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andersonpeter Where to watch popular tennis championships online? Reward $1

Can you share some relevant websites?

asked by andersonpeter last answered by ChessKing
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termezo Where can I order essay? Which online services did you use? 5

The deadline is near!

asked by termezo last answered by swipoka8
Stardust Parental control on computer Reward $1

Which software is the most effective in this case? And is it really helpful, especially in case of teenagers?

asked by Stardust last answered by Revan
andersonpeter Why online dating is so popular nowadays? 5

Why online dating is so popular nowadays? What do you think about this?

asked by andersonpeter last answered by termezo
Cezario Blogs about home improvement Reward $2

Can you share some such forums or/and blogs? I have several questions about home repairs. Thanks!

asked by Cezario last answered by andersonpeter
farhadgh Hi...reset factory phone 5

II wanna reset factory mmy pphone,how can I do that?

asked by farhadgh
vina What processor good for play online game? Reward $1

What excellent processor for play online game poker indonesia and capsa susun inicapsa

asked by vina last answered by mark139
CoolCat site issues Reward $1

What is going on with the site? I have exchanged gift points and it doesn't appear in my rewards.

asked by CoolCat last answered by kenkoiii
baraninanli Appcrash problem Reward $1

I'm sure ,I was deleted this program's all data files,footprints. But this problem not solved. Please fix this.

asked by baraninanli last answered by lindarose74
alfarra Insufficient system resources to complete the service ... Reward $1

Insufficient system resources to complete the service ...

asked by alfarra last answered by ChessKing
TimTor Blogs about health Reward $1

What healthy lifestyle blogs and websites can you recommend?

asked by TimTor
Roberthardy Best Pc for editing after effects answered Reward $3

Best desktop for editing because when i edit in the laptop it was lagging so much

asked by Roberthardy last answered by JohnieDaniels
ooogra Traveling to Barcelona Reward $1


asked by ooogra
Egorlka How to creat bot in Vkontakte Reward $1

How to creat bot in Vkontakte

asked by Egorlka last answered by daylelong
Atakan06 Görev yöneticisi-regedit açmıyor Reward $1

Programınızı kullandım ama halen aynı sorunu yaşıyorum

asked by Atakan06 last answered by MAKEROFMONY2
selvon121 Servo Voltage Stabilizer Reward $1

HI friends, due to some voltage fluctuation my stabilizer is dead. Could someone please suggest me the best Servo voltage stabilizer Manufacturers in India.

asked by selvon121 last answered by chakramed
ChessKing Video does not play on instagram Reward $1

The browser only has sound and black screen on all videos.

asked by ChessKing last answered by lindarose74
elizabethahm Computer/ dongle Reward $1

I have to download 200 pages will a 1 gb dongle hold it.

asked by elizabethahm last answered by FranciscoHDarrell
Cezario Reviews websites Reward $1

I need to find good company to install fire splinkters. Where do you read reviews about different companies?

asked by Cezario last answered by TimTor
KoraMay How to configure the router answered Reward $1 5

Has anyone set up a TP-link router on their own? I need some help.

asked by KoraMay
TaskMaster Unsafe to Delete Reward $3

When I use the Advanced Registry Cleaner these 3 files show up with a warning message: Invalid file extension information. Unsafe to delete: I click on them and this is the three files: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.f5dd3f201\ All user HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.krat\ All user HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.xzax\ All user What does this mean and how do I fix it or if I even need to?

asked by TaskMaster
farhadff455 Reward $1

How can I delete my gmail in my phone?

asked by farhadff455 last answered by rrs9747
farhadgh Use WhatsApp On My Computer Reward $1

Hey... I wanna massage with watsapp in windows. How do I use WhatsApp on my computer?

asked by farhadgh last answered by farhadff455
mariusica Ajutati-ma si pe mine. Reward $1

Am pus pe cineva sa-mi boot-eze pc-ul a intrat in bios in partea stinga jos unde indica usb si de atunci nu mai pot intra in bios,pe orice tasta apas tastatura nu functioneaza pina nu intra in windows,dupa ce intra in windows functioneaza,problema e din bios dar nu mai pot intra,innainte tastam del si intram dar acum nu.Va multumesc!

asked by mariusica last answered by ChessKing
ritusingh What is bca and scope of bca courses Reward $1

If you are an undergraduate aspirant and searching for the course that can pave a solid foundation for your career, you can go for BCA admission. BCA stands for Bachelor of Computer Application, it is a three year undergraduate degree course which has numerous advantage career prospective. BCA paves the way into the field of software development and computer applications and provides entry level job in the IT or ITES field once one has successfully completed the course. Eligibility criteria for... [MORE]

asked by ritusingh
TheFreak Install windows on SSD Reward $2

I just bought a Dell laptop with SSD driver and FREE OS i want to install Windows On it but i dont want to lose data on my old laptop . any helps ??

asked by TheFreak last answered by ChessKing
white_falcon Görev yöneticisi açılmadı Reward $1

Görev yöneticisi çalışmadı neden anlamadım başta kabul etti sonra yine aynı sorun oldu görev yöneticisi açılmadı

asked by white_falcon last answered by MAKEROFMONY2
Aguru I have a problem with the withdrawal Reward $1

I've transferred money a month ago and still don't see it on my PayPal account. Does anyone else have the same problem? @WiseCleaner_admin

asked by Aguru last answered by Aguru
termezo What browser games are the best? Reward $1

What browser games are the best?

asked by termezo last answered by spellMG
Bootneck File explorer error messages Reward $1

When trying to open setting on my pc running updated version of windows 10 , I get this message . file explorer error 214729196 windows fix doesn`t work , I`ve tried Lenovo for assistance but they say it a microsoft problem.

asked by Bootneck last answered by lindarose74
ab1936 I wanna install pubg mobile on my laptob Reward $2

How I can instal PUBG mobile on my pc or laptop for free?

asked by ab1936 last answered by lindarose74
MazShita How to fix error 0xe06d7363 Reward $1


asked by MazShita last answered by abdelrahman1
gerogezennifer What are between Business Class and First Class Delta Airline Reward $1

What are between Business Class and First Class Delta Airline?

asked by gerogezennifer
mehk_kanwal How to make an Andriod apps without coding Offline on PC? Reward $1 1

How to make an Andriod apps without coding Offline on PC?

asked by mehk_kanwal last answered by Rikyf
brgrabovac Keyboard button-how to restore it in my w7 x64 answered Reward $1

asked by brgrabovac last answered by lindarose74
CharlesJS IOS 11 ringtone problems Reward $1

My downloaded ringtones are not working for my contacts. The only one that works is one that’s assigned to a specific contact. The one I’ve selected as my default for all my other contacts doesn’t work. I’ve hard reset, selected other ringtones then selected back and no luck. Any ideas?

asked by CharlesJS last answered by Princess
evelynwilliams Dissertation Help Reward $1

Confused about choosing the best dissertation writing services?

asked by evelynwilliams last answered by Happ321
samchy Phone booting problem Reward $1 5

My infinix note5 just triped off and refuses to boot, what can i do to it to boot?

asked by samchy last answered by Milcah12
maybemaybe Photos from the camera. No sharpness answered Reward $2

Why in most photos from the camera is not clear? I click on the autofocus.

asked by maybemaybe
Cezario Where do you watch football online? Reward $3

Where do you watch football online? Can you share some good websites?

asked by Cezario last answered by Obscure
ooogra Traveling to Ukraine Reward $1

Merry belated Christmas everyone, hope everyone's in Xmas mood. i've just got a quick question -- if anyone of you have been to Ukraine, what can you tell about Lybid Premier Hotel (their website if you stayed there, how was the service there? how good are the room? etc

asked by ooogra
oscarc2000 C drive full memory problem Reward $1

My C driver is 1TB but now show as is full and i don't have 3 programs but last week i had 85% unused so what can i do to fix the problem?

asked by oscarc2000 last answered by lindarose74
TheFreak What brand of laptops should I buy ! answered Reward $1 10

Hi,i want to buy laptop how can i choose wich is the best for me since my budget is 320 USD ?

asked by TheFreak last answered by TheFreak
swipoka8 Itunes problem help Reward $1

My Iphone doesn't want to connect to my computer. What is the problem?

asked by swipoka8 last answered by alicetaylor
vistaboy Spotbright will not launch Reward $1

Sfc /scannow did not work.Windows 10 1809 and all my other machines which are 1809 do launch. But this ones is giving me heartburn do not know whats what?

asked by vistaboy last answered by MAKEROFMONY2
Shiip47 Code at blue link Reward $1

When I place my cursor over a link (blue) to view it I get multiple lines of code. How can I eliminate this?

asked by Shiip47 last answered by ha14
rrs9747 How to convert py to exe Reward $1

Please tell me how can i convert py to exe

asked by rrs9747 last answered by ha14
termezo What software for working with COM ports do you know? Reward $1

What software for working with COM ports do you know?

asked by termezo last answered by ha14
ilyamossss Problem my phone answered Reward $1

How to hard reset huawei mate 10 lite

asked by ilyamossss last answered by situsakunpro
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