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marketsgolabl SATA Mode in the Windows 10 answered Reward $2 10

I have a small problem on Acer Predator laptop PC on Windows 10. I have an Intel HM170 motherboard with a 128GB SATA drive and a 1TB hard drive. I have it for 2 weeks but something does not suit me and I would like to succeed in modifying that. Let me explain : When I go into Device Manager in the "Storage Controller" tab I have "Intel Chipset SATA RAID Controller" The problem is that I want to switch to AHCI mode to optimize my SSD since I do not use RAID (since I have only one HDD) The prob... [MORE]

asked by marketsgolabl last answered by marketsgolabl
AAA1992 Where are you From??? Reward $5


asked by AAA1992 last answered by jOyBD
ChessKing Частые смены настройки спутникового тв answered Reward $2

Почему так часто меняются настройки на спутниковом тв(частота,кодек)?

asked by ChessKing last answered by Aravi
messthehell Who is this? is he a russian? answered Reward $2 5

asked by messthehell last answered by brendaniel
selcinor I don't like women am I a misogynist 5

I don't like women or associating with them, am I a misogynist, and can I do to be affectionate.

asked by selcinor last answered by Aravi
ChessKing Вирусный маркетинг 5

Заслуживает ли доверия фирмы предлагающие вирусный маркетинг в интернете?

asked by ChessKing last answered by Aravi
savram Какой чай полезнее черный или зеленый? Reward $2

Прошу ответ по русски.Чем отличается зеленый чай от черного?

asked by savram last answered by sesku
JamieD No mans sky still crashing Reward $2

Started playing NMS recently giving it a bit of a second chance after being so bored with it last year. I wanted to check out the lastest update which adds a "survivor" mode. And i'm impressed. It's brutal, tense, frustrating and actually brings some fun into the game. You will die a lot...and possibly lose your save data due to crashing. How is this game still experiencing crashes? I literally cannot get off my starter planet due to crashing. I have the latest update, I'm playing on PS4. Hell I... [MORE]

asked by JamieD last answered by chakramed
sridhar Lost file from hard drive Reward $2

Hi.I am working in a college as a professor . we a common system for all the staff mem's in my department. we have seperate log In and password for us to save our work.But few days back when i checked my folder certain folder in my id which contained important png files were found missing . wen i checked the log activity i found someone had opened my id. wen i used data recovery software i was not able to recover those files. i just want to know can i recover it or not. if possible how to recov... [MORE]

asked by sridhar last answered by nelsonkyee
zekman CSGO gifts, Skins - earn pages answered Reward $3 5

Anyone here knows ways, pages where you can earn CSGO SKINS? ***Please dont just google and drop couple first results, i can do that by myself. I want checked and working, good ways from people who already and still using it***

asked by zekman last answered by csgoskins
santoshpinge Latest Microprocesssor Reward $2

Which is the latest microprocessor from Intel

asked by santoshpinge last answered by abutaher
mazeal I am newbie here, can someone tell me how this work answered Reward $2

I am newbie here, can someone tell me how this work, and the purpose of this site.

asked by mazeal last answered by abutaher
selcinor What browser can I install that will work without SSE2. Reward $2

The new firefox browser 50. does not work without the processor SSE2, and My AMD Athlon 25000 does not compatible with any new browser can anyone show me where I can download firefox 48/49.

asked by selcinor last answered by ha14
omarwa Time travel in reel Reward $4

Ther are any articles about time travel

asked by omarwa last answered by ChessKing
ohayou What currency is better in Russia Us Dollars or Euros? Reward $2

What currency is better in Russia Us Dollars or Euros?

asked by ohayou last answered by ChessKing
dagorski Getting BSOD with CRITICAL PROCESS DIED error Reward $2

After installing Wise Cleaner on this laptop and running the PC Scan and Fix, the W10 machine (Version 1607, OS Buikd 14393.695) is experiencing periodic Blue Screen of Death errors with the message CRITICAL PROCESS DIED. It's not clear from the Event Log what is triggering this failure but WiseCleaner was the only software that has been installed on this machine prior to this problem. The only way to recover is power cycling the machine. The problem has occurred at least three times in the last... [MORE]

asked by dagorski last answered by Aravi
ChessKing Возможна ли качественная подделка лекарств? Reward $4

По внешнему виду купленные таблетки ни чем не отличаются от оригинала.Но есть подозрение на подделку:они совершенно не действуют.

asked by ChessKing last answered by pustoi11
ChessKing Как будет работать лсд телевизор сразу после мороза? answered Reward $3

Можно ли сразу при покупке включить телевизор на жидких кристалах для проверки,занесеный с холода(-3град.цельсия)?Продавец говорит что это может повредить телевизор.

asked by ChessKing last answered by Aravi
kidcrowd My laptop can't play DVD. But my DVD player can play it. Reward $2

How to play it on my laptop?

asked by kidcrowd last answered by pustoi11
wiilli2 Internet speed worst in the WORLD 5

Hi people my Internet speed in Malaysia is 1Mbps and lower. So, I downloading things takes a hold day. what entertaining sites and I assess from this Internet speed?

asked by wiilli2 last answered by Ujjwal619
MrOwnage Gaming as a potential job? Reward $2 15

Hello everyone. While this "question" may likely not belong in this section I did find this section to be the most "fitting" to put it in. Anyways... I am now in the tenth class in high school this year (in Hungary this means two more years to go). As time goes on and I get closer and closer to the final year and of course, graduation, I've been thinking a lot about how I could succeed later on in life... However, along with this I also know that I am not really willing at all to learn. I do i... [MORE]

asked by MrOwnage last answered by MrOwnage
selcinor Which of the wisecleaner prize you like to bid for Reward $2

What prize of the wisecleaner prize you like to bid for, and why you think that is the best of your choice?

asked by selcinor last answered by mazeal
mauriziocolleoni Windows Installer dosn't run - Windows Vista Reward $2

Buongiorno My computer DELL using Windows Vista don't permit to install new application, showing an errror message. I try many way, from Internet, but nothing happen Somebody have an idea? a good solution? Best Regards Maurizio

asked by mauriziocolleoni last answered by mazeal
selcinor What is the next step answered Reward $2

What is the next step for this year what your guideline to success, what is your plan for this year.

asked by selcinor last answered by mazeal
Shaney Interfering ex wife. Reward $2

How can i stop my ex wife from interfering in my life, we have been divorced for 20 years but she still tried to interfere in my life?

asked by Shaney last answered by mazeal
gcletis What format would you save a video file in order to be able to play it on a DVD player? Reward $2 5

What format would you save a video file in order to be able to play it on a DVD player?

asked by gcletis last answered by nihal29
MartinL What systems are you playing games on? Reward $2

Just wanting to know what everyone is gaming on right now, not so much what do you own because some of us own several of consoles rather what are you playing video games on currently? For me it is my ps4, computer and my Nintendo 2ds which I own mainly because I love all the pokemon games and also for the occasional dragonballz game or other anime game. So what are you guys all using?

asked by MartinL last answered by FixitJorge
Ujjwal619 Can you tell me why the playstore download speed is ridiculously slow? Reward $2 10

Hi,I had bought Lava Pixel A1 some days ago .....all things were fine when I realised it takes a lot of time to download and install any apps from playstore....but it didn't use to take that time from my old is neither the issue of slow internet connection nor I am trying to download apps that are not available in my region.It seems that download starts at every 3 seconds....and I have to wait for too long.I don't have slow speed issue on using youtube or any apps.Anybody have solu... [MORE]

asked by Ujjwal619 last answered by FixitJorge
ChessKing Какой компьютер больше нагревается:белый или черный? answered Reward $2

Зависит ли вообще цвет корпуса ноутбука от его нагрева?

asked by ChessKing last answered by agbrykin
ChessKing Как отформатировать флешку? Reward $2

Компьютер флешку видит но просит отформатировать.Как это сделать?

asked by ChessKing last answered by agbrykin
ChessKing Приставка к телевизору answered Reward $2

Телевизор без смарт тв.Какую бюджетную приставку посоветуете через hdmi для просмотра интернет телевидения со своим списком m3u.

asked by ChessKing last answered by agbrykin
AAA1992 Set Default Graphic in windows 10? Reward $5

2 GPU installed on my notebook want to choose Amd radeon R5 330 m As default Gpu. because is better for play game.

asked by AAA1992 last answered by nihal29
saous I need help urgent answered Reward $2

My laptop gives me this message on bleu screen Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart. We’re just collecting some error info, and then we’ll restart for you ... any help please

asked by saous last answered by saous
ChessKing Импорт закладок в Habit браузер Reward $2

Как в этот браузер на андроиде импортировать экспресс панель и закладки из Boat браузера?

asked by ChessKing last answered by chakramed
ChessKing Возможно ли поставить электрический мотор на велосипед? answered Reward $2

Как электрофицировать велосипед?

asked by ChessKing last answered by Yuri
ChessKing Какие спортивные каналы вы смотрите? Reward $2

Какие спортивные каналы,каких видов спорта вы смотрите?

asked by ChessKing last answered by igor
markallen Is it me am I just stupid? 5

Am I the only one, Why do sites put on "keep me signed in" and they never do?

asked by markallen last answered by Ujjwal619
ChessKing Правила питания, раздельное питание. Reward $2

Кто использует какие то правила питания,например раздельное питание?

asked by ChessKing last answered by igor
Tredd Windows Updates (Win. 7) answered Reward $3

Inability to get updates on brand new windows 7 computer, will try for 48 + hours and still no ability. Have went through the Microsoft catalog, and have been trying every alternative. Looking for the magic button to press, so far I am clueless. Finally have an 0x8024001e error code after 72 hour attempt.

asked by Tredd last answered by Ujjwal619
AAA1992 Way to salvation from evil thoughts and obsessions??? answered Reward $2

What should I do?????? Do not copy & Paste of web.I read all . Just want your Experiences...

asked by AAA1992 last answered by ralphfurgason
AAA1992 Which do you use of music player in windows? answered 5

Myself most use of winamp but is up of date . now use Clementine ..

asked by AAA1992 last answered by Ujjwal619
Nur_iffah My Laptop Can't Connect With Any Of The Wifi Available answered Reward $2

Please... anyone know how to fix this? laptop is a HP Product...actually it only been a few week or month i had bought this laptop...everything work perfectly at that time...but now when i want to connect the wifi (when you open ur laptop and click where the available wifi to search any available wifi in ur laptop and click "connect") its can't connect to my laptop..its seem my laptop cannot support the wireless..its always say "identifying..." for hours...i don't know..i try to see or fix... [MORE]

asked by Nur_iffah last answered by Ujjwal619
anhot Where do you watch German TV?? Reward $2

Your experience?

asked by anhot last answered by ChessKing
Aravi Whho is spam emailer? answered Reward $2

Any one knows what it is actually. I am getting regular spam email from this id and all are related to the article I search in net.

asked by Aravi last answered by FixitJorge
JamieD MMo World still alive? Reward $2

Hello, Few weeks ago, had an discussion with a friend of mine, about few mmorpgs. We speaked about few of them to choose one and give it a go like in a old days in computer rooms ( ehhh good old days). But then we realised, that half of them P2W ( only p2w you even cant try to compete with others), other got huge laaaaags like Bless online, which we wanted to paly but after realising that we got like 30-40 fps in first basic location, we jsut deleted the game. BDO is a good one but also mechani... [MORE]

asked by JamieD last answered by FixitJorge
Dipto How to start download again ? Reward $2

Hi everyone. I use Bitspirit to download torrent files. I started downloading a movie at night and went to sleep. In the morning I saw download had stopped. I've checked it. There are trackers who have returned many peers. But there is absolutely no download speed. The same problem occurred for 2 downloads , that are still unfinished. One is done 92% and another is done 96% Please tell me how to start download again.

asked by Dipto last answered by FixitJorge
ohayou Did you see La La Land? Reward $2

Do you like it?

asked by ohayou last answered by FixitJorge
glassy How to give yourself a Japanese name? Reward $2

How to give yourself a Japanese name?

asked by glassy last answered by FixitJorge
AAA1992 This notebook PC Good for Game.?? Reward $3

Specifications: LENOVO ESSENTIAL G5045 A6 Cpu: AMD Quad Core A6-6310 1.80GHz up to 2.40 GHz Graphic :AMD Radeon R5 M330 2GB RAM : 6GB HDD:1000 GB other DVD-RW Webcam Card Reader Wi-Fi Ethernet Port VGA Port HDMI Port...

asked by AAA1992 last answered by nihal29
ChessKing Батарея телефона при морозе. answered Reward $2

Как ведет себя батарея телефона на морозе?Увеличится ли саморазряд?

asked by ChessKing last answered by brendaniel
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