?

asked by Fedup_63 last answered by Achaturvedi
sral3808 Wise registry cleaner caused a problem Reward $1

I ran Wise Registry Cleaner. I did a Registry Defrag. I was asked to restart the computer. I did so and now I can't get back in to my computer. I get a message that says "We can't sign in to your account" . What happened? PLEASE HELP!!!!!!

asked by sral3808 last answered by SUK27
AAA1992 Why startup windows 10 is slow ? answered Reward $1

I disable most application and service in windows .......time of start up is near 2 minute

asked by AAA1992 last answered by a454545
AAA1992 Best hotpot software for windows ? answered Reward $1

I test a few software for hotpot but does not work.

asked by AAA1992 last answered by votantai
Fedup_63 Why do I get buffering on online TV streaming, whether it be sports, entertainment , general TV or foreigh tv channels online? Reward $2

I have a Windows 7 Home Premium. I have IE, Google Chrome, Firefox and Opera browsers...What is the best browser and the best , most efficient way to eliminate online buffering of all types of data content and online streaming channels ???

asked by Fedup_63 last answered by nihal29
AAA1992 Zyxcel 3g modem Error? Reward $1

What is the problem?

asked by AAA1992 last answered by rkyadav
jolly_akpaa Problem with WINDOWS vista Update Reward $3

Windows Vista Update not working.

asked by jolly_akpaa last answered by lonuongdonerkebab
bvierra Need to get my wise care pro Reward $2

I purchased wisecare 365 pro april 30 2017 because I had to install my antivirus program. How do I get my product I purchased back again

asked by bvierra last answered by Thiru4938
woodland1954 Used the Wise Disk, made mistake and lost EBD'S - Reward $1

While doing several clean ups, I didn't know I was suppose to uncheck the " EBD'S ", I lost at least 40 of them. Now for 6 days, I've been trying to free up space and restore in the " Administrative Tools " in the " Resource Monitor ". I think because I lost those EBD'S, it's preventing me from doing a restore. How do I get the EBD'S back ? I tried going online - typing in " EBD windows 10 free download, but getting a charge to load just them. What should I type in, and where do I go for restori... [MORE]

asked by woodland1954 last answered by chakramed
davet727 issue Reward $1

I believe I have the Malware Virus in my registry. I have tried both Disk Cleaner and Registry Cleaner. I still see the S.yimg load when I start up Google Chrome. Is there anyway to remove this from my registry.

asked by davet727 last answered by Mathilda
jngithinji Cleaned registry, now laptop does not shut down Reward $1

I cleaned my Windows 10 laptop registry with Wise Registry Cleaner, and now the laptop does not shut down. I went back to a previous (4 day) recovery point but still couldn't solve the problem. What should I do?

asked by jngithinji last answered by Jasonroy
ChessKing Update error Skype 1603 Reward $1

In search found that this is due to incomplete removal of Skype.I after a failed upgrade reviewed all folders including hidden and deleted manually the folder called "Skype".But error when installing Skype again repeated and re-appears in the remote folder.What a simple way to solve the problem?

asked by ChessKing last answered by Markeff
19mitch65 External hard drive Reward $1 10

My external hard drive not working just makes a few clicks and then nothing it is a large drive 1 terabyte. I use it as a backup drive and important file holder, NOW I need files on it and I can't access it any ideas? , Will not work on any PC. You do not understand all cords connected the Drive just clicks a few time then nothing....... Computer acts like the external is not even there, and no no drops bangs bumps or magnets

asked by 19mitch65 last answered by zrodfects
eyesk1 CPU and Phys Memory Usage is higher than normal Reward $1

My PC seems to be "running a fever" the CPU usage monitor has always hovered around 17%. But since I installed HP Photo-create software (bought a new printer/scanner) and Ad Block my pc CPU and physical memory usage meter are running hot' 55% to 68% physical memory usage and CPU usage. I've got Avast anti-virus and have been the target of Ransom virus attacks. I bring my task manager and shut everything down. Disconnect my Wi-Fi for 1o minutes. Turn it back on, turn the PC back on and everything... [MORE]

asked by eyesk1 last answered by Aravi
juliarobert What is legal research writing? Reward $1

What is legal research writing?

asked by juliarobert last answered by Solands23
n_777 Cannot clear computers ram Reward $1

Cannot clear computers ram

asked by n_777 last answered by kaljukass
XajaM Delete Eask account. Reward $1

How do I delete Eask account?

asked by XajaM last answered by chakramed
speedrace Computer window 10 Reward $2

Il vostro programma registra sempre gli stessi errori perche

asked by speedrace last answered by ha14
koltai Windows 10 be lehet e a win 7 képnézőt telepiteni??? Reward $1

Windows 10 be lehet e a win 7 képnézőt telepiteni???

asked by koltai last answered by koltai
eikelmt Running Wise registry cleaner again and again with the same result Reward $1

My question goes on why the same registry key are showing up time after time after cleaning. Even when registry cleaner telling me registry is cleaned and I am re-running the scan - same error is popping up again. What is it I am doing wrong here ?

asked by eikelmt last answered by Aravi
19mitch65 USB ports not being recognized answered Reward $1 5

My USB ports have stopped being recognized ( windows 10 current) I can't find rhyme or reason why drivers are fine everything seems ok but only the unused ports are dead. If I try a USB port in use with something else it goes duhhhhh dead ?????

asked by 19mitch65 last answered by ha14
LooneyBird25 I'd like a refund Reward $1

I do not like this product and I'd like a refund. The videos are choppy, the sound is too quiet, and the size of the video is smaller than the original. No matter how I alter the settings in the converter, it keeps setting it to other than what I try to set it to. Would it be possible to get a refund since I uninstalled it?

asked by LooneyBird25 last answered by WiseCleaner_admin
kannan1976 Uninstall Internet Explorer from Lumia 520 Reward $1

Do you know how to uninstall / disable Internet Explorer in Nokia Lumia 520? Is there any way to disable it temporarily without uninstall it? Please do help me to resolve this problem as soon as possible Kannan1976

asked by kannan1976 last answered by Aravi
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