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Wise_EPL (To All Who Use CCleaner) CCleaner Issue w/ Restore Point Reward $2 5

How do I fix the incorrect parameter issue?

asked by Wise_EPL last answered by nihal29
ZezuZaza Best Anime to watch 2017 Reward $2

List of best anime to watch

asked by ZezuZaza last answered by nihal29
selcinor Who built pyramid human or Alien i Reward $2

Who built pyramid human, Alien or God

asked by selcinor last answered by nihal29
MrOwnage Distorted sound mid-game Reward $3 10

Hello everyone! I have a weird problem when running more demanding games. The games in question are Advanced Warfare and Black Ops 2 for the most part. They run pretty well (Advanced Warfare 60 FPS but that's not the goal anyway with this build, details below, BO2 runs at 60 FPS otherwise) but randomly (and by that, totally randomly and unpredictable) the sound that was played in the last 1-2 frames or so sound distorted (I can't really describe how it sounds, it sorta goes high-pitched or stat... [MORE]

asked by MrOwnage last answered by Aravi
sunrise I hope such tragedy will never happen again Reward $2

asked by sunrise last answered by capybara
selcinor What are the craziest thing you love to do, or you did Reward $2

What are the funiest or craziest thing you love to do or you did

asked by selcinor last answered by capybara
markallen WHY THE FARK???? Reward $3

Why wont Groove music let me have my downloaded music? Is it because my free 30s has expired or what?

asked by markallen last answered by ha14

Years ago my cousin told me to hold down some buttons to get into the black screen that do9es a windows test - it has 2 lines and shows a test running to clean up the PC. But I can't remember which buttons to hold down, may I have help please ? Thank you ( in Wisconsin, family researcher )

asked by woodland1954 last answered by nuklin
pustoi11 Who is the most interesting person to talk to you? Reward $2

Imagine that once in a lifetime, you had the chance, you can talk to absolutely anyone, alive. who it is and why?

asked by pustoi11 last answered by nuklin
eXcaLite To find files from anywhere answered Reward $2

To file root zenfone 3 Laser find anywhere else.

asked by eXcaLite last answered by Aravi
selcinor Did you want to sell your used laptop, used phone 5

Did you want to sell your used items, like laptop, handset, etc that you already abandoned.

asked by selcinor last answered by ChessKing
ChessKing Самая холодная зима:да или нет? answered Reward $2

Давали прогноз что эта зима будет самая холодная за последние годы.Но по 1 дню зимы можно сказать какая и будет зима.И вот сегодня первый день зимы-температура как обычно.Как в других странах?

asked by ChessKing last answered by Aravi
woodland1954 Getting a hold of the people in here Reward $2

I'm seeing a lot of people here, but how do I directly get to a person for a comment or remark back ? These sites confuse me as an older person, not a kid anymore ! Many of you have written to me, and I greatly appreciate your answers, but don't know how to reply back to each of you. P.S. - The advice on getting my Windows check didn't work - I'm on Windows 10, the advice I was getting seemed to be for Windows 7 & 8. Does 10's windows check run differently. Never had to go to websites to get... [MORE]

asked by woodland1954 last answered by markallen
Nyikango Increase my sales on digital platform 5

How can I increase my sales by marketing on digital platform.

asked by Nyikango last answered by brendaniel
kmakoynohupa How to calculate the interest earned to the accumulation of interest and tax answered Reward $2

How to calculate the interest earned to the accumulation of interest and tax?

asked by kmakoynohupa last answered by ChessKing
Icuska Hol kereshetek biztos munkát? Reward $4

Hogyan és hol lehet keresni biztos és bevált internetes munkát?

asked by Icuska last answered by capybara
Nur_iffah HELP! What Rhetorical Question about Drug Abuse? Reward $2

Can you guys help me find rhetorical question about drug abuse in essay, article or speech and don't forget to give me the website too..thank you, i really need your help...

asked by Nur_iffah last answered by pustoi11
timetravler Counting the days. answered 5

Why did us humans start counting at year 1 and not way back before,say 5000 or more years back in time.. This day my be the year Nov.23, 222,222,202,016 or even a larger number. Did we start all over? And why? Would'it mess there records all up? And why did we start the date on Jan. 01,0001?

asked by timetravler last answered by Aravi
ChessKing Снижается ли частота процессора при разрядке батареи? answered Reward $2

На ноутбуке при разряде батареи загрузка системы идет несколько дольше.Снижается ли при этом частота процессора?А для андроида?

asked by ChessKing last answered by pustoi11
medfen4ik It`s better program Wise Disk Cleaner then CCleaner? Reward $1 1

What do u think?

asked by medfen4ik last answered by capybara
my_asylum At what point do you realize your self awear and a conscience being? Reward $2

How does a person know they're them self or a self awear individual?

asked by my_asylum last answered by capybara
marko1 Xbox or Playstation Reward $2

Which is better?

asked by marko1 last answered by capybara
ChessKing Принтер для телефона через bluetooth Reward $2

Есть ли такие принтеры чтоб распечатывать фото на телефоне через блютуз?

asked by ChessKing
ChessKing Изобретут ли Солнце на Земле? Reward $4

Как насчет успеха ученых в изобретений второго Солнца на Земле?

asked by ChessKing
rh150916 Please help me find the names of these characters. answered Reward $1

I found it in an old notebook about more than 10 years ago.

asked by rh150916 last answered by Aravi
my_asylum How many people think UFO's are real? answered Reward $2

How many believers VS non believers?

asked by my_asylum last answered by Icuska
sunrise Who is the leading role in New Mutants? answered Reward $2

Who is the leading role in New Mutants?

asked by sunrise last answered by zekman
ChessKing Какой онлайн-телескоп посоветуете? Reward $2

Слышал о таких онлайн-телескопах что видят звездное небо на компьютере?Какой лучше?

asked by ChessKing last answered by Flashwind
BTW How do you pronounce the name Ivan? answered Reward $2

How to pronounce the name Ivan?

asked by BTW last answered by zrodfects
Aravi Ways to increase apatite? answered Reward $2

Friends kindly help me to find a possible solution to increase a apatite of a 64 years old man. It's my dad who recovered dengue fever. He feels vomiting because of medicine he take. He avoid food because of the same. Help me find a article to increase apatite naturally without medicine. And avoid vomiting sensation.

asked by Aravi last answered by BluePandaKitty
MrOwnage Msisadrv.sys error? answered Reward $2 20

Hi guys! I am having a serious problem... again. Yesterday at night I tried turning off my computer. Interestingly the monitor turned off normally (there was nothing on screen) so I shut off the computer by holding the power button. Now today that computer refuses to boot up at all, and I am greeted by a blue screen saying msisadrv.sys was corrupt or missing. I am thinking it tried an update that I interrupted and now I have no idea what to do. I had an error code of 0xc0000102. Tried chkdsk ... [MORE]

asked by MrOwnage last answered by mmm790826
selcinor What can I eat that will reduce calories in my body. answered Reward $2

How can I burn fat and calories out of my body

asked by selcinor last answered by Icuska
victoriano2016 Network monitoring tools Reward $2

Hi guys, I have found different articles showing different network monitoring tools. It is quite difficult to find the best choice after reading at least 10-15 articles. I am trying to find the best 4 solutions and test in my organisation in a test environment. We have different OS such as Linux, Windows, Solaris and HP-UX. Moreover, our organisation mainly rely on IBM solutions (Webshpere), apache and IIS. Our databases are located in Oracle and MySQL. The best article I have found is https://b... [MORE]

asked by victoriano2016 last answered by victoriano2016
savram Coffee and tea: how you drink a day? 5

Coffee and tea: how you drink a day?

asked by savram last answered by MrOwnage
my_asylum Is there any new information about the Mongolian Death Worm? Reward $2

Just wanted to know if there's any new info about anybody catching one?

asked by my_asylum last answered by brendaniel
yoursong What will buy on Black Friday? Reward $2

What will buy on Black Friday?

asked by yoursong last answered by bagasganteng
ChessKing В какие приметы вы верите? Reward $2

Стоит ли верить приметам и в какие верите вы?

asked by ChessKing last answered by igor
Yuri It is true that the Gulf Stream stopped? answered Reward $2

It is true that the Gulf Stream stopped? And whether it is dangerous?

asked by Yuri last answered by adman006
Wise_EPL Forgot Haircut Name Reward $3 5

What the Haircut name where it's bald on the left & right but spiked straight up in the middle?

asked by Wise_EPL last answered by KamalAkeel
Wise_EPL Too Much System Restore Use? Reward $2 5

Can using System Restore too much be rough & hard on the Computer?

asked by Wise_EPL last answered by badlandbiker66
savram The Americans chose Trump. Why? answered Reward $2

The Americans chose Trump. Why?

asked by savram last answered by badlandbiker66
TheDammit What is the difference between a bug and an insect? answered Reward $2

I lying in bed, and think about it.

asked by TheDammit

I can't finish running Eset Online Scannerin my computer. I download the software, start the run.... but when finished all the options appears in BLACK and I can't finish the process. Help me, please. Thanks.

asked by raul1961 last answered by nihal29
Wise_EPL Windows SmartScreen Issue Reward $5 5

Is there any way to fix "Windows SmartScreen Can't Be Reached Right Now"?

asked by Wise_EPL
glassy What is 18-49 demo? Reward $2

What is 18-49 demo?

asked by glassy
gnimraws What kind of laptop would be the best? Reward $1

I'm looking for a laptop that doesn't go past (US)$530 I plan on using it for schoolwork, so pretty light, but also needs the capability to run moderately resource consuming applications(like chrome, sketch-up, and lighter downloadable games.) Priorities 1-Battery life-need huge amounts of battery life, for not being able to charge frequently. 2-CPU power 3-Modification capabilities (pretty much just inserting another hard drive) 4-RAM HDD space-preferably around 200G, I can add another if it c... [MORE]

asked by gnimraws
ashokkr Wifi doesnt work Reward $3

My pc wifi and network not working..

asked by ashokkr last answered by rehan05
Aleks111 Где найти эзотерические знания? answered 5

Какие лучшие книги по эзотерике можно приобрести, для обучения?

asked by Aleks111 last answered by Aravi
Danyil Can windows be in mac Book? Reward $3

Please answer

asked by Danyil
Wise_EPL Cortana Searchbar Options Missing Reward $3 5

The Cortana Search bar Options are missing from the taskbar menu. Does any Professional Expert know how to get them back 2 the taskbar menu?

asked by Wise_EPL
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