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AAA1992 Which wise software do you use ? Reward $2

I use Wise System monitor .is very useful for bandwidth monitor . How about you ?

asked by AAA1992 last answered by gcryall
a454545 Download and save video from YouTube Reward $1

How I can Download and save video from YouTube to my computer?

asked by a454545 last answered by Kosio
mpxwebradio Windows 7 Explorer, Can't Browser With Bultin Windows Explorer Reward $1

I was working in my radio station earlier. the C:/ got full because i was downloading so many discs, Then the Explorer just bugged and i can't open it again. it only works in Secure Mode. I'm using explorer++ to browse in my computer, Taskbar and Desktop works perfectly.

asked by mpxwebradio last answered by mpxwebradio
ajschulan Problem with Wise Disk Cleaner on Windows 10 Reward $1

Running version 9.49.669. Unable to select a drive to scan on the Advanced Cleaning tab

asked by ajschulan last answered by ha14
jole Iphone problem cannot reboot Reward $1

Hi I am trying to delete everything and start again but it wont let me because of password which I have totally forgot can some one help me thanks jole

asked by jole last answered by jole
marketsgolabl Sharing conection with my home devices Reward $1 5

I want to share my adsl internet with my devices such tv box and others and my router cant accept more than 6 clients at once i have to disconect some devices to make others connect any solution ??

asked by marketsgolabl last answered by ha14
ChessKing Software update Android Reward $1

When trying to update says "not installed".How to update the program without removing it?

asked by ChessKing last answered by jiayi6632016
lilwink Cleaning with Wise Registry cleaner 9 Free Reward $1

My Free cleaner does not clean all things that are found wrong. Why ???????

asked by lilwink last answered by jiayi6632016
AAA1992 Best video play with low battery usage for wndows ? Reward $1


asked by AAA1992 last answered by jiayi6632016
ab1936 How to Unroot my Android Phone Reward $1

How to Unroot my galaxy s7 phone ???

asked by ab1936 last answered by isaiah05
Manandezo What is the meaning of "Hardfork"? Reward $1

I've seen in some sites related to blockchain the term "Hardfork". I've read some explanations and couldn't understand them as they were too difficult for my English levels of comprehension. Can you explain it in a better way?

asked by Manandezo
bwrshly best Mix and Mastring app for win answered 5

What is the best Mix and Mastring app for windows ??? give me download link pls.

asked by bwrshly last answered by ShaneBolt
Deddy About google adsense Reward $1

I tried to join google adsense, but I do not know how to use it. My friend said the app could make money. How could it be?

asked by Deddy last answered by yogisugandi25
rpongrac Does anyone know what Mammary Intercourse is? answered Reward $1

Does anyone know what Mammary Intercourse is as last night a Lady in a bar asked me if I was really into it as she loves and enjoys it very much. If anyone has any photos of Mammary Intercourse it would be greatly appreciated...

asked by rpongrac last answered by rpongrac
deborah1024 Wise registry cleaner 9 pro answered Reward $1

Does the wise registry cleaner 9 pro work with windows 10?

asked by deborah1024 last answered by kverma
Sarasotan Can't Update Windows answered Reward $1

I can't update Windows because I get a message saying I have to delete Roxio Backup MyPC. I've tried every method I know how to locate and delete it, but it doesn't seem to exist.

asked by Sarasotan last answered by Deddy
zoozoorp Windows 8.1 windows update answered Reward $1

Everytime i check for updates i get these error codes: 80072efe 8024A000 0x800F0906 8024402F 80244019 at differnt times i check for the update after i install updates the first time but afterwords when i check for them thats what i get and i even use the trouble shooter for windows update as adminstor and it says its fixed and i even reboot and check again it keeps giving me the error codes so what do i do to keep it from giving me those error codes if anyone can help me i would appereachate it [MORE]

asked by zoozoorp last answered by Deddy
idontcare Why are programs injected? answered Reward $1

Why are programs injected with a virus that destroys the computers of these people?

asked by idontcare last answered by Deddy
mithuna How To Download Play Store APK APP For Mobiles Reward $1

Playstore when you bought first smart phone or tablet with android operating system.If you want to start with finding some apps in your new phone. Google Play is the app store to find the app you’re looking forGoogle Playis originally known as the Android Market,is the official app store and online distribution service developed by Google

asked by mithuna last answered by Deddy
zoozoorp Antivirus all 4 all in one uses Reward $1

What is or does anyone know of a complete free antivirus that not just keeps viruses away that will also repair things and files on the computer and does a complete root maleware and spyware and so on that will get ride of them and fix them I don't mean the ones that is free to try as a trail bases for like a week to 30 days then you will have to pay for it its not avg or avg zen it only has free antivirus but the rest you can try for free and it only repairs 3 things but then you have to pay fo... [MORE]

asked by zoozoorp last answered by Deddy
kings How repair a usb stick Reward $1

I forgot to take out my usb stick using the softwared, just pulled it out of usb on my computer. It now says it needs reformat for me to use it, and i will then loose all my data. Does anyone have clues to how can fix it without loosing my data

asked by kings last answered by CoolCat
VictorAraujo League Of Legends Reward $1

Do you like League of Legends ???

asked by VictorAraujo last answered by jiayi6632016
MarcosGuitti Error in Combat Arms game Reward $1

My friend has this error in the Combat Arms, but I do not, how to solve it? All system drivers are up to date, Windows is up to date, i already tried to reinstall directx on his pc, but I did not get a solution

asked by MarcosGuitti last answered by deborah1024
wanwise O seu PC está com peso na CPU? 5

Wise registry cleaner 9 - é um dos melhores aplicativo limpador de registro do PÇ; eu estou usando por isso recomendo. Melhorou o muito o desempenho do meu PC, deu uma melhora na velocidade do meu PC. Valeu!!!

asked by wanwise last answered by abdelhamidtsouli
sal630 Internet spyware Reward $1

Everytime I scan for spyware one of the problems it fines is systemcare.It seems to erase it but the next time I scan it finds the same thing.How do I get rid of it permanently.

asked by sal630 last answered by deborah1024
shivangisharma1 Does Hosting Raja offer any discounts for VPS hosting services? Reward $1

I am planning to sign up for the BASIC VPS plan for my new website. But it is kind of out of my budget. Do you know any Hosting Raja VPS Hosting coupons which I can use?

asked by shivangisharma1 last answered by deborah1024
AAA1992 How to get free Radeem google Play Gift Card free. answered Reward $1

I test a few way , but ,I am not succesfull

asked by AAA1992 last answered by AAA1992
mskk1962 Why startup time for firefox is slow? Reward $1

Pl ans wer

asked by mskk1962 last answered by Bill99
Thiru4938 Internet Shut down Reward $1

When I download a torrent file my Internet Connection switched off automatically. I am having Bitdefender 2017 installed. I am running Windows 10 Home Edition 64 bit. How I can overcome this problem?

asked by Thiru4938 last answered by zakariayourid
tmataruse104 Registry and perfomance Issues Reward $3

Will cleaning up my registry with a tool such as Wise Registry, improve my computer perfomance in general since most of my apps have been lagging Apps such as. VLC Media Player

asked by tmataruse104 last answered by voineaadi
ab1936 Origin activation FIFA 2017 Reward $1

I have bought a activation code for FIFA2017 ... but I cant play FIFA...when I open the game ، origin request me a activation code...and when I enter the code that I bought ، the game did not play...why???? :(

asked by ab1936 last answered by AAA1992
raalphroug Failure to create a restore point error message 2147212542 in wisedisk cleaner 9 slimming system removal Reward $1

Failure to create a restore point error message 2147212542 in wisedisk cleaner 9 slimming system removal

asked by raalphroug last answered by jiayi6632016
FredricBurrows Bell Ross Replica but i forgot Reward $1

After our reconnecting date, he thanked me for any great night and explained he desired to meet up after i came back from another vacation Panerai Luminor 1950 Replica. The ADRC can also be billed with down to performing outreach services towards the aging community and Transition Outreach services to youthful disabled adults transitioning out of highschool. There are lots of issues concerning the existence cycle of synthetics, that can come mainly from petrochemicals. You have to check out the... [MORE]

asked by FredricBurrows last answered by jiayi6632016
gottagame0003 Frequent crashes.CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED Reward $1

I'm having these frequent blue screen of death due error 0x000000EF CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED.It had been lurking in my pc.It is seasonal and appears the most when I play games.Please help me out. OS:-Windows 10.0.10586.0.

asked by gottagame0003 last answered by jiayi6632016
shivangisharma1 Do Hosting Raja charge extra for backup in VPS or cloud hosting? Reward $2

I am planning to buy VPS or Cloud Hosting from Hosting Raja. As i didn't find information about the backup charges on their website. Do they charge extra for backup?

asked by shivangisharma1 last answered by jiayi6632016
MarcosGuitti Help me with this error Reward $1

asked by MarcosGuitti last answered by MarcosGuitti
MWM Partitions are going crazy answered Reward $1

Partitions are unable to open to format and to see its properties ; i'm dealing with that using the tape on the side just to open them

asked by MWM last answered by Aravi
alidaeh What's license key Reward $1

What's license key

asked by alidaeh last answered by apk1982
scsi SSD menu not show. Reward $1

Hello I have windows 10 pro on ssd, why Wise Registry Cleaner not show ssd menu for optimization?

asked by scsi last answered by apk1982
Kip Computer viruses Reward $1

Why do people create computer viruses to destroy some ones computer they don't even know?

asked by Kip last answered by garbo2019
hangmantee05 Blackberry z3 rooting Reward $1

I am failing to send media with my blackberry on whatsapp, is there any solution

asked by hangmantee05 last answered by jeannesusanhilary
Icuska Hogyan védekezzel a nagy melegben, Reward $1

Szerbusztok! Mindenkinek nagyon szép délutánt és hétvégét kívánok! lement a finom vasárnapi ebéd? Ki mit főzött? Én nagyon finom húslevest,és csirkepörköltet igazi magyarosan. desszert piskótatekercs, és sok-sok gyümölcs,és folyadék. További jó pihenést kellemes időtöltést. üdvözlettel: Icuska

asked by Icuska last answered by katie942
AAA1992 Two computer with same Mac Address in network or Internet answered Reward $1

Is possible ?

asked by AAA1992 last answered by ha14
rustyindian Windows update failure Reward $1

Windows update displays error code 80004005 when downloading important updates... can't fix error....

asked by rustyindian last answered by isaiah05
19mitch65 How to D/L and run APK on PC Reward $1 5

How can I download and run andriod apk programs on my home PC running Windows 10 ?. and are the programs compatible with WIN 10. . How do I get the programs or files to d/l to computer, not cellphone?

asked by 19mitch65 last answered by jiayi6632016
drbugman Computer upgrade 7 to 10 Reward $1

Can you upgrade win 7 to windows 10 free. if so how

asked by drbugman last answered by deborah1024
fastwebhost best web hosting company in India? Reward $1

best web hosting company in India?

asked by fastwebhost last answered by rohinraha
rohinraha How the virus is destroying shortcuts Reward $1


asked by rohinraha last answered by jiayi6632016
dncnw0kt What subscription do I have and what do I need Reward $1

Please advise on what subscription do I have and what do I need

asked by dncnw0kt last answered by jiayi6632016
layls1071 Youtube channel camera Reward $1 5

I would like to start my YouTube channel . do you recommend to use pro camera or phone camera ?

asked by layls1071 last answered by isaiah05
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