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nashwadnavas Cant open a file game or anything Reward $1

When i am clicking on it their showing like this the application was unable to start 0xc0000142

asked by nashwadnavas last answered by omarwa
glassy What is the best VPN to use in China? Reward $1

I need to run it on my PC.

asked by glassy last answered by omarwa
baladox My driver is totally full . how to clean and gain some space Reward $1 5

My driver is totally full . how to clean and gain some space

asked by baladox last answered by kadi007
pleaseAnswerMe I want to access MYSQL Database on 000webhost hosting service Reward $1 10

I need database access On my website for a PHP register Script, please somebody help. <?php echo "Please help"; ?>

asked by pleaseAnswerMe last answered by pleaseAnswerMe
Teresita Can we generate traffic to a site from traffic exchanges? 5

Can anyone in this forum try getting traffic to his or her website by joining traffic exchanges? Can you recommend one or two best sites to join?

asked by Teresita last answered by yousifalnaier2
Teresita At what percentage are we allowed to edit or change a PLR before we can post it as our own? 5

I have some Private Label Rights articles in my computer and I want to post them and add content to my blog site. To avoid duplicate content, i plan to edit these articles . Do you have any idea at what percent are we allowed to change these PLR's before we can call it our own?

asked by Teresita last answered by yousifalnaier2
kenman123456 IP adress can't fixed Reward $1

IP adress can't fixed, If I fixed the IP, one day ago, restart the computer the IP adress changed, can't fixed.

asked by kenman123456 last answered by sfldhd
rmswenson747 Wise folder hider - failed to load driver Reward $1

Trying to re-install wise folder hider... 4.22... keep getting failed to load driver error... any ideas?

asked by rmswenson747 last answered by milmil
chengkailu 綱頁架設現在綱站的資料只剩下這四個當初光碟備份的請問有辦法透過wp復原 Reward $1

我的電腦出了些問題,現在綱站的資料只剩下這四個當初光碟備份的請問有辦法透過wp復原我的網站嗎//? db shop_new sa POS [MORE]

asked by chengkailu last answered by jiayi6632016
Igotthis Can't log ig garena, error 2471 Reward $1

I have got this problem for 3 days, I haven't changed anything or installed anything new. Can anyone help me please!

asked by Igotthis last answered by jrham
layls1071 Better place to buy electronics answered Reward $1 10

Ineed better place to buy electronics on internet ?

asked by layls1071 last answered by MagicQuantumMechanic
pleaseAnswerMe How many days can it take for a amazon delivery to come from UK to any other country in Europe 5

I made an amazon order and I want to know how many days Can it take to deliver my order from UK to any other Europe Country

asked by pleaseAnswerMe
operint Dumas alexandr writer france Reward $1

Books of dumas sr.

asked by operint last answered by Flashwind
aj Memory @ line 1 in WIN10 Reward $1

I can barely do anything; read email, scroll on Facebook, etc. without getting the "Out of Memory at line 1 or line 325, etc. I reset IE but that has not helped.....Can you help? Thank You!

asked by aj last answered by milmil
AYMEN19 Why my computer pup out while gaming Reward $1

It show a windows with stopping now always and i don't know why is that happining its with all games

asked by AYMEN19 last answered by Ravindra_2
the_livewire Is CCLeaner really infected with Malwares and Computer Viruses? answered Reward $1

CCleaner was reportedly infected with malwares and viruses, after being compromised by hackers. How true is this?

asked by the_livewire last answered by layls1071
LiViOlRi If I want an App just to edit videos what is the best computer to do it? a PC, a Laptop or a Tab. Let me know all about it. Thanks! answered Reward $1

My son needs a computer because he is studying to be a filmmaker what kind of computer does he need? Let me know all about it. Thanks!

asked by LiViOlRi last answered by the_livewire
mtn30 Just a question about registry defrag answered Reward $1 1

What % redunancy should I wait until I defrag the registry?

asked by mtn30 last answered by mtn30
AAA1992 Best topic for create a blog? answered Reward $1

Which is better ...

asked by AAA1992 last answered by LiViOlRi
Teresita Where can I find a free Autoresponder? Reward $1

Aside from paid autoresponder such as Aweber, where can I find a free one where I can practice before I subscribe to a paid one?

asked by Teresita last answered by AAA1992
rehan05 Screen shot on laptop.... Reward $1

How to make screen shot on laptop?

asked by rehan05 last answered by quiclee1
ChessKing Is it possible to sharpen the photo? answered Reward $1

With what online service or program can you sharpen the photo made on your mobile phone?

asked by ChessKing last answered by Aravi
AAA1992 Android Programing with Java script and CSS and html . answered Reward $1

I am in learn html and CSS and java script for android Programing what do you think .??/ is Good method?????

asked by AAA1992 last answered by AAA1992
VikasSharma Fix error eject usb. answered 5

asked by VikasSharma last answered by Safi78
Teresita Can I share my wifi password to my neighbor without me paying extra charges? answered Reward $1

I use my laptop at home when I access the internet through WIFI which I pay monthly for internet use. My question is if I share my password with someone living near our house, will I be liable to pay additional pay aside from my regular monthly payment?

asked by Teresita last answered by Safi78
Teresita How do you add your own affiliate link to a product or other pdf document answered Reward $1

I am promoting someone else product and I want to add my own affiliate link to a free e-book given to me. How do i add the link to the pdf or any other document?

asked by Teresita last answered by nuklin
listaccount102 What are the pros and cons of making friends online? answered Reward $1


asked by listaccount102 last answered by MAKEROFMONY2
Teresita Can a laptop not be damaged if it is use daily without its battery? answered Reward $1

I have been using my laptop directly plugged to an AC outlet because the battery was damaged shortly after I bought it. Will this practice cause damage to my computer?

asked by Teresita last answered by ha14
Aravi Unable to change graphic driver answered Reward $2

System Ubuntu 16.04.3 with Windows x configured NVidia 940mx Intel i5 Problem: not able to change driver for Nvidia. Only showing waiting for media. I have also tried in tty1. I have also installed NVidia GeForce driver 384. I have to change or update the driver because I have problem of video lag and system crash. I cant use hardware acceleration.

asked by Aravi last answered by bikipdanong
HFAvery C drive space is not reducing Reward $1

I am running windows 7... Have deleted restore points, deleted programs etc.... I still recovered only a small amount of space... I defrag daily also....PLZ HELP!!!! I have also deleted unused factory programs from windows also.......

asked by HFAvery last answered by Ravindra_2
Parag Monitors are getting damaged by its power supply. Reward $1

I tried 2-3 monitors for my pc but found all monitors gets in stand by mode an gets uner repair.

asked by Parag last answered by nuklin
edouard_siu How to fix HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT ISSUES? Reward $1

How to fix HKEY_classes_root\.p10 & HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.w11

asked by edouard_siu last answered by twalker
torisfall Is there a version of Wisecare for Android Tablets? Reward $1

Is there a version of Wisecare for Android Tablets?

asked by torisfall last answered by youba2015
AAA1992 Which language ,C# .net VS Java VS C++??and , Why? answered Reward $1


asked by AAA1992 last answered by AAA1992
galaxor White horizontal lines while playing 5

Hi everyone, I´m having a bad time while playing because with any game that is running, my computer starts doing white horzontal lines likes flashes, I mean they appear randomly and a very short time.(I uploaded a few images for you to see) The problem only occurs while playing, when the computer gets hot, and also, only when its charging. If while I play I unplug the notebook, it just stop doing the lines, but my battery lasts like 30 mins while playing or 5 hours doing everything else. First ... [MORE]

asked by galaxor last answered by janesmith76
sunrise How many points do you have on Euask? Reward $1

Wondering if anyone could exchange for a iPad?

asked by sunrise last answered by Teresita
Aravi An unclear Gstreaming addon type ubuntu 16.04. answered Reward $1

GStreaming addon have ugly set and bad set. How they affect multimedia configuration? Should I keep ugly set addon or remove it. Will removing help improve my system configuration. Can I have good set. How to install it?

asked by Aravi last answered by ha14
lindabest Free Big File manger .. answered Reward $1

I use wise care 365 . big file manger need buy . I want free big file manger ...

asked by lindabest last answered by AAA1992
Cwalker77 Micosoft Edge/Internet Explored answered Reward $1

Good evening, Why does my internet explored/edge close unexpected

asked by Cwalker77 last answered by alicenow
Nur_iffah Is Yandere Male Real? Reward $1

Well...first of all I always love to read a yandere story...especially watching anime(obviously yandere) but I just thinking is it true that the character in the anime(yandere) exist in real life? Kill the people to get their love one.. haha...creepy..

asked by Nur_iffah last answered by patrickahla
lindabest Why visual stdio is very slow in first loading .. answered Reward $1


asked by lindabest last answered by chakramed
Sujit3451 How can I update google chrome Reward $1

How can i update google chrome.i didn't know to update google chrome

asked by Sujit3451 last answered by aprilrussell
brobushek The computer shuts down spontaneously Reward $1

Sound is lost on the computer, a slight suspension of the system, spontaneous shutdown. what could be the problem?

asked by brobushek last answered by aprilrussell
ChessKing The Yandex browser does not work Reward $1

The Yandex browser does not work.Wrote. That it was not possible to translate. A problem with a network

asked by ChessKing last answered by Flashwind
bmiflin Lg g3 factory reset. Reward $1

Anyone here know how to get to get the mcafee lock off of one?

asked by bmiflin last answered by tomycruise646
AAA1992 Sound Problems . answered Reward $1

I have problem win install sound driver ..

asked by AAA1992 last answered by ahmetyazicijr
sadhzcn What are best Music Downloading Apps than Music Paradise? Reward $1

If you are a music lover, you must have searched for free apps that provide free music download. There are so many free mp3 downloader apps for android. I also do not know until I searched on Google. Please share yours in reply.

asked by sadhzcn last answered by robertjenkins
Wilfredvr How do i get a Ethereum adress? (and mining) Reward $1 5

How do i get a Ethereum adress? How to mine ethereum?

asked by Wilfredvr last answered by jlbtcptc
3972039 Camera not working Reward $1

After upgrade windows 10 anniversary upgrade,my camera windows app stopped working completely.

asked by 3972039 last answered by mohamedsif
Icuska Szép napot mindenkinek! Reward $1

Üdvözlök mindenkit szeretettel! lassan vége lesz a nyárnak sajnos. Ismét ránk fog köszönteni az ősz! Sajnos az én nyaram nem valami jóra sikeredett! Sok betegséggel kelett megküzdenem.Aminek eredménye egy fül műtét lesz az ősz folyamán. Én szívből kívánom mindenkinek jó egészséget és boldog napokat! Üdvözlettel : Icuska

asked by Icuska last answered by Pamela
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