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AAA1992 Sound Problems . Reward $1

I have problem win install sound driver ..

asked by AAA1992 last answered by ahmetyazicijr
sunrise How many points do you have on Euask? Reward $1

Wondering if anyone could exchange for a iPad?

asked by sunrise last answered by Haile99
sadhzcn What are best Music Downloading Apps than Music Paradise? Reward $1

If you are a music lover, you must have searched for free apps that provide free music download. There are so many free mp3 downloader apps for android. I also do not know until I searched on Google. Please share yours in reply.

asked by sadhzcn last answered by cb2017
Wilfredvr How do i get a Ethereum adress? (and mining) Reward $1 5

How do i get a Ethereum adress? How to mine ethereum?

asked by Wilfredvr last answered by srb25k
bmiflin Lg g3 factory reset. Reward $1

Anyone here know how to get to get the mcafee lock off of one?

asked by bmiflin last answered by isaiah05
3972039 Camera not working Reward $1

After upgrade windows 10 anniversary upgrade,my camera windows app stopped working completely.

asked by 3972039 last answered by mohamedsif
Icuska Szép napot mindenkinek! Reward $1

Üdvözlök mindenkit szeretettel! lassan vége lesz a nyárnak sajnos. Ismét ránk fog köszönteni az ősz! Sajnos az én nyaram nem valami jóra sikeredett! Sok betegséggel kelett megküzdenem.Aminek eredménye egy fül műtét lesz az ősz folyamán. Én szívből kívánom mindenkinek jó egészséget és boldog napokat! Üdvözlettel : Icuska

asked by Icuska last answered by Pamela
DLBosley Dragon City/Facebook Game Interuptions Reward $1

How do you stop interference from accuring during Gameplay on Dragon City Facebook thaf causes the game to freeze, and slow down? The game starts out woking fine, and then it starts to short out Plug Ins are interrupted, scripts fail. It starts working then stops then works again then stops. It is like something comes in and battles with me to keep it playing.Freezes,and will even freeze my mouse to stop me from trying to play. Also when I shut it down, or swtch to another sreeen it freezes and ... [MORE]

asked by DLBosley last answered by Pravy
jairo1946 Espaço insuficiente de armazenamento para processar esse comando. Reward $1

Não consigo instalar o Windows Installer. Tenho o Win 7 Professional 64. Aparecem mensagens de erro. Uma delas é : espaço insuficiente de armazenamento para processar esse comando.

asked by jairo1946 last answered by igor
WALTER13 Systemfragen zur Sprache Reward $1

Hallo Wie kann ich mein Programm auf deutsche Sprache umstellen? Wie kann ich mein System entrümpeln ? Danke, walter13

asked by WALTER13 last answered by jiayi6632016
galaxor White horizontal lines while playing 5

Hi everyone, I´m having a bad time while playing because with any game that is running, my computer starts doing white horzontal lines likes flashes, I mean they appear randomly and a very short time.(I uploaded a few images for you to see) The problem only occurs while playing, when the computer gets hot, and also, only when its charging. If while I play I unplug the notebook, it just stop doing the lines, but my battery lasts like 30 mins while playing or 5 hours doing everything else. First ... [MORE]

asked by galaxor last answered by jiayi6632016
brobushek The computer shuts down spontaneously Reward $1

Sound is lost on the computer, a slight suspension of the system, spontaneous shutdown. what could be the problem?

asked by brobushek last answered by den3d
sumeru Black screen i get black screen and it happens a lot how to fix this Reward $1

I get black screen and it happens a lot how to fix this

asked by sumeru last answered by vintarist
Manandezo What is the meaning of "Hardfork"? Reward $1

I've seen in some sites related to blockchain the term "Hardfork". I've read some explanations and couldn't understand them as they were too difficult for my English levels of comprehension. Can you explain it in a better way?

asked by Manandezo last answered by WaggieBoi
morpheus63 Surprise! virus has struck Reward $1

It seems that I have been hit with the "surprise" virus and it is NASTY... is there anything I can do with this program to help remove this without deleting my files??????? Your assistance in this will be GREATLY appreciated!!

asked by morpheus63 last answered by WaggieBoi
lordservnt Help with new lap top answered Reward $1

I purchased wisecare 365 on June 2, 2017. Not too long after that I was hit by a computer scam and lost my computer. These people put a password on it and held me up for ransom. They wanted $500 to give me the password or else! So I decided to buy a new one and start over. Can you help me on this? My name is Steve Palmer, and my email is I paid $55.61

asked by lordservnt last answered by sinicapsa
AAA1992 Which wise software do you use ? answered Reward $2

I use Wise System monitor .is very useful for bandwidth monitor . How about you ?

asked by AAA1992 last answered by lindabest
hamzababay96 Damaged pictures taken under sea water with Nokia Xperia m4 Aqua Reward $1

Well the phone stopped working and the pictures are damaged ( see the attached picture ) how to recover the pictures?

asked by hamzababay96 last answered by WaggieBoi
kings How repair a usb stick Reward $1

I forgot to take out my usb stick using the softwared, just pulled it out of usb on my computer. It now says it needs reformat for me to use it, and i will then loose all my data. Does anyone have clues to how can fix it without loosing my data

asked by kings last answered by WaggieBoi
Aravi How to make source tree work properly on ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS Reward $1

How to make source tree properly work on linux. This is my fav git UI which is also free. I am getting some error in winehq

asked by Aravi
gladys06 Past and present answered Reward $1 5

What are the differences between previous computers to the latest computers?

asked by gladys06 last answered by Jaybles
Sujit3451 How can I update google chrome Reward $1

How can i update google chrome.i didn't know to update google chrome

asked by Sujit3451 last answered by Jaybles
salissa10 Where can you go to pay the cheapest for a broken phone screen? Reward $1

What place ? price comparisons?

asked by salissa10 last answered by gladys06
VictorAraujo League Of Legends Reward $1

Do you like League of Legends ???

asked by VictorAraujo last answered by gladys06
thsigit Windows 10 Problem: ntdl.dll error answered Reward $1 5

Like the title said. Some apps can't start in Windows 10: vlc, kodi, windows media player, acdsee (trial), and a few others. Tried to run as administrator didn't work, except for vlc. Download ntdl.dll from third-party site didn't work too, and I am concern about breaking my system from viruses or incompatible library. So I need alternative solutions. Edit: Unique answers are appreciated.

asked by thsigit last answered by ha14
stevebill Registry cleaner answered Reward $1

Is there a good free registry cleaner besides ccleaner

asked by stevebill last answered by WaggieBoi
WaggieBoi Too Many Cleaners ?! answered Reward $1

Is having too many cleaners on my Computer Good or Bad for my System ?.. If "Unhealthy" for my System, can you please give a detailed account of how and why, thank you and blessings

asked by WaggieBoi last answered by WaggieBoi
mpxwebradio Windows 7 Explorer, Can't Browser With Bultin Windows Explorer Reward $1

I was working in my radio station earlier. the C:/ got full because i was downloading so many discs, Then the Explorer just bugged and i can't open it again. it only works in Secure Mode. I'm using explorer++ to browse in my computer, Taskbar and Desktop works perfectly.

asked by mpxwebradio last answered by Wilfredvr
Aravi What is the best linux destro for new linux user. Reward $1

What have most good UI as well as terminal support For desktop.

asked by Aravi last answered by Wilfredvr
marketsgolabl Sharing conection with my home devices Reward $1 5

I want to share my adsl internet with my devices such tv box and others and my router cant accept more than 6 clients at once i have to disconect some devices to make others connect any solution ??

asked by marketsgolabl last answered by Wilfredvr
a454545 Download and save video from YouTube answered Reward $1

How I can Download and save video from YouTube to my computer?

asked by a454545 last answered by Wilfredvr
Aravi Best alternative tool in linux ubuntu Reward $1

What are the best free alternate tool in linux for MS Office 365 Media player News apps similar to win 10. Chat application Skype Other useful tools

asked by Aravi last answered by thsigit
Deddy About google adsense Reward $1

I tried to join google adsense, but I do not know how to use it. My friend said the app could make money. How could it be?

asked by Deddy last answered by rhett_boyd
Aravi Is there will be any problem if one go for non LTS version answered Reward $1

As good as I understand, If I Install non LTS ubuntu 17 support will over by jan 2018. I will be out of support till stable release of next LTS18. I will not like to risk my personal data. So should I install 16 & wait for 18 stable release. Or ubuntu 17 is enough solid and I can trust. Please advise me and share your experience.

asked by Aravi last answered by rhett_boyd
lilwink Answering others answered Reward $3

I just want to know how to say Thank You to all those who answered my Question ??????

asked by lilwink last answered by nuklin
ChessKing Software update Android Reward $1

When trying to update says "not installed".How to update the program without removing it?

asked by ChessKing last answered by Basri
ajschulan Problem with Wise Disk Cleaner on Windows 10 Reward $1

Running version 9.49.669. Unable to select a drive to scan on the Advanced Cleaning tab

asked by ajschulan last answered by xilolee
lilwink Cleaning with Wise Registry cleaner 9 Free answered Reward $1

My Free cleaner does not clean all things that are found wrong. Why ???????

asked by lilwink last answered by jiayi6632016
Aravi How linux destro LTS makes difference. Reward $1

Ubuntu have 16 with longer LTS then 17. How it will make difference.

asked by Aravi last answered by Machiaveli
rpongrac Does anyone know what Mammary Intercourse is? answered Reward $1

Does anyone know what Mammary Intercourse is as last night a Lady in a bar asked me if I was really into it as she loves and enjoys it very much. If anyone has any photos of Mammary Intercourse it would be greatly appreciated...

asked by rpongrac last answered by WaggieBoi
ab1936 How to Unroot my Android Phone answered Reward $1

How to Unroot my galaxy s7 phone ???

asked by ab1936 last answered by WaggieBoi
jole Iphone problem cannot reboot Reward $1

Hi I am trying to delete everything and start again but it wont let me because of password which I have totally forgot can some one help me thanks jole

asked by jole last answered by WaggieBoi
AAA1992 Best video play with low battery usage for wndows ? answered Reward $1


asked by AAA1992 last answered by jiayi6632016
bwrshly best Mix and Mastring app for win answered 5

What is the best Mix and Mastring app for windows ??? give me download link pls.

asked by bwrshly last answered by ShaneBolt
deborah1024 Wise registry cleaner 9 pro answered Reward $1

Does the wise registry cleaner 9 pro work with windows 10?

asked by deborah1024 last answered by kverma
Sarasotan Can't Update Windows answered Reward $1

I can't update Windows because I get a message saying I have to delete Roxio Backup MyPC. I've tried every method I know how to locate and delete it, but it doesn't seem to exist.

asked by Sarasotan last answered by Wilfredvr
zoozoorp Windows 8.1 windows update answered Reward $1

Everytime i check for updates i get these error codes: 80072efe 8024A000 0x800F0906 8024402F 80244019 at differnt times i check for the update after i install updates the first time but afterwords when i check for them thats what i get and i even use the trouble shooter for windows update as adminstor and it says its fixed and i even reboot and check again it keeps giving me the error codes so what do i do to keep it from giving me those error codes if anyone can help me i would appereachate it [MORE]

asked by zoozoorp last answered by Deddy
idontcare Why are programs injected? answered Reward $1

Why are programs injected with a virus that destroys the computers of these people?

asked by idontcare last answered by Deddy
mithuna How To Download Play Store APK APP For Mobiles Reward $1

Playstore when you bought first smart phone or tablet with android operating system.If you want to start with finding some apps in your new phone. Google Play is the app store to find the app you’re looking forGoogle Playis originally known as the Android Market,is the official app store and online distribution service developed by Google

asked by mithuna last answered by Wilfredvr
zoozoorp Antivirus all 4 all in one uses Reward $1

What is or does anyone know of a complete free antivirus that not just keeps viruses away that will also repair things and files on the computer and does a complete root maleware and spyware and so on that will get ride of them and fix them I don't mean the ones that is free to try as a trail bases for like a week to 30 days then you will have to pay for it its not avg or avg zen it only has free antivirus but the rest you can try for free and it only repairs 3 things but then you have to pay fo... [MORE]

asked by zoozoorp last answered by sarika12
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