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jogncartman Google says-->SARMS good for health? Reward $1

So I was navigating on google and found there an article where was written that it is worth using SARMS for health, the are damaging you life less, and makes you feel better. I want to know how true is that.

asked by jogncartman
MMOexpshop I gathered for the Horde Reward $1

World of Warcraft fans, however, are a different breed. Attempting to log in on launch day was impossible, together with lines full of tens of thousands of screaming. On Twitch, more than 1.4 million players watched as streamers like Asmongold and Sodapoppin enjoyed immediate access. The remainder of us were not as blessed. After seven hours of waiting, I eventually have to load in and experience WoW Classic. I gathered for the Horde (because I'm a terrible man ) as a Troll Shaman called Supado... [MORE]

asked by MMOexpshop
AlexBMW What do you usually do online? Reward $1

Do you use the Internet only for work? What do you usually look for online?

asked by AlexBMW last answered by HenryW
matio Microsoft store not working Reward $1

Microsoft store not working

asked by matio last answered by Jones11
rechardtaker How to fix ms outlook ost file converter error ? Reward $1

Hi guys we face the problem to ms outlook converting ost file and save another file transfer, so anybody suggest good software to resolve this problem Thanks

asked by rechardtaker last answered by ha14
IndianoO IFSC code of my bank Reward $1

Hi, how I can know ifsc code of my bank?

asked by IndianoO last answered by chakramed
capybara I need Best cheap phones Reward $1

Anyone idea about cheap ranked phones less then 300$ ??

asked by capybara last answered by Flash_back
AlexBMW Do you play at the online casinos? Reward $1

Do you play at the online casinos? If yes, do you do this in order to make money or to have fun?

asked by AlexBMW last answered by RubySolis
AlexBMW VPN for Firestick Reward $1

What VPN do you use on Firestick?

asked by AlexBMW last answered by chakramed
IndianoO Sleep problems. Advices 5

Do you have any naturals solutions for this problem?

asked by IndianoO last answered by AlexBMW
IndianoO Buying new laptop Reward $1

Hi! I want to buy a new laptop Dell, but I want to get a loan. Where is the best way to get loan in US?

asked by IndianoO last answered by mason4
sheetal1 Authentication not verified security concern when I try to scan a document? 5

I have a laptop and Im trying to scan something to it from my printer. Since I dont have a USB to connect them I had to figure out my IP address to make it register to the scanner from the laptop. However it now says "Security Concern Authentication not verified privacy..." something. I dont understand what this means. Does it mean the document can be seen by others or that my info on my computer has been compromised or what?

asked by sheetal1 last answered by Theyeacest
JulJameson Guys what to do if picked up bad Petya Reward $1

It's a virus like Bad Rabbit only stronger like how do I get everything I had on it back to me ? there's a way?

asked by JulJameson last answered by capybara
RTeo Updating windows (windows 10 home) Reward $1

During update window , below got one pause for updating for 7 to disable away. Thanks Inside press/ star/setting/update & security

asked by RTeo last answered by capybara
Itsprachidubey Is HP All in one Pc is worth buying ? Reward $1

Is HP All in one Pc is perfect as compared to another desktop?.

asked by Itsprachidubey last answered by Techsways
capybara Playstation 3 or Xbox 360: Which is better answered Reward $2 10

Which game system is better the Playstation 3 (PS3) or the Xbox 360?

asked by capybara last answered by Techsways
pyromania Why can't I install Adobe Acrobat Reader on my PC? Reward $1

Why can't I install Adobe Acrobat Reader on my PC? Always says Initialization error.

asked by pyromania last answered by chakramed
ramonford Too long to shut down system Reward $1

Windows XP sp3 takes 2.5 to 3.0 mins to save settings when signing off. Would welcome how to reduce this other than reload with win 10 Thanks for any forth coming help ramonford

asked by ramonford last answered by chakramed
RTeo Updating windows (windows 10 home) 5

How to disable the pause for updating. Thanks

asked by RTeo last answered by chakramed
ChessKing How to distinguish an original laptop battery from a fake Reward $1

Visually when buying, how can you distinguish the original laptop battery?

asked by ChessKing last answered by ha14
HenryW Online pharmacies Reward $1

Have you tried online pharmacies? Is it safe to use them?

asked by HenryW last answered by OliverOld
jogncartman Developing a mini darts game!? Reward $1

Has anybody tried to develop a drats game? My son likes darts, he is watching all the championships, so I don't want him to play with real darts, So I want to make a video game? Any thoughts about it?

asked by jogncartman last answered by Demixl
elsa How to download Visual studio free ? Reward $1

How to download Visual studio free ?

asked by elsa last answered by noushadamir
Maxbrady AutoPlay options missing in registry Reward $1

Autoplay options missing in registry....Win 10 / 1903 After "policies" there should be / explorer and then some autoplay options...but those options are missing! This is what shows up instead. Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System How do I add the appropriate keys?

asked by Maxbrady last answered by NathanGamer
milas8585 Faster Database for python Reward $1

I wanna use some data base for a project in python.

asked by milas8585 last answered by shokiryuldash
Pele233 Best python library for nlp Reward $1

I need a library for German lang what is the best ?

asked by Pele233 last answered by The_Compiler
The_Compiler What is the best programing language ? answered 5

What is the best programing language ?

asked by The_Compiler last answered by jaymclark
kagandnzl Bilgisayarım çok yavaş çalışıyor Reward $1

Bilgisayarım çok yavaş çalışıyor açıldıktan sonra windows tuşuna basınca siyah ekran geliyor ve 2dk sonra tekrar kendine geliyor görev yöneticisi çok geç açılıyor dosyalar geç açılıyor genellikle yanıt vermiyor diyor kapatıyorum tekrar açıyorum çözü bulabilirmisiniz

asked by kagandnzl last answered by superbowl
Cezario What is the best software for logistics do you know? Reward $1

What is the best software for logistics do you know? Or better will be to create custom software?

asked by Cezario last answered by riannar
hindidubbedmovies How to download latest movies 2019 Reward $1

How to download movies latest

asked by hindidubbedmovies last answered by markewalker
irvhoff Printer problem liht panel question. Reward $1

I have a hp 2600 printer and i don't understand the lights panel on top of the computer function. there are 6 lights and the 2nd light is brinking orange. what does that mean? does my hp65 ink need to be replace?

asked by irvhoff last answered by SupportTech
MayRich Where can I find cheap plane tickets to norway? Reward $1

I know a few websites which usually provide good deals but for this destination point, sadly, they have nothing to offer

asked by MayRich last answered by tonnyken1
ChessKing Problems with formatting in Google documents (online office) Reward $1

When pasting copied text through several lines, line-to-line glitches and some other formatting-related glitches begin. How to force text formatting in Google documents to ensure font stability and other parameters?

asked by ChessKing last answered by maryrosie
IndianoO Convert youtube video to mp3 Reward $1

Hey guys, advice me please how I can convert my music from youtube to mp3.

asked by IndianoO last answered by AbhiTech
Logos How to make money online? Reward $2

I really like to play computer games and I want to try to make money on gambling. Share which online casinos do you know? Do you often win them?

asked by Logos last answered by davidbeckham
Horald22 Need good online timer Reward $1

I need an online timer. Please help, which you use

asked by Horald22 last answered by Flash_back
zikors Dating simulation Reward $1

Hello. Do you heard about dating games? Do you like this kind of game? And what concretic in this genre you can recommend to me?

asked by zikors last answered by Bryce
BrianCa Outlook alternatives OR Outlook junk email add-ins Reward $1

Hey everyone, I've used Outlook for long enough to know that its junk mail options leave something to be desired. Specifically, there is no way that I know of to set up rules to send mail that goes right to your junk folder, to your deleted items folder instead. Right now I have many, many spam emails that go straight to my junk folder. This is not a bad thing by itself, but I'm picky. I don't want that mail sitting there for 10 days before it's automatically deleted. I want that mail going ri... [MORE]

asked by BrianCa last answered by aryanoone
Coxxyr What are good QR Barcode Scanner app? Reward $1

What are good QR Barcode Scanner app? Can I use it online?

asked by Coxxyr last answered by chakramed
AnPeter90 Cannot open Windows 95 game settings on Windows 10 Reward $3

So in 2017 I was able to play my favorite retro PC game, Blood. After updating the new OS to Windows 10, I am unable to open a Setup file that happen to be an "Application (.EXE)" that allows me to configure the controls to the mouse; using the mouse for looking and shooting rendering the keyboard usage for the functions very inconvenient and also useless. Whenever trying to open this Setup file this message pops up "This app can't run on your PC. To find a version for your PC, check with the s... [MORE]

asked by AnPeter90 last answered by Tyler21
Odetta Pc upgrade under 20$ Reward $3

My friend challenged me to upgrade his lga 1150 based system for 2-3k rupees (28$ - 42$) , soo here we go His original specs : Pentium g3260 (2c/2t @ 3.3 ghz), Gigabyte h81 motherboard, 4gb ddr3 @ 1333mhz, 400 watt shit power supply that was included in the case, 120gb ssd and 1 tb hdd, And yes no dedicated gpu. Upgraded specs : Xeon x3440 (4c/8t @ 4.125 ghz), Gigabyte P55 motherboard, Rx 460 4gb, 2 x 4gb ddr3 @ 1600 mhz , same storage, Vs 450 watt power ... [MORE]

asked by Odetta last answered by minion89
muskoida What is the best website to play power rangers games? answered Reward $1

Looking for power rangers games that can play online for my kids.

asked by muskoida last answered by abrahaam
Owasisjim While booting there is a CPU Fan Error Reward $1

Hey everyone, The thing is though , that the error only occurs once in a while! When it does I am checking whether or not the fans are running! Often the issue is resolved by simply restarting the computer. Regarding my problem these are the parts that matter I feel CPU: i7-6700k MoBo: Asus Z1700 pro gaming aura Cooling: Nzxt X61 Kraken Case: NZXT H440 I checked the cables, they are all in place (they are plugged into the motherboard as well as into the fan control... [MORE]

asked by Owasisjim last answered by ha14
nicki1991 Canon EOS 80D vs Canon EOS 6D Mark-II/What digital camera to chose? Reward $1

Hello everyone! I've watched a lot of video guides however, it still didn't make me sure what digital camera to chose, so I would like to ask you what digital camera to chose among these two models

asked by nicki1991 last answered by 69Wow
Billykim Best Custom and Budget PC Build Reward $1

Now, I look all over YouTube for budget builds and all I can find are build $1000+. Sure, that is actually pretty cheap but if you're like me, you're parents keep all your money and don't let you spend it. I have a total of $1,150, but they're only letting me spend around $800-900. I know right what the hell?! I've never built a PC before. Should I get a third party site to build it or risk it and build it myself. If you know any sites or cheap builds, please tell me. [MORE]

asked by Billykim last answered by chakramed
CharlesJS I can't edit mp3 files anymore in Properties Reward $1

Hi, I've just noticed recently that I can't edit and modify the information of mp3 music files in my discography in my laptop. Before I was able to add or edit names and change some information but now I can click on "album, artist" in the detail sections of Properties but I'm not able to access anything... Thanks for your help.

asked by CharlesJS last answered by Blas
Pele233 Crypto exchange support PayPal Reward $1

Which crypto exchange support PayPal?

asked by Pele233 last answered by 124488
AnPeter90 Cannot stop indexing in Windows 10 Reward $1

I have disabled the Windows Search, but the check mark still appears in the C: drive properties box. When I remove the check mark and 'Apply', it goes throught it's thing, as if it's removing the indexing; but then, when I close the properties box and reopen it, there's the check mark again, in the allow indexing option. I don't know if this is just some sort of glitch, and the indexing is actually diabled or ??? Any thoughts? Thanks,

asked by AnPeter90 last answered by ha14
Pele233 Best resource for python? Reward $1

I'm starting programming and I want to learn Python, I have to know best resources for learning .

asked by Pele233 last answered by MayRich
Sofia_watson How to Split large PDF files into multiple files? answered Reward $1

Hi everyone, I have a large-sized PDF file (132 pages). I want to make a separate PDF file for the only page no. 65 to 89. But I don't know how to split PDF files according to pages. Can anyone tell me the solution how can I divide PDF documents into another one?

asked by Sofia_watson last answered by Romantic12
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