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rustyindian Windows update failure Reward $1

Windows update displays error code 80004005 when downloading important updates... can't fix error....

asked by rustyindian last answered by isaiah05
scsi SSD menu not show. Reward $1

Hello I have windows 10 pro on ssd, why Wise Registry Cleaner not show ssd menu for optimization?

asked by scsi last answered by isaiah05
zoozoorp Windows 8.1 windows update Reward $1

Everytime i check for updates i get these error codes: 80072efe 8024A000 0x800F0906 8024402F 80244019 at differnt times i check for the update after i install updates the first time but afterwords when i check for them thats what i get and i even use the trouble shooter for windows update as adminstor and it says its fixed and i even reboot and check again it keeps giving me the error codes so what do i do to keep it from giving me those error codes if anyone can help me i would appereachate it [MORE]

asked by zoozoorp last answered by ha14
ab1936 Origin activation FIFA 2017 Reward $1

I have bought a activation code for FIFA2017 ... but I cant play FIFA...when I open the game ، origin request me a activation code...and when I enter the code that I bought ، the game did not play...why???? :(

asked by ab1936
FredricBurrows Bell Ross Replica but i forgot Reward $1

After our reconnecting date, he thanked me for any great night and explained he desired to meet up after i came back from another vacation Panerai Luminor 1950 Replica. The ADRC can also be billed with down to performing outreach services towards the aging community and Transition Outreach services to youthful disabled adults transitioning out of highschool. There are lots of issues concerning the existence cycle of synthetics, that can come mainly from petrochemicals. You have to check out the... [MORE]

asked by FredricBurrows last answered by AAA1992
mithuna How To Download Play Store APK APP For Mobiles Reward $1

Playstore when you bought first smart phone or tablet with android operating system.If you want to start with finding some apps in your new phone. Google Play is the app store to find the app you’re looking forGoogle Playis originally known as the Android Market,is the official app store and online distribution service developed by Google

asked by mithuna last answered by jiayi6632016
gottagame0003 Frequent crashes.CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED Reward $1

I'm having these frequent blue screen of death due error 0x000000EF CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED.It had been lurking in my pc.It is seasonal and appears the most when I play games.Please help me out. OS:-Windows 10.0.10586.0.

asked by gottagame0003 last answered by Aravi
AAA1992 Two computer with same Mac Address in network or Internet Reward $1

Is possible ?

asked by AAA1992 last answered by Aravi
hangmantee05 Blackberry z3 rooting Reward $1

I am failing to send media with my blackberry on whatsapp, is there any solution

asked by hangmantee05 last answered by jiayi6632016
Sarasotan Can't Update Windows answered Reward $1

I can't update Windows because I get a message saying I have to delete Roxio Backup MyPC. I've tried every method I know how to locate and delete it, but it doesn't seem to exist.

asked by Sarasotan last answered by Sarasotan
19mitch65 How to D/L and run APK on PC Reward $1 5

How can I download and run andriod apk programs on my home PC running Windows 10 ?. and are the programs compatible with WIN 10. . How do I get the programs or files to d/l to computer, not cellphone?

asked by 19mitch65 last answered by jiayi6632016
drbugman Computer upgrade 7 to 10 Reward $1

Can you upgrade win 7 to windows 10 free. if so how

asked by drbugman last answered by Tarfa57
fastwebhost best web hosting company in India? Reward $1

best web hosting company in India?

asked by fastwebhost last answered by rohinraha
mskk1962 Why startup time for firefox is slow? Reward $1

Pl ans wer

asked by mskk1962 last answered by rohinraha
alidaeh What's license key Reward $1

What's license key

asked by alidaeh last answered by rohinraha
raalphroug Failure to create a restore point error message 2147212542 in wisedisk cleaner 9 slimming system removal Reward $1

Failure to create a restore point error message 2147212542 in wisedisk cleaner 9 slimming system removal

asked by raalphroug last answered by ha14
MarcosGuitti Error in Combat Arms game Reward $1

My friend has this error in the Combat Arms, but I do not, how to solve it? All system drivers are up to date, Windows is up to date, i already tried to reinstall directx on his pc, but I did not get a solution

asked by MarcosGuitti last answered by Aravi
rohinraha How the virus is destroying shortcuts Reward $1


asked by rohinraha last answered by jiayi6632016
Icuska Hogyan védekezzel a nagy melegben, Reward $1

Szerbusztok! Mindenkinek nagyon szép délutánt és hétvégét kívánok! lement a finom vasárnapi ebéd? Ki mit főzött? Én nagyon finom húslevest,és csirkepörköltet igazi magyarosan. desszert piskótatekercs, és sok-sok gyümölcs,és folyadék. További jó pihenést kellemes időtöltést. üdvözlettel: Icuska

asked by Icuska last answered by kacor11
dncnw0kt What subscription do I have and what do I need Reward $1

Please advise on what subscription do I have and what do I need

asked by dncnw0kt last answered by jiayi6632016
layls1071 Youtube channel camera Reward $1 5

I would like to start my YouTube channel . do you recommend to use pro camera or phone camera ?

asked by layls1071 last answered by isaiah05
joan1985 Dell laptop won't shutdown answered Reward $1

Dell laptop won't shutdown after Windows 10 upgrade.

asked by joan1985 last answered by isaiah05
MarcosGuitti Problem in explorer.exe on Windows Start Reward $1

Hi, I have a problem in the explorer.exe process in windows startup, the problem started recently, I did an optimization on the computer with a program and after that Windows started to boot much faster, however, the process '' explorer.exe 'It takes a long time to load after I make my user password, before this optimization the process of initialization was more time consuming, however the full desktop and explorer.exe started normally, now with this problem the screen goes black by A certain t... [MORE]

asked by MarcosGuitti last answered by ha14
jamal19 Why does my laptop not burn CDs yet i have the burning software Reward $1

It say it could not write on device

asked by jamal19 last answered by jiayi6632016
Mikey Cannot create New Folder Reward $1

Cannot create a New Folder for C:/ or a jump drive via "Computer" ican. Can save new files and update files tho.

asked by Mikey last answered by Pouya
sal630 Internet spyware Reward $1

Everytime I scan for spyware one of the problems it fines is systemcare.It seems to erase it but the next time I scan it finds the same thing.How do I get rid of it permanently.

asked by sal630 last answered by LgMtznow22
ab1936 Cant format Removable Disk answered Reward $1

Why??? :(

asked by ab1936 last answered by ab1936
a454545 Have problem with playing Game answered Reward $1

I have 2 problem with playing game... when I play... First: and other is: why??? I cant run the game

asked by a454545 last answered by ab1936
AAA1992 Disable driver update in windows update 10 answered Reward $2

I try a few way for disable driver update ,bot did not work.

asked by AAA1992 last answered by ab1936
ab1936 What wrong with my 4G Modem???? Reward $1

""Error 633: Modem already in use or not configured properly"" What is that???

asked by ab1936 last answered by hongphuonghcm
Robert_Burlin Windows Update Does not Work answered Reward $1

How Do I fix this? About My PC Make : Asrock Model : Q1900M and Or D1800M CPU : A Crappy Intel celoron Windows 7 64 Bit Os Browser : Google Chrome

asked by Robert_Burlin last answered by AAA1992
Kip Computer viruses Reward $1

Why do people create computer viruses to destroy some ones computer they don't even know?

asked by Kip last answered by WithoutA
HannaM What to do after the WannaCry attack? Reward $1

How can we recover data if affected by the WannaCry virus?

asked by HannaM last answered by Mathilda
Gtorok Memory usage is always over 75% (8GB RAM) Reward $1

Hi, I have a laptop with 8 Gb RAM. The laptop was fast untill last weekend. (The small icon of wise care 365 always shows the current memory usage it was generally 25-30%) something happened from that time, nowadays, the memory usage shows always over 75% sometimes over 80%!!!!!. The system start is good (18-20 sec), but operation is very slow, programs can't start, many times it can't load any web pages. I didn't install any program. In task manager I can't find any program which can overloa... [MORE]

asked by Gtorok last answered by yogisugandi25
jdb152 Android OS question 5

I am curious is there any app available that can somehow allow you to use your SD card the way I used to be able to use it without encrypting the card??

asked by jdb152
mcmc1012 Freeze ups and slow downs Reward $2

I use a laptop and it freezes or starts to drag. I use Firefox, but it happens with IE also although not so much. CCleaner relieves the problem or sometimes Wise registry cleaner fixes it too. But the freeze ups continue. Netflix drags the most, but fact is these freeze ups have always been a problem on every laptop I've owned. What am I doing wrong? Also I get "script errors" notifications too. Thanks.

asked by mcmc1012 last answered by chakramed
marketsgolabl Which is better GTA or other Reward $1 10

Which is better GTA or other

asked by marketsgolabl last answered by chakramed
jdb152 Encrypted SD card is not recognized by computer... answered Reward $1

When I was forced to upgrade my android operating system to marshmallow I didn't realize that i was essentially blocking any use of my sd card as external storage. So i decided to encrypt it because that was the only way that i would be able to use it at all. things were going fine for a few weeks but then my phone started acting weird so i foolishly turned the phone off and took out the sd card(while the phone was off). I was not thinking about the fact that as soon as I took it out of my phone... [MORE]

asked by jdb152 last answered by ha14
Robt U S B Flash Drive Reward $2

I can't format My USB It keeps giving me a Disk is write protected

asked by Robt last answered by Aravi
Biobba2015 Non deframmenta, anzi mi ha riempito il disco di frammenti. Reward $1

Ho usato il Vostro programma per ottimizzare ma anziché pulire il disco e deframmentarlo me lo ha riempito di frammenti per cui adesso non ho più spazio nel disco. Ho provato in tutti i modi ma niente da fare.

asked by Biobba2015 last answered by yogisugandi25
egsnyder Shutdown of windows 10 won't complete on Dell laptop Reward $1

I have to force the machine to shut down with the power button. Shut down doesn't seem to finish.

asked by egsnyder last answered by koroleva
RoyFXHackers When i plug in charger automaticly on and black screen Reward $1 5

Hello , i got one laptop when i plug in charger that laptop is automaticly on and black screen . when i plug out charger my laptop not funtion . can some one help me

asked by RoyFXHackers last answered by voineaadi
shubhamjoshi Need password for rar files that was posted by only god Reward $1

I have downloaded window 10 rar files from a link given by only god one of the user but friend after opening the password link all things are coming in arabic language tjat i cannot understand please help

asked by shubhamjoshi last answered by voineaadi
rodell Renewing product 5

I would like to renew my product. However I can not contact you. Your renewal page is blank.

asked by rodell last answered by voineaadi
galaxor Can't answer posts here Reward $1

Why can't I reply on some posts? I may have an answer or another question. I'm a bit new too anyway. Thanks

asked by galaxor last answered by voineaadi
lewisbrian ISUSPM.exe how do I uninstall Reward $3

How do I uninstall from windows 10. The cleanup of registry does not work. Whenever I trurn on computer it appears on bottom toolbar and I have to click on it twice on NO for it to disappear.

asked by lewisbrian last answered by voineaadi
fonualp Trying to run a batch file Reward $1

I am trying to run a batch file, but the computer won't let me. It tells me that Windows Script Host access is disabled on this machine, so how do I fix that ? I have Windows 7 Pro.on my computer.

asked by fonualp last answered by voineaadi
Brew3242 Plug and play backing up a PC answered Reward $1

I know the importance of backups. My question is how can I perform a backup of EVERYTHING on my hard drive so that when I need to do a restore all I have to do is plug something in and hit enter (or equally easy, something equivalent to plug and play). I've heard about imaging a drive which I know will take a long time. I'm trying to avoid having to search for my program files (e.g., Microsoft Office) that I bought once but don't want to buy again.

asked by Brew3242 last answered by Brew3242
RoyFXHackers How to control cpu activity answered 5

Hello My Freind I got the problem that my pc just use intel celeron but if i run some software , my pc got hang . Do you guy's can help me how to control cpu activity?

asked by RoyFXHackers last answered by keksoman380
ChessKing Need a website with internal bookmarks answered Reward $1

To exit these pages from another country.

asked by ChessKing last answered by Aravi
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