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Zlatane735 How fix this problem???? answered Reward $1

asked by Zlatane735 last answered by kristinella
Good_men3 Error 6 in photoshop 5

Hi If anyone has a solution to this problem, share with me. Thanks.

asked by Good_men3 last answered by Frustrate
baraninanli Appcrash problem Reward $1

I'm sure ,I was deleted this program's all data files,footprints. But this problem not solved. Please fix this.

asked by baraninanli last answered by cedridoste
ChessKing Video does not play on instagram Reward $1

The browser only has sound and black screen on all videos.

asked by ChessKing last answered by agrey
MazShita How to fix error 0xe06d7363 Reward $1


asked by MazShita last answered by rizwanengineer
oscarc2000 C drive full memory problem Reward $1

My C driver is 1TB but now show as is full and i don't have 3 programs but last week i had 85% unused so what can i do to fix the problem?

asked by oscarc2000 last answered by Ravindra_2
amarinho07 Missing notpad icon Reward $1

Notepad icon no longer appears in its files

asked by amarinho07 last answered by Tyler21
orjanlarsson1 My sound problems Reward $1

The sound have dissapered on my win10

asked by orjanlarsson1 last answered by kinzy2004
Yli What‘s wrong about the icon? Reward $1

asked by Yli last answered by Silvereyes
tanksi Windows 10 & HP home network printer Reward $1

HP 8720 all in one printer stopped working on my desktop PC which is connected via USB port. It does work for wireless laptops but not my connected PC. Getting error 0X000003e3. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling with no luck

asked by tanksi last answered by detelina
dutadorel1976 Restarting why ? Reward $1

asked by dutadorel1976 last answered by Ravindra_2
cadendadd Defrag files and separation Reward $1

Why will all the files not go together? They all stay separated all over the disk

asked by cadendadd last answered by baybecool1
layls1071 Toshiba laptop sound issue answered Reward $1 5

Hi i have this toshiba laptop i bought many mounths ago but recently i have this issue . sound keep playing and it cut i have to plug in my headset and uplug it so sound will play again . any one have passed this issue befor ??

asked by layls1071 last answered by BrownSugar2x
joexy Windows 10 Advanced Options doesn't have Startup settings answered Reward $1

I created a Windows 10 Recovery disk, but when I use it to boot up system, there is not Startup Settings in Advanced Options, only 5 options. why? My OS is Windows 10.0.17134 This is correct when I restart from Settings - Advanced Startup This is the one if I restart from my recovery disk

asked by joexy last answered by baybecool1
open1965_ Non funziona il riavvio Reward $1

Non funziona il riavvio, win 10, il pc si blocca

asked by open1965_ last answered by baybecool1
maybemaybe Which translator translates better answered Reward $1

With less errors and more understandable meaning.

asked by maybemaybe last answered by Jitu5488
a454545 Far Cry 3 has stopped working problem answered Reward $1

I can't play it more than 3 min. I Crack it successfully . How I can fix it???

asked by a454545 last answered by RubySolis
davislml84 Delay corrupted file in Program Files (x86) answered Reward $1

I cannot delete a file that is in the Program Files (x86) directory even though I have admin permissions. I have run registry cleaner repeatedly but still no dice.

asked by davislml84 last answered by funnyjokes
a454545 Cortana Problem :((( 5

I Have Big Problem With Cortana In WIN10... She Did NOT Work Properly ... I Think That Cortana Is Not Responding When I Click On Cortana Icon... :(

asked by a454545 last answered by baybecool1
bbooker Win 10 boot problem Reward $1

Win 10 always locks up at the blue window screen. A forced power off then power on will always work. Using an install media & choosing to fix the boot process finds no problem. Is there any solution other than a total new install? Clarification: Blue window screen does NOT mean the BSOD. It is the screen where the 4 panel window appears in the middle of the screen & the small rotating dots appear beneath it. Usually, about the 4th or 5th rotation the dots freeze & that's it. Clari... [MORE]

asked by bbooker last answered by baybecool1
layls1071 Windows 7 problem !!!!!! answered Reward $2

asked by layls1071 last answered by SupportTech
cmickler Virtualization issue Windows 10 Insider build. Reward $1

I am using a Dell Inspirion 15-3552 with Windows 10 Skip Ahead builds and since the previous update to the one I have now (build 17618) when I have Virtualization enabled in UEFI settings my mouse cursor fails to appear after the Lock Screen and the wireless mouse I have connected is completely disabled. Everything works as it should if Virtualization is disabled but then my computer runs noticeably slower than with Virtualization enabled

asked by cmickler last answered by EdwardGrimaldi
DenisLesage Loosing Programs Icons on W10 Reward $1

Since 3 days, softwares icons on w10 desktop disappeared. Once more this morning, Wise Uninstaller Icon has been replaced by a blank one. Softwares are still in computer but not easy to retrieve. Why (and how to repair)? The problem seems to be limited to icons of softwares not part of w10.

asked by DenisLesage last answered by baybecool1
a454545 Release Port 80 For XAMPP answered Reward $1

How I can Release Port 80 For XAMPP? Which app use this port?

asked by a454545 last answered by jedymark
sandipguchait Which is the Best Web Browser for PC? Reward $1

Which is the Best Web Browser for PC?

asked by sandipguchait last answered by berryjohnson
Volikes What is your favorite Internet speed test? Reward $1

I don't like as it often works not correctly in my region. What are the other options?

asked by Volikes last answered by shreeram1222
jordianz Walk me through how you might derive the black-scholes formula by using a real options approach Reward $3 5

Walk me through how you might derive the black-scholes formula by using a real options approach

asked by jordianz last answered by baybecool1
paulstrade Does anyone know of a proven site to make real money online fast? 5

I have heard of a lot of sites where you can make penny's for clicking this clicking this or watching videos I want to know of a real site that pays a little more then a few penny's and doesn't take for ever to make some money

asked by paulstrade last answered by RubySolis
snickers Problems with my WMP 12 player Reward $1

Every time I try to play any song in my WMP 12 in windows 7 I get this message, Windows Media Player cannot play the file. The Player might not support the file type or a required codec might not be installed on your computer. Any help would be greatly appreciate as this has been going on for quite a long time. I even installed VLC media player and I get a similar notice.

asked by snickers last answered by dannie
chamine How to wipe/erase hard drive from CMD prompt? Reward $1

How to wipe/erase hard drive from CMD prompt?

asked by chamine last answered by baybecool1
grems Cheap gift ideas? Reward $1

For Valentine's Day. What do you usually get?

asked by grems last answered by Faridoshka
Bendavidasdff Kernel Panic whilst booting MacOS Sierra in VMware workstation 12 Reward $1

Not sure what’s happening. I have been trying to install OS X in VMware for about a month now. I have finally done it by buying an old PC and upgrading the ram and the CPU. I currently have: Intel core 2 duo CPU E6750 @2.66GHz 3.00 GB RAM 64 Bit OS x64 based processor When I try to boot it up it gives me a kernel panic type page. I have uploaded an image to show you exactly what happens, and when it does the virtual machine restarts and it does the same thing. It just goes into a loop. I ha... [MORE]

asked by Bendavidasdff last answered by baybecool1
hphillpotts Windows 10 update screwed my computer Reward $1

I did a windows 10 update now it is stuck at personalised settings not responding. How do I sort this. I have seen things about regedit but not sure what to do and in the hklm I deleted Windows update but that did nothing

asked by hphillpotts last answered by baybecool1
sweetjenny13 NO Audio Output Device installed Reward $1

I have a problem with my shows no audio output device after i made some updates.

asked by sweetjenny13
gisu Windows 10 lost mail account answered Reward $1

Cannot solve this problem,please help! It is live mail essentials

asked by gisu last answered by gisu
ChessKing How to combine two m3u of the playlist into one? answered Reward $1

With the help of the program, online service and also manually.

asked by ChessKing last answered by baybecool1
TZH Wise Cleaner Question Reward $3

Message "your selection may include at least on solid state drive and defrag may reduce its lifetime"

asked by TZH last answered by jeetkml
darkpsinight Best sites for repack pc games [Not torrent sites] Reward $1

Does any one know a good site to download repack pc games ?

asked by darkpsinight
nathanq Have your say on net neutrality. answered Reward $1

What do you think about net neutrality.

asked by nathanq last answered by axivasichemin
lightcloud Is there a site where you can cash a check on your computer? answered Reward $1

I have an online bank it said to cash check you have to do it from you cellphone but I don`t have a cellphone, I have tried capital one 360 they do it but they told me the photo of my check couldn't be read or wasn't clear enough, so is there another site I can use and will they cash any check large or small, please tell me

asked by lightcloud last answered by melikten
adamjohnson Is someone accessing my laptop remotely? Reward $1

Hello everyone. I just joined today, primarily to ask the following questions: Here's the problem, and the symptoms. I unfortunately have a family member who has some serious emotional problems. This person, by definition, is a sociopath. He has also had drug related issues as well, and whether thats still an issue I dont know, as I dont deal with him anymore. But he's also got some friends who are simply really bad people. more: [MORE]

asked by adamjohnson last answered by bestdeals
99701 How many times per day is it safe to Clean my Registry? answered Reward $1

How often is it safe to Clean my Registry using Windows 10 intel Home HP Desktop 20-c010 with 2 GB of Ram and 900 GB Hard Drive? I use a Safe Scan Occasionally, but usually use a Custom Scan about 10 times per Day. Is that too much, and will it harm my Computer to do so? These Pictures are my Custom Scan Settings that I also have a Desktop Icon to Click and Run. I hope someone knows. Thanks.

asked by 99701 last answered by photoshop68
rehan05 How to hide my i.p address Reward $1

Hello, can anyone tell me that how can i hide my i.p? tell me on

asked by rehan05 last answered by AlexBMW
MelSmeaton Black Screen after login Reward $1

When I pass the login screen in Windows 10 I get a black screen with only a cursor showing. How can I correct this problem.

asked by MelSmeaton last answered by baybecool1
anhot Free or premium WP themes? Reward $1

What do you prefer, guys? Free or paid WP themes? I personally use wordpress for businesses, in particular these premium themes . They are all very effective themes with great features. But I'm wondering whether free themes can be also as effective?

asked by anhot last answered by tonnyken1
ab1936 Having trouble with using external storage on USB port 5

When i put an external hard drive or... in the usb port my system can't read it . i tried to install drivers but it didn't worked actually . what do you recommend me to do?

asked by ab1936 last answered by customerhelpp
sammiejo21 Cannot open any kind of programs or files on windows 7 answered Reward $1

Cannot open any of my files or programs or anything. Constantly getting an error message. and it says my copy of windows is not genuine. What do I do? I don't have a windows installation disk.

asked by sammiejo21 last answered by baybecool1
TrevorKith What are the best corporate gifts ideas? 5

Some small and cheap things

asked by TrevorKith last answered by ariesmooney
BuddyStud Blue Screen of Death Reward $1

So i used wise game booster to disable most of my processes for windows that it allowed me to stop,then restarted my PC and now i got the blue screen of death. It can't recover from images or anything and the only hope is a CMD prompt which I could use. maybe the right set of commands that could enable my processes again would fix it followed up with a reboot? but i know not the right commands.

asked by BuddyStud last answered by malik1510
Teresita New usb flash drive already infected with virus answered Reward $1

I was surprised to know that my newly purchased USB has been infected with the virus before I even use it? I wonder if it is intentionally done to generate sales for anti-virus?

asked by Teresita last answered by alinachopraa
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